My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 314: The Antique Challenge Competition

Chapter 314: The Antique Challenge Competition

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"Qingfeng, Qi Lin, the Antique Challenge has begun. Who would like to authenticate the 3 pieces first?" Yanzhi Pei asked with a smile.

Of course, she wanted Qingfeng to authenticate first, that was why the reason she said her name first. The first person to authenticate had a slight advantage.

To her surprise, Qingfeng did not fight for the right to authenticate first. Instead, he said, "Qi Lin can go first."

Qingfeng knew that Yanzhi Pei had good intentions. The first person to authenticate the antiques had a slight advantage. But he did not want the advantage. He wanted to defeat Qi Lin and for Qi Lin to admit defeat from the bottom of his heart.

If Qingfeng went first, Qi Lin would say that Qingfeng won because he had an advantage.

Now that Qingfeng let Qi Lin went first, Qingfeng was at a disadvantage. If he won, Qi Lin or the surrounding people would have nothing to say.

Qingfeng dared to do this because he was confident in his abilities. He was confident that he could defeat Qi Lin. To be honest, in the antique field, he did not have an opponent in Huaxia.

A flash of delight appeared in Qi Lin’s eyes. He walked towards the three antiques. If the other let him go first, there was no reason for him to reject the advantage. He only cared about winning Qingfeng. He did not care how he achieved his goal.

Qi Lin picked up the first antique – the by Dongpo Su. Upon careful examination, he discovered that the bamboo in the painting were upright and luscious. It was a rare piece.

But Qi Lin rejected the painting with a single glance. It was a high-end replicate. Why did he say that? It was because the only had 6 bamboos. The authenticate painting had 7 bamboos which represented the seven bamboo gentlemen.

"This is fake," Qi Lin said confidently.

Yanzhi Pei did not speak after hearing Qi Lin’s authentication as she would only reveal the results after the two of them had finished authenticating the pieces.

"Qi Lin, I will record your result. You can start authenticating the second piece," Yanzhi Pei said as she pointed to the Buddha bracelet.

Qi Lin smiled faintly as he walked towards the second piece of antique. The Buddha bracelet was exquisitely carved but it looked too white and clean. It did not have any signs of the age of time.

If the Buddha bracelet truly belonged to Cixi Empress, it would have a history of 100 years. The Buddha bracelet would not decompose or rust but it would have a thin layer of jade enamel on the bracelet.

Jade enamel was a thin layer which only Antique Masters and Antique King would be able to see.

However, Qi Lin touched the Buddha bracelet and did not find any enamel. Thus, it was not a piece from the Qing Dynasty. It was a modern replica.

"This Buddha bracelet is made of real jade but it did not belong to Cixi Empress. It is fake," Qi Lin said confidently with a light smile.

Yanzhi Pei furrowed her brows slightly when she heard Qi Lin’s words. She did not expect Qi Lin to be able to tell that the Buddha bracelet was fake.

The Buddha bracelet was carved by a modern jade master and gifted to Yanzhi Pei.

"Qi Lin, you can start authenticating the third piece of antique." Yanzhi Pei did not critique his words; she asked Qi Lin to authenticate the third antique.

Qi Lin arrived before the third piece of antique and picked up the green jade pendant.

The green jade pendant had a thin layer of jade enamel on the surface. There was quite a lot of jade enamel. Furthermore, the words "Tai Bai" were graceful and majestic. It was clear it was an authentic piece.

When he held the green jade pendant, Qi Lin could even imagine the Bai Li’s vallant and handsome figure.

"The third piece is authentic," Qi Lin said.

Yanzhi Pei did not speak when she heard QI Lin’s words. However, the surrounding people had started discussing animatedly.

"As expected of the WS City King of Antiques! CEO Qi Lin is amazing. The green jade pendant looks authenticate."

"Yes, CEO Qi Lin also said that the first piece and second piece are fake. That’s what I think too."

"CEO Qi Lin is going to win the challenge for sure. Qingfeng Li is screwed."

The surrounding crows all sprouted praise for Qi Lin. They believed that Qi Lin would win the challenge. Well, they were all WS City citizens so it was not a surprise that they favored Qi Lin.

Yanzhi Pei furrowed her brows and looked unhappily at the crowd. She was the main judge today. She had not even speak and the crows had started making their own judgments. What a brash crowd.

"Qi LI, your authentication results is that the first two pieces are fake and the last piece is authentic. Is that right?" Yanzhi Pei asked with a frown.

"Yes," Qi Lin said confidently with a nod.

He was very confident in his authentication. He believed that his results were all correct.

"I have recorded your authentication results. Now, we will invite Qingfeng to authenticate the three pieces," Yanzhi Pei said with a faint smile.

Qi Lin was very unhappy to see Yanzhi Pei smiling at Qingfeng. This woman would only talk to him with a frown or with a cold expression. But she was all smiles when she talked to Qingfeng. It was clear she was giving him the cold shoulder.

Even though Qi Lin knew that Yanzhi Pei was giving him a cold shoulder, he dared not reveal his displeasure. After all, her status was much higher than him. Blue Star Corporation still depended on her company to further develop.

Qingfeng smiled at Yanzhi Pei and walked towards the three antique.

He picked up the first antique the and placed it down almost immediately.

Then, Qingfeng picked up the Buddha bracelet and examined it carefully. He determined that It was a modern replica. The jade was real but it was not from the Qing Dynasty. His authentication conclusion was the same as Qi Lin; the Buddha bracelet was fake.

Qingfeng arrived before the third green pendant and examined it carefully. He discovered that the jade was pure and white, it had a thin layer of jade enamel. It was an authentic piece.

"The second jade bracelet does not belong to Cixi Empress. It is a fake piece. The third jade pendant is authentic and it belongs to Bai Li," Qingfeng said with a light smile as he revealed his conclusions.

"What about the first piece? Do you think it is authentic?" Yanzhi Pei aked.

"My results differ from Qi Lin. He thinks that the is fake but I think that it is authentic," Qingfeng said confidently with a faint smile.

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