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Chapter 321: Emperor KTV

Chapter 321: Emperor KTV

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Seeing that Qingfeng Li was so quiet, the hotel manager thought Qingfeng Li would not forgive him so his face was pale.

The young man in front of him was a character that even Young Master Tang had to suck up to. If he didn’t forgive him, then this would probably be the end of his career. Maybe he would have to leave tomorrow.

"Qingqing, help your uncle, please. Convince big brother Li to forgive me." The hotel manager looked at Qingqing and begged.

He was sure that they knew each other since the young man before him came with Qingqing Tang. There was a chance that he would forgive him if Qingqing helped.

He had to put down his ego to ask for Qingqing Tang’s help for his job.

Seeing the pale look on her uncle’s face, Qingqing Tang was sad inside too. Her uncle was the manager of the hotel, he used to be such a proud person. Whenever there was a family gathering, he would brag about all the rich people he knew.

But now, her uncle who always bragged about how great he was calling the young man in front of him "big brother Li", and he even had to apologize.

Apologies were acceptable, but the thing was that even if she did apologize, it might not even get accepted. Qingqing Tang felt really bad, because she also misjudged Qingfeng Li previously. But when faced with her uncle’s cry for help, she couldn’t just do nothing.

"Eh, that, Qingfeng Li, sorry, can you forgive my uncle?" Qingqing Tang said perturbed, her pretty face was filled with signs of nervousness, she was really scared that he would say no.

She knew that if the young man before her does not forgive her uncle, then there would be no way her uncle could still be the hotel manager. Qingfeng Li didn’t look at Qingqing Tang, but looked at Jiaojiao Liu instead. It was her birthday, after all, Qingqing Tang was her classmate.

"Let’s forgive him, it is my birthday today, I don’t want to make people unhappy." Jiaojiao Liu said.

She didn’t have a lot of friends, Qingqing Tang was one of them, and they were in the same residence together. Even though Qingqing Tang had a lot of issues – she was vain and sucked up to the wealthy – she was also pretty nice to her usually. Everyone was classmates, there was no reason to make their relationship awkward. It isn’t a big deal anyway.

"Okay, you are forgiven." Qingfeng Li nodded and said to the hotel manager.

"Thank you, this meal is on me, eat whatever you guys want." The hotel manager said excitedly.

He knew that since the young man in front of him forgave him, then he basically passed the test and no longer needed to worry about whether he will be fired. To show that he was sorry, the hotel manager ordered a whole table of food, and they were all expensive dishes. There were even bird’s nest and fish fins.

On the table, Qingqing Tang went to talk to Qingfeng Li willingly, and even drank a cup of liquor with him, to thank him for his forgiveness. The other two girls drank with Qingfeng Li too, because if it wasn’t for him, they were all gonna get kicked out.

As for Jiaojiao Liu, she was even more thankful for Qingfeng Li. To thank Qingfeng Li, she grabbed Qingfeng Li’s thigh under the table, it stimulated Qingfeng Li a lot. Above the table, Qingfeng Li was eating and drinking with everyone; under the table, he was enjoying the girl’s massage, it was a great feeling.

Of course, there were two people who didn’t drink with Qingfeng Li, that was Ming Li, and Jiang Zhang. Firstly, they were embarrassed, secondly, they didn’t want to lose that much face.

"Big brother Li, here I will drink with you." Suddenly, a respectful voice sounded.

Chuan Tang held the cup and walked in from the room beside theirs, and wanted to drink with Qingfeng Li. Seeing that Young Master Tang was drinking with Qingfeng Li, Ming Li’s face was dark, he clenched his fists. The guy he was trying so hard to please ignored him and was drinking with someone else. That was like a really loud slap on his face, he felt super embarrassed today.

But, for chasing Jiaojiao Liu, everything was worth it. He swore to himself that he must get Jiaojiao Liu.

Qingfeng Li drank with Chuan Tang and chatted with him for a while, and then Chuan Tang turned around and left.

Jiaojiao Liu was very happy during this whole meal, because a lot of people came to drink with Qingfeng Li and drank with her along the way. Even though she didn’t drink, she was still very happy and felt like she gained a lot of face today.

After they were full of alcohol and food, Jiaojiao Liu grabbed Qingfeng Li and was ready to leave. But Ming Li didn’t agree.

Ming Li said, "Jiaojiao, today is your birthday, we should go celebrate, let’s go sing at karaoke."

After hearing that Ming Li wanted to go sing, the other girls beside him all lit up, they loved to sing. Of course, since Jiaojiao Liu was a girl, she also liked to sing too. But she didn’t like being with Ming Li, so she looked at Qingfeng Li trying to get his opinion.

Jiaojiao Liu thought if he agreed to sing then they would go karaoke, but if he doesn’t agree, then they wouldn’t.

Seeing Jiaojiao Liu’s eyes, Ming Li was extremely unhappy. He thought Jiaojiao Liu listened to Qingfeng too much, and asked him for his opinion on everything.

Qingfeng Li smiled and said, "Today is Jiaojiao’s birthday, of course, we need a lively celebration, everyone should go singing."

Jiaojiao Liu only had one birthday a year, so naturally Qingfeng Li wanted her to be happy. He knew that girls tended to love singing.

"Jiaojiao, let’s go to Emperor KTV, that is the best karaoke place in Eastern Sea City." Ming Li said to Jiaojiao Liu.

Of course Jiaojiao Liu knew, Emperor KTV was the best karaoke in Eastern Sea City. Plus, the other classmates of hers were all super happy, so she had to nod and agree.

Everyone walked out of the hotel and was ready to take a car to Emperor KTV. But there was a side story when they were getting into the cars, Jiaojiao Liu didn’t drive today so Ming Li wanted her to sit in his Lamborghini.

Would Jiaojiao Liu agree? Of course she wouldn’t. She and Qingfeng Li both rejected Ming Li’s proposal and sat in Qingqing Tang’s car.

At last, the group of people drove to Emperor KTV together.

Emperor KTV was the best karaoke place in Eastern Sea City, on the 5th level underground in an office building. The decorations were magnificent, and two ladies greeted them at the door. The two ladies at the door were wearing very fancy, flamboyant attire. They had make up on and looked very pretty.

Seeing that Ming Li was coming, the two greeters respectfully said, "Welcome second Young Master."

The two ladies at the door naturally knew Ming Li, he was the second young master of the Li family. Emperor KTV was owned by the Li Family, and Ming Li often sang here before. Hearing that the two ladies at the door called him Young Master, Ming Li was happy, a flash of excitement appeared in his eyes. He glanced at Jiaojiao Liu, clearly trying to show off that he had status in society.

Jiaojiao Liu however did not react to Ming Li showing off, which made him kind of sad.

Jiaojiao Liu grabbed Qingfeng Li and the couple of girls beside her and walked in together.

Ming Li knew this place very well, he directly found the manager and got the best guest room "Singing King Room".

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