My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 320: Big Brother Li, I'm Sorry

Chapter 320: Big Brother Li, I'm Sorry

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"Qingqing, you mean we can’t eat here anymore?" Jiaojiao Liu tensed her brows, feeling unhappy.

Today was her birthday, a happy date. This room was reserved by Qingqing Tang, but now someone else wanted them to leave. Anyone would be mad under this situation.

Thinking about it, you reserved a room, and your friends and classmates came here to celebrate a birthday, and just when you were about to eat, someone came to kick you guys out. It was embarrassing.

"Jiaojiao, sorry, my uncle said, that person is not a simple figure, so he wanted us to leave immediately." Qingqing Tang apologized.

Hearing what Qingqing Tang said, Ming Li’s face brightened up, with a hint of excitement. He knew, it was time for him to show up.

Who was Ming Li? He was the second young master of the four Eastern City’s family, extremely noble. He felt that if he was able to make the other person leave, then he would leave a good impression in Jiaojiao Liu’s eyes.

"Jiaojiao, don’t worry, I am the second young master of the Li family, I will go talk to the person and ask him to leave." Ming Li said to jiaojiao Liu.

"Ming Li, you are the second young master, you can do it for sure."

"Ming Li, go, we believe in you."

"Jiaojiao, don’t worry, we have Ming Li, this room would be ours in the end."

"The classmates immediately wanted to please Ming Li, saying as long as Ming Li talked to the other person, then there would be no problems.

In terms of Ming Li’s power and background, they knew all about it.

Just at this time, the manager brought a youth in. This youth wasn’t old, probably just around 20 years old, good looking with a firm nose.

Ming Li stood up. Just when he was going to ask the young man to leave, he saw the young man’s face. Ming Li’s face became pale immediately.

As the second young master of the Li family, Ming Li obviously knew about the upper class of Eastern Sea City well. The young master in front of him, Ming Li obviously knew about it. He was the young master of the most powerful family in Eastern Sea City, the mayor's son Chuan Tang.

Chuan Tang’s family was a lot stronger than Ming Li; he was the number one young master in Eastern Sea City. Ming Li wouldn’t dare to offend him.

"Master Tang, you came here to eat?" Ming Li walked to Chuan Tang and said with a smile.

His face was filled with a flattering look. He wanted to please Chuan Tang.

"Ming Li, I want to eat in this room, you guys get out. No objections right?" Chuan Tang obviously knew Ming Li.

This second young master from Li family, even though he was noble, but in Chuan Tang’s eyes, he was nothing.

"If Master Tang wanted to eat here, we will get out immediately." Ming Li said without any objection.

Jiaojiao Liu’s face changed, and as well as the other girls. Their faces became ugly fast. They originally thought Ming Li will ask Chuan Tang to leave and take back the room. But in the end, the one who was going to leave was Ming Li.

Even more, they saw how much Ming Li wanted to please Chuan Tang. This made the girls feel even worse.

Everyone was happy that they were going to keep the room, but now they were all asked to leave. Anyone would be unhappy.

Qingfeng Li glared at Chuan Tang and said expressionlessly, "little Chuan, looks like you grew up."

Hearing Qingfeng Li said little Chuan, Ming Li’s face changed. The person in front of him was Chuan Tang, the number one young master in Eastern Sea City. You aren’t afraid to call him little Chuan, do you have a death wish?

The manager obviously knew Chuan Tang as well. After knowing his status, and now hearing Qingfeng Li calling him little Chuan, his face was filled with anger. He was the manager of the hotel, if Chuan Tang were to become mad, there would be serious consequences.

"Who are you to call Master Tang little Chuan, leave the room immediately." The manager said to Qingfeng Li, trying to kick him.

Chuan Tang was baffled, even he didn’t think someone was to call him little Chuan. Who was he? He was the number one young master of Eastern Sea City, even the young masters from the other four families had to show him respect.

But, after Chuan Tang saw Qingfeng Li’s face, he was pleasantly surprised.

This young man, Chuan Tang obviously knew. His name was Qingfeng Li, and he saved his grandfather at the hospital last time. He was his grandfather’s savior, and that meant he was his savior as well.

Chuan Tang rushed towards Qingfeng Li and said, "Big brother Li, hi, you are eating here as well?"

His tone was extremely respectful. It was like a student talking to his teacher, a youth talking to his elder. His face was filled with a smile, it was almost like Chuan Tang was trying to please Qingfeng Li.

What? Master Tang called this young man Big brother Li? Ming Li’s brows tensed, his face filled with surprise.

Maybe others didn’t know Master Tang’s status, but he knew everything about it. He was the number one young master, but now, the person who everyone feared, was calling someone else big brother Li. It was f*cked up.

But Qingfeng Li’s next sentence, almost made everyone fall apart.

"Little Chuan, seems like you grew up, asking me to leave the room now. Is your butt feeling itchy again?" Qingfeng Li stared at Chuan Tang and asked coldly.

This man definitely was brave, not scared to ask the number one master if his butt was itchy or not. The people beside them were all turning lightheaded.

Hearing what Qingfeng Li said, Chuan Tang’s face immediately changed and said, "Big brother Li, sorry, I didn’t know you were eating here. If I did, I wouldn’t dream about coming in here and making you leave."

Seeing how Chuan Tang apologized to Qingfeng Li, Ming Li was no longer surprised, he was horrified. He didn’t know if he was dreaming or not; Master Tang was apologizing to others.

"Big brother Li, this room is yours, I will go to another room." Chuan Tang smiled and apologized.

After that, Chuan Tang told the manager to treat Big brother Li well and went to another room with his friend. The manager was obviously smart. He knew that the person who Master Tang called big brother Li, definitely wasn’t low. He probably even has a higher status than Master Tang.

The manager suddenly became scared because just moments ago, he asked him to leave the room. If he were to remember it and start disliking him and tell Master Tang, then he would be done.

Remembering what he did, the manager walked to Qingfeng Li and apologized, "Big brother Li, I am sorry, this room is yours. In order to show my sincere apology, today’s meal will be on me."

Qingqing Tang’s face changed, this hotel’s manager was her uncle, and was already 40 plus. But now he had to call someone around 20 years old big brother Li, obviously not wanting to offend him. This made her felt uneasy.

Qingqing Tang and the girls, were all filled with complicated feelings towards Qingfeng Li. This was because just moments ago, they were all looking down at Qingfeng Li and pleasing Ming Li, thinking Ming Li was better. But now, it became apparent that the person with real status was Qingfeng Li.

Blind can be used to perfectly describe these girls. They all felt a little embarrassed.

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