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Chapter 319: Someone's After Jiaojiao

Chapter 319: Someone's After Jiaojiao

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"Jiaojiao, this is my present for you. Open it and see." Ming Li brought out a box and said to her.

Facing Ming Li’s present, Jiaojiao Liu only tensed her brows and ignored it.

Seeing how Jiaojiao Liu didn’t accept his present, Ming Li didn’t get mad. He opened the box. Inside it was a silver diamond ring.

"Jiaojiao, I spent 100,000 Yuan to buy this ring for you." Ming Li took out the ring and said to Jiaojiao.

"Wow, so romantic, Ming Li is giving her a diamond ring."

"This ring is so expensive, it cost 100,000 Yuan. Ming Li is so nice to Jiaojiao."

"Jiaojiao, accept the ring quick."

Qingqing Tang and the girls were all telling Jiaojiao Liu to accept the ring.

These girls, and Jiang Zhang, were all Ming Li’s classmates. Naturally, they all knew that Ming Li was the second young master of one of the top four families of Eastern Sea City. Regarding this second young master from the Li family, they all felt good towards him.

Jiaojiao Liu finally understood, today’s birthday, was leaked to Ming Li by Qingqing Tang and her classmates.

Jiaojiao Liu’s brows tensed up and glared at Qingqing Tang, showing her discontent. If it wasn’t because of her, Ming Li wouldn’t have bought the diamond ring.

Rings have a significant meaning behind them. If a man were to give a woman a ring, then it means either two things. One was asking her to marry him, and the other was being his girlfriend.

Even though Ming Li didn’t say it, his intention was obvious: wanting Jiaojiao Liu to be his girlfriend.

Jiaojiao Liu knew, once she accepted this ring, then it meant she would be his girlfriend.

She didn’t want to be Ming Li’s girlfriend, so obviously she wouldn’t accept the ring.

"Sorry, I don't like this ring." Jiaojiao Liu couldn’t accept the ring, so she just said she didn’t like it.

Hearing Jiaojiao Liu saying she didn’t like the ring, Ming Li’s face changed, with a hint of sadness. He was originally planning to use this ring to ask Jiaojiao Liu out, but she rejected. The meaning was obvious, she rejected him.

Qingfeng Li could naturally see this Ming Li was trying to ask Jiaojiao Liu out, but she didn’t like him.

Well, if Jiaojiao Liu doesn’t like Ming Li, being her brother-in-law, naturally he needed to help his sister-in-law out of awkward situations.

"Jiaojiao, here’s the crystal swan I bought for you. It costed me 100 Yuan." Qingfeng Li took out his present and gave it to Jiaojiao Liu.

"Thank you, I like it a lot." Jiaojiao Liu accepted the crystal swan and said.

The crystal swan was really pretty. It was made with pure crystals without any flaw.

Ming Li’s face became pale. Jiaojiao Liu accepted a cheap crystal swan but not his expensive ring; this made him furious.

"Jiaojiao, who is he?" Ming Li’s face changed, as he pointed at Qingfeng Li and asked.

Jiaojiao Liu said calmly. "His name is Qingfeng Li, my friend."

Ming Li’s brows tensed up; he heard of the name somewhere, but he couldn’t remember. So he just ignored it.

"Come on, let’s go in." Jiaojiao Liu held onto Qingfeng Li and brought them towards the restaurant.

Behind them, Ming Li’s face was extremely dark, but he still followed. His goal today was to ask Jiaojiao Liu out. Even though she didn’t accept his ring, he wouldn’t give up.

When he saw Jiaojiao Liu the first time, Ming Li promised himself he would make this girl his girlfriend.

"Qingqing, which room did you reserve?" Jiaojiao Liu asked Qingqing Tang.

It was Qingqing Tang’s plan to celebrate the birthday at Holy Spring Restaurant because her uncle was the manager of the hotel.

"Jiaojiao, I reserved VIP 1." Qingqing Tang said.

"Qingqing, you are incredible, you were actually able to reserve VIP 1." Yan Zhang said with a hint of surprise.

VIP 1 was the best room of Holy Spa Hotel. Not many people could go in, even if they had the money.

"Yan Zhang, obviously you don’t know, Qingqing’s uncle is the manager of this hotel. Today is Jiaojiao’s birthday, she specifically asked her uncle for this room." Lu Li said on the side.

Hearing the flatteries from the two girls, Qingqing became conceited. The reason that she resevered this room was because of two reasons, one was Jiaojiao Liu was her classmates, the other was because Ming Li asked her. Ming Li wanted to chase Jiaojiao, asking Qingqing Tang for help.

Even though Qingqing Tang was from a rich family, but compared to Ming Li, the difference was still large. She wanted to gain favor from Ming Li, so she had to help him.

Jiaojiao Liu tensed her brows, feeling unhappy at her classmates’ boasting because they told Ming Li and Jiang Zhang. But because they were classmates, she couldn’t show her true feelings.

Moreover, Qingqing Tang spent a lot for her birthday. But, Qingqing Tang was being very vain.

Jiaojiao Liu, Qingfeng Li, and the others all arrived at VIP 1. They sat down and started talking to each other.

Qingfeng Li didn’t know the others, so naturally he wouldn’t talk with them. He only sat beside Jiaojiao Liu and talked to her from time to time.

"Qingfeng Li, where do you work?" Ming Li smiled and asked.

He even showed his Rolex when he asked, trying to show off his wealth.

After all, a Rolex cost a lot. Normal people wouldn’t be able to afford it.

Regarding Ming Li’s attempt to show-off, Qingfeng Li just smiled and replied, "I am a sales person, working at the Ice Snow Corporation."


After hearing what Qingfeng Li said, Ming Li looked down at him.

Not only Ming Li, the girls beside them also showed the same contempt. The wage of a sales person was normally around a couple thousand, not even enough for one of their meals.

"Let me go ask why the dishes aren’t up yet." Qingqing Tan smiled and walked out of the room.

She reserved the room yesterday, even calling the manager, her uncle, beforehand. But the dishes were still not up yet; it made her anxious. So, she walked out and wanted to see what was happening.

After a while, Qingqing Tang came back tensed up.

"Qingqing, what happened?" Jiaojiao Liu asked.

She remembered that Qingqing Tang went out to ask about the dishes, but why did she came back like this.

"Jiaojiao I am sorry. My uncle said someone important wanted to come, so he asked us to let them have the room." Qingqing Tang said with an apologetic tone.

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