My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 315: Qingfeng Li Won

Chapter 315: Qingfeng Li Won

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The surrounding people were stunned when Qingfeng said that the was authentic. Qi Lin had said that the painting was fake. Why did he say it was real?

The outcomes of Qingfeng's and Qi Lin’s authentications were different. One must be right and the other must be wrong. Everyone looked at the two and felt that a good show was about to start.

"Haha, it is obvious that the is fake. How could you say it is real. How funny," Qi Lin said mockingly.

"I think it is real. Why do you say it is fake?" Qingfeng said lightly as he furrowed his brows.

Others might not be able to tell if the painting is authentic, but Qingfeng could tell it was authentic.

Even though Qi Lin had some understanding of antiques, from Qingfeng’s point of view, he only had a shallow understanding and could not be compared to his own understanding.

"Let me tell you, there are seven bamboos in . This painting only has six bamboos so it must be fake," Qi Lin said confidently as he pointed to the painting.

In ancient times, Dongpo Su drew this painting when he was at a tea party with six other gentlemen. He felt that the seven of them were all gentlemen so he painted this painting.

The bamboo symbolized a gentlemen’s pride and upright character.

Qingfeng shook his head when he heard Qi Lin’s words. Even though this person had some understanding of antiques and was able to correctly authenticate that the second and third piece of antiques, he did not have a deep understanding of antiques.

Qi Lin only knew of the origin of the painting but did not know what happened later on.

Qingfeng walked in front of Yanzhi Pei and said, "CEO Pei, can I borrow a cup of water from you?"

A flash of confusion appeared in Yanzhi Pei’s eyes at Qingfeng’s words. They were in the middle of the Antique Challenge. Why do you need a cup of water? She was dazed at Qingfeng’s words.

Qingfeng could tell that Yanzhi Pei was confused by his words.

"CEO Pei, please lend me a cup of water. I will prove to you that the painting is real," Qingfeng said confidently with a smile.

He wanted to use a cup of water to prove that the painting was authentic. Everyone was stunned.

"Okay, here is a cup of water," Yanzhi Pei quickly handed over a teacup to Qingfeng. The teacup contained water she had drank from.

Even though she did not know why Qingfeng requested the water, but she believed from his confident manner that he would perform a miracle.

Qingfeng walked towards the with the teacup in his hand. He took a big gulp from the teacup.

Omg, he’s drinking from my teacup?

Yanzhi Pei’s face became red. She was shy as she had drunk from the same teacup. Now that Qingfeng had drunk from the teacup as well, they had indirectly kissed.

Qingfeng drank a mouthful of water, then he spat onto the painting.

Everyone was stunned when they saw Qingfeng’s actions. Why did he spat on the painting?

"It is time to witness the miracle," Qingfeng said as he picked up the painting and showed it to the crowd.

A seventh bamboo had gradually appeared on the painting after the painting became wet.

A seventh bamboo?

There were seven bamboos on the painting? What happened?

Qi Lin was confused, as was Yanzhi Pei, Yunchang Xu, Xinchuan Zhu and the surrounding people.

There were six bamboos on the painting just now. How did a seventh bamboo appear after Qingfeng spat on the painting? It was like magic.

Time to witness the miracle…did Qingfeng think he was performing magic? But Qingfeng was quite extraordinary. He made a bamboo appear after he spat a mouthful of water on the painting.

"This is an authentic painting. Dongpo Su used a double layer method; he hid the seventh bamboo behind the sixth bamboo. The seventh bamboo would only appear when water touches it," Qingfeng explained to the crowd.

Double layer method?

Qi Lin’s expression changed when he heard the technical phrase. It was very difficult to utilize this method in ancient times. He only knew that there were seven bamboos on Dongpo Su’s . He did not know that Dongpo Su used a double layer method.

Yanzhi Pei, Yunchang Xu, Xinchuang Zhu were all enlightened. As antique collectors, they naturally knew of the double layer method.

It was a method to hide an object behind another object. It sounded simple but it was difficult to draw.

The surrounding people looked at Qingfeng with astonishment. They did not expect that he knew of Dongpo Su’s double layer method or for him to authenticate the piece correctly.

"The antique competition has ended. I announce that the winner is Qingfeng Li," Yanzhi Pei said with a smile to the crowd.

The surrounding people were upset when they heard Yanzhi Pei’s words. They had just called Qingfeng a liar but Qingfeng had won. It was like a slap in the face for them.

They were not blind and could see the seventh bamboo in the painting. They could not deny that Qingfeng’s authentication was correct.

"Qi Lin, you have lost. You owe me and the Ice Snow Corporation an apology. You have to admit you are a liar as well," Qingfeng said to Qi Lin.

Qi Lin’s expression changed. He was the one to initiate the challenge so he could not back out of it.

"Qingfeng, I am sorry. You are not a liar. Ice Snow Corporation is not a liar as well. I am the liar," Qi Lin said with a pale face.

There was not a hint of color on his face. He clenched his fists tightly and his entire body trembled.

Qi Lin designed this conspiracy to attack Qingfeng and Ice Snow Corporation. He did not expect it to backfire on himself.

Qi Lin had invited the reporters from the newspaper and TV channels. He had even invited socialites and the CEO of Phoenix Sky Corporation, Yanzhi Pei. But in the end, he only benefitted Qingfeng.

He deeply regretted his actions. If he knew this would happen, he would not have organized this challenge. How embarrassing. He could already foresee the mocking news reports on the newspaper and news station tomorrow.

The surrounding reporters did not let this breaking news go easily. They quickly recorded Qi Lin’s words and already had tomorrow’s headline in their minds. They would title it "Qi Lin is a liar".

Starting from today, Qi Lin would become a massive laughing stock.

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