My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 312: Richest Woman: Yanzhi Pei

Chapter 312: Richest Woman: Yanzhi Pei

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"Qingfeng Li, since you are here, let’s start the Antique Challenge. Whoever loses is a liar and their company will withdraw from the competition for the partnership. Do you dare to accept?" Qi Lin asked coldly as he looked at Qingfeng.

Qi Lin was the CEO of Blue Light Corporation and the Antique King of Western Sea City. His teacher was the Director of the Antique Association of Western Sea City. He had a deep understanding of antiques.

His suggestion was an elaborate plan to ruin Qingfeng’s reputation.

Qingfeng naturally knew of Qi Lin’s malicious intentions but he was unafraid of Qi Lin. Qi Lin wanted to ruin his reputation; however, Qingfeng also wanted to ruin Qi Lin’s reputation.

"Qi Lin, I agree to your challenge. How are we competing?" Qingfeng said proudly with his hands behind his back. His tone was casual as if he was unafraid of Qi Lin at all.

Qi Lin or even his teacher, the Director of Western Sea City Antique Association, were no match for Qingfeng.

A flash of anger appeared in Qi Lin’s eyes when he saw Qingfeng’s arrogant attitude. The surrounding people were all angered.

They all felt that Qingfeng was too arrogant. How could you, a citizen of Eastern Sea City, be so arrogant on Western Sea City territory? Are you challenging us?

These people had forgotten that they were the one to piss off Qingfeng first. They even attacked Qingfeng and called him a liar on the newspaper. Qingfeng was here to clear his name and refute their words.

"Qingfeng, the rules are very simple. Later, President Yanzhi Pei will bring out 3 pieces of antiques. The two of us will authenticate the pieces. Whoever wins can form a partnership with Phoenix Corporation."

Who was Yanzhi Pei?

Qingfeng was confused, he did not know who this Yanzhi Pei was…

When Xue Lin saw the confusion in Qingfeng’s eyes, she explained in a low voice, "Yanzhi Pei is the CEO of Phoenix Corporation. Phoenix is the company we would like to partner with."

"Is Yanzhi Pei and Phoenix Corporation very strong?" Qingfeng asked with a frown.

Xue Lin looked at Qingfeng speechlessly as she rolled her eyes. But she knew that her husband worked in the Sales Department and did not know much about the companies in Hujiang Province.

Xue Lin explained, "Yanzhi Pei is not only the CEO of Phoenix Corporation, she is the richest woman in Hujiang Province. Do you think she is strong?"

"Richest woman, wow, that’s amazing." Qingfeng was shocked.

Hujiang Province was made up of 18 cities, it was difficult to be the richest woman in the province. Furthermore, she was the CEO of a large corporation. Yanzhi Pei must be very strong.

Even though Qingfeng had never met Yanzhi Pei, but he knew that she must be an extraordinary character.

click click click~

The anxious crowd heard the clicking sounds of heels coming from the outside.

A graceful lady walked in with her secretary, who wore glasses.

When Qi Lin saw the beautiful young woman, a flicker of delight appeared in his eyes. The young woman was none other than the richest woman in Hujiang Province, Yanzhi Pei. She was also the target for the partnership for Blue Light Corporation.

Qi Lin walked excitedly towards Yanzhi Pei to welcome her.

"Wow, Yanzhi Pei is here. She is still so beautiful."

"Yes, this woman is not only the richest woman in Hujiang Province, she is also so beautiful."

"Don’t chat anymore, hurry up and take photos. It’s big news that Yanzhi Pei has arrived at Western Sea City."

The surrounding reporters discussed animatedly and started to take photos.

Other people might not recognize Yanzhi Pei but the reporters from the newspaper and TV stations recognized her. After all, this woman was an important figure in Hujiang Province.

Qingfeng raised his head when he heard the discussions of the surrounding people. He was curious about Yanzhi Pei.

Qingfeng was dazed when he saw what Yanzhi Pei looked like. The woman was none other than the young woman he saved in the car accident.

What a coincidence. The young woman he saved was Yanzhi Pei.

Qingfeng slapped his forehead and was slightly speechless. The world was too small.

He saw Qi Lin ran excitedly towards Yanzhi Pei. He was speechless. This woman was so well-respected. Qi Lin ran over to please her when he saw her. The surrounding people all had ingratiating smiles as well.

Yanzhi Pei was gorgeous with snow-white skin and a well-developed body. She attracted the gaze of everyone in the hall when she walked in.

Suddenly, Yanzhi Pei froze for a moment when she saw the young man who had saved her in the car accident.

The young man stood far away but Yanzhi Pei had to greet her life savior.

Qi Lin ran excitedly towards Yanzhi Pei and said, "President Pei, it is great that you are here. It is an honor to meet you."

Qi Lin was very excited and tried to please Yanzhi Pei with his words. If this woman could speak a few words with him, his career would flourish.

Why did he say that? Well, the woman ahead was the richest woman in Hujiang Province. If he could form a relationship with her, his company would definitely be able to develop further.

The surrounding people were unsurprised to see Qi Lin walk towards Yanzhi Pei or his attitude towards her since she was Yanzhi Pei.

Everyone thought that Yanzhi Pei would respond to Qi Lin or greet him.

But Yanzhi Pei’s actions surprised everybody.

Yanzhi Pei did not look at Qi Lin or greet him. Instead, she walked past Qi Lin and walked ahead.

The excitement disappeared from Qi Lin’s face. His face was filled with embarrassment. He had greeted Yanzhi Pei excitedly but this woman did not even look at him. This made his very embarrassed.

Think about it, if you greet someone with all smile but the person did not even look at you, you would be extremely embarrassed. It’s like sticking your warm face onto someone’s cold butt.

Yanzhi Pei did not have the time to care for Qi Lin’s emotions.

She had seen her life savior so she naturally had to thank him.

Yanzhi Pei walked towards Qingfeng and said with a smile, "Hello, we meet again."

Her smile was very beautiful like a blooming flower. It lit up the entire hall.

"Yes, what a coincidence, I didn't think we will meet again so soon," Qingfeng said with a light smile.

Yanzhi Pei was talking to Qingfeng. Qi Lin was stunned; his eyes were filled with disbelief. He was embarrassed and humiliated.

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