My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 313: Yanzhi Pei

Chapter 313: Yanzhi Pei

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Everyone was stunned when they saw how Qingfeng and Yanzhi Pei was chatting with familiarity.

"Yanzhi Pei is the richest woman in Hujiang Province. How does she know Qingfeng?"

"Yeah, could it be that Qingfeng lied and managed to obtain Yanzhi Pei’s trust?"

"Yeah, that must be the case. Even though Qingfeng Li is a liar, he is handsome. It is not surprising that he can obtain Yanzhi Pei’s trust."

The surrounding people discussed animatedly and labeled Qingfeng as a liar.

Under the influence of the newspaper, these people have already believed that Qingfeng was a liar.

Even though they spoke in a low voice, their words were still heard by Yanzhi Pei. She furrowed her brows and a flicker of displeasure appeared in her eyes as she looked at the crowd of people.

This young man was her life savior; how could these people call him a fraud? They even said that he scammed her. What nonsense were they sprouting? Yanzhi Pei was slightly angered.

But through their discussions, Yanzhi Pei has learnt that the name of the young man was Qingfeng Li.

"You are Qingfeng Li? You are the one who Qi Lin is challenging?" Yanzhi Pei asked as her eyes flashed with surprise.

She kenw that Qi Lin had said on the newspaper that Qingfeng was a fraud and that he was going to expose this liar during the Challenge. She was here since she was invited to be a judge in the challenge.

After all, both Blue Light Corporation and Ice Snow Corporation wanted to form a partnership with her. She was the most ideal candidate to be the judge.

"President Pei, my name is Qingfeng Li, but I am not a fraud," Qingfeng said with a smile.

"Yes, I believe you," Yanzhi Pei replied.

Even though it was a single sentence, a strange emotion appeared in Qingfeng’s heart. This woman believed in him.

"Qi Lin, since I am here, can we start the Antique Challenge?" Yanzhi Pei asked Qi Lin.

"Yes, we can begin," Qi Lin said. His face was slightly pale.

From the conversation between Yanzhi Pei and Qingfeng Li, he has learned that they were acquainted. They seemed to have a relationship as well. This made him very uncomfortable.

Both Blue Light Corporation and Ice Snow Corporation wanted to form a partnership with Yanzhi Pei. If Yanzhi Pei had a good relationship with his opponent, he was in danger.

But Qi Lin still had a strategy and that was to defeat Qingfeng during the challenge. If he defeated Qingfeng, Yanzhi Pei would have no choice but to work with his company.

The rules of the competition were very simple. Yanzhi Pei brought out three antiques for Qingfeng and Qi Lin to authenticate. The loser would have to apologize to the winner and give up the partnership with Phoenix Corporation.

There were three judges. The main judge was Yanzhi Pei and the vice-judges were Yunchang Xu and Xinchuan Zhu – the Directors of Eastern Sea City and Western Sea City Antique Association respectively.

No one opposed Yanzhi Pei, Yunchang Xu, Xinchuan Zhu as the judges. They were the most qualified people for the job.

"How do you know Yanzhi Pei?" Xue Lin asked with puzzlement.

One must know that Yanzhi Pei was the richest woman in Hujiang Province. She was not only beautiful, she also had a strong identity and background. How did Qingfeng become acquainted with her?

Faced with Xue Lin’s confusions, Qingfeng said with a smile, "Remember the car accident when we arrived at Western Sea City?"

"Yes, there was a car accident. But how does this relate to you knowing Yanzhi Pei?"

"Yanzhi Pei was involved in the accident. She fainted in the accident. I was the one who rescued her and woke her up."

"You are saying that you saved Yanzhi Pei just now?"

"Yes," Qingfeng replied with a nod.

Xue Lin’s face became flushed when she heard that Qingfeng had saved Yanzhi Pei. She was excited in her heart.

Yanzhi Pei was the CEO of Phoenix Sky Corporation and the richest woman in Hujiang Province. Qingfeng had just saved her so she must be filled with gratitude.

Therefore, Qingfeng chances of winning the Antique Challenge had increased greatly.

Even the partnership between Ice Snow Corporation and Phoenix Corporation would become much smoother.

Xue Lin glanced approvingly at Qingfeng. She was becoming more satisfied with him as time went by. This man could always surprise her.

This was not the first time. When she or the company faced any crisis, he would always be able to resolve it.

When Qingfeng and Xue Lin were chatting, Yanzhi Pei had walked to the middle of the hall and brought out three pieces of antiques.

The three antiques were: a drawing, a Buddha bracelet and a jade pendant.

"Qi Lin, Qingfeng Li, you guys can authenticate the three pieces. Phoenix Corporation will form a partnership with the winner."

Just when her words ended, the surrounding people all started looking closely at the table in the middle of the room.

The three pieces of antiques were all precious items. The first was a painting from the Song Dynasty. It was Shi Su’s . Not everyone might have heard of Shi Su. But everyone must be familiar with his other name, Dongpo Su.

Dongpo Su was one of the Great Eight of the Song Dynasty. He specialized in poetry and painting. He was famous for his drawings of rocks and bamboos.

The second Buddha bracelet was not simple either. It was not a simple mahogany wood bracelet. There were many types of bracelets in the market such as bracelets made of glass, crystal, eaglewood or mahogany.

Even though there were also jade bracelets on the market, but those Buddha bracelets were all of ordinary quality. A real jade bracelet required the testament of time.

For example, the Buddha bracelet that Yanzhi Pei had taken out was a bracelet that Cixi Empress had worn. Of course, the authenticity of the bracelet was unknown.

The third item was a jade pendant. Jade pendants had a special place in the history of antiques. Many emperors, high-ranking concubines and famous people loved to wear jade pendants.

There were many kinds of jade pendant, those that symbolized an emperor’s identity, those that symbolized the identity of a high-ranking concubine and also those that symbolized the identity of famous characters in history.

Jade pendants could be of many colors such as white, green, purple or even red.

The jade pendant that Yanzhi Pei brought out was not white, it was a green jade pendant.

A green jade pendant was a rare sight. In the past, only famous characters would wear a green pendant. The words "Tai bai" were engraved in the pendant.

Anyone who had gone to school would know that "Tai Bai" was the name of the godly poet "Bai Li". He was the greatest poet in the Tang Dynasty; he was known as the godly poet.

Qingfeng’s eyes lit up. As he would expect of the richest woman in Hujiang Province, the three antiques that Yanzhi Pei brought out were all extraordinary. There was Dongpo Su’s painting, Cixi’s Buddha bracelet and Bai Li’s jade pendant.

The Antique Competition is going to be intense.

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