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Chapter 318: Jiaojiao Liu's Birthday

Chapter 318: Jiaojiao Liu's Birthday

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"Where are you going to have your birthday, Jiaojiao?" Qingfeng Li asked.

"At Holy Spring Restaurant. Brother-in-law. When you come, don’t say you're my brother-in-law, just say you are my friend." Jiaojiao Liu said on the phone.

"Sounds good, I will be there in a bit and say I am your friend." Qingfeng Li smiled and hung up.

He had to go to his sister-in-law’s birthday. After all, Jiaojiao Liu didn’t have any other relatives apart from Ruyan Liu. He counted as her only other relative.

Qingfeng Li walked out of the department and headed towards a mall beside the company. Today was Jiaojiao Liu’s birthday, he had to buy a present for her.

This mall was called the Silver Foundation Mall. It was a mall that had everything, and it was the biggest in the area.

The first floor sold gold, crystal, jade, and other presents and accessories. The second floor sold phones and computers. The third floor sold clothes, shoes...

Qingfeng Li bought his present from the first floor. After wondering for a bit, he finally picked a crystal swan that cost 100 Yuan.

The present wasn’t expensive, but the meaning was. The Swan represent nobleness. He believed Jiaojiao Liu will definitely like it.

After buying the present, he drove towards the restaurant.

Holy Spring Restaurant was at Wanxing road. It was a four-star restaurant; one of the better ones in Eastern Sea City. The name was Holy Spring because there was a small spring inside the restaurant.

Of course, the spring was man-0made. It didn’t take up a lot of area, just a bit over 100 meters squared, and was not a natural spring.

Even though the spring’s area wasn’t that big, the showering experience was nice. A lot of people liked to come to this restaurant because they could visit the spring, shower, and then dine.

Currently in front of the restaurant, there were four girls. They all had one thing in common: they were all young, around 18 years old.

Calling them youths wouldn’t be that correct, one would call them students. They were a bunch of students.

"Jiaojiao, who are you waiting for and why isn’t the person here yet." A long-haired girl tensed her brows and asked.

This long-haired girl was really pretty. She had a beautiful face, white skin, was tall, and wore a designer dress. Just from one look, people would know she was from a rich family.

The girl’s name was Qingqing Tang, a good friend of Jiaojiao Liu. The location for the birthday was picked by her; saying it was nice to host birthday party here.

"Qingqing, just a bit more, and he would be here." Jiaojiao Liu said to Qingqing Tang.

Today was Jiaojiao Liu’s birthday, if she asked to wait, then she might as well. Obviously the other two wouldn’t have any objections.

In a short moment, in front of everyone, Qingfeng Li came out from the taxi.

Seeing the arrival of Qingfeng Li, Jiaojiao Liu smiled. She ran to him; she was extremely happy.

Jiaojiao Liu was happy, but when Qingqing Tang looked at Qingfeng Li, it was with a hint of contempt. This was because when rich people attended their friend’s birthday, they would all drive their own cars. But this man came in a taxi. He obviously wasn’t someone wealthy.

Qingqing Tang drove a Porsche that costed a bit more than 1,000,000 Yuan, and the other two drove an Audi and a BMW. These friends of Jiaojiao Liu were all rich.

With some further thinking, this was normal. Jiaojiao Liu was rich herself, so her friends would naturally be rich as well.

But, no matter how rich she was, people only knew she was rich, but didn’t know her real identity. Jiaojiao Liu never told anyone she was Ruyan Liu’s younger sister.

"Big brother Li, you came." Jiaojiao Liu ran to Qingfeng Li and said happily. She was excited that Qingfeng Li came.

Big brother Li, shouldn’t you call me brother-in-law?

Qingfeng Li’s eyes were filled with confusion. What was Jiaojiao Liu doing, I am your brother-in-law, stop calling me random names.

"Did you forget, before you came, I already told you. Today is my birthday, don’t say that you are my brother-in-law, just say you are my friend." Jiaojiao Liu whispered.

Her voice was extremely low, only Qingfeng Li and herself could hear it. Naturally the people behind them couldn’t hear anything.

"Sorry about that I completely forgot. Then today let me be your brother Li." Qingfeng Li smiled.

Even though he didn’t know why she wanted him to be big brother Li, if she asked him then he might as well go along.

"Hi everyone, let me introduce him. He is my friend, big brother Li." Jiaojiao Liu smiled, introducing Qingfeng Li to her friends.

Qingqing Tang and the other just nodded after hearing the introduction. They weren’t that passionate because they thought Qingfeng Li wasn’t anyone important.

Seeing her friends’ reactions, Jiaojiao Liu wasn’t satisfied, but she didn’t say anything because they were her classmates.

"Big brother Li, her name is Qingqing Tang, my suite’s roommate. This is Yan Zhang and Lu Li; both are my classmates as well." Jiaojiao Liu pointed to her friends, introducing them to Qingfeng Li.

"Hi, my name is Qingfeng Li." Qingfeng Li said to the girls.

But, the girls were cold towards Qingfeng Li’s greet. For the rich people, they don’t like to greet with people who aren’t rich.

Qingfeng Li tensed his brows, obviously not satisfied with the girls’ attitudes. But they were all Jiaojiao Liu’s classmates, so he couldn’t say anything.


At this moment, with a boom, a Lamborghini drove over and stopped in front of the Holy Spring Restaurant.

Two boys came out from the car. The one in front was an oily faced boy, good looking, but his face was pale.

His name was Ming Li. He was not simple. He was Eastern Sea City’s Li family’s second young master, or Master Li, Jun Li’s, younger brother.

The guy behind Ming Li wasn’t as noble as Ming Li, but was still a big company’s young master. His name was Jiang Zhang, still pretty rich.

"Jiaojiao, happy birthday." Ming Li walked towards Jiaojiao Liu and said, with a hint of hotness.

Hearing what Ming Li said, Jiaojiao Liu tensed her face, a hint of dissatisfaction went across her eyes.

"How did you know today is my birthday?" Jiaojiao Liu asked.

She only invited Qingqing Tang and her four suitemates to celebrate her birthday. She didn’t invite Ming Li and Jiang Zhang; how did they know?

"Qingqing told us, we are all classmates and it is your birthday, so obviously I have to come and celebrate it for you." Ming Li smiled.

He liked Jiaojiao Liu, everybody in the class knew about it. He wanted to use this birthday as an opportunity to chase Jiaojiao Liu.

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