My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 311: The Malicious Qi Lin

Chapter 311: The Malicious Qi Lin

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Qingfeng drove speedily and quickly caught up with the lady’s car.

But Qingfeng was in a hurry to attend the competition. Thus, he only spared a glance at the lady before passing her car.

"President, we are late for the challenge between the Blue Light Corporation and Ice Snow Corporation," Jing Tang said to the lady.

"It’s okay if we are late. I am a judge, they can wait," The lady said with a light smile.

She did not care much about the competition today. She was a judge for the challenge as both the Ice Snow Corporation and the Blue Light Corporation were looking for a partnership with her company, the Phoenix Corporation.

If anyone else was late, they could be reprimanded. But there would be no consequences for her to be late.

The lady was surprised when she discovered that the driver of the car ahead was the young man who had saved her.

But the young man drove the car speedily and quickly disappeared from her sight. This made her slightly disappointed.

Qingfeng was focused on driving the car. He did not have the time to care about the feelings of the lady in the car behind him.

Ten minutes later, at 8:10am, Qingfeng arrived at the Blue Light Corporation.

The Blue Light Corporation was a big corporation in Western Sea City. It had a market value of 1000 million Yuan and was even bigger than Ice Snow Corporation. The company office was quite majestic as well; it was in a tall building.

The building was more than 20 stories high. Blue Light Corporation had contracted the bottom ten floors of the building. Clearly, Blue Light Corporation was very wealthy.

Qingfeng parked the car in the parking lot and walked out of the car. Xue Lin, Yunchang Xu and Lingxiu Xu followed him.

There were countless luxurious cars before them. There were Rolls-Royce, Lamborghini, Bentley etc. Of course, there were also the cars of the reporters and TV station.

"Qingfeng, Qi Lin is so malicious. He invited so many people. He even invited the reporters from the newspaper and TV station," Yunchang Xu said angrily as he looked at the cars.

He knew that Qi Lin had called Qingfeng a liar on the newspaper. He clearly wanted to embarrass Qingfeng.

Of course, he not only wanted to embarrass Qingfeng, he also wanted to destroy the reputation of Qingfeng and Ice Snow Corporation. One had to admit, Qi Lin’s intentions were extremely malicious.

Xue Lin and LingXiu Xu could also saw through Qi Lin’s malicious intentions. Their faces were lit with anger.

"Let us go in." A flash of anger appeared in Qingfeng’s eyes and he headed towards the building.

He wanted to see what Qi Lin had up his sleeves and why he had the guts to oppose him.

The hall of the first floor was filled with activity.

Some reporters placed the microphone in front of Qi Lin and asked, "CEO Lin, what was the time you set the challenge against Qingfeng Li?"

"The time I set was 8am," Qi Lin said.

"President Lin, it is already 8:10am, why is he not here yet."

"That is very simple, as I said, Qingfeng is a liar. He only won the title of "Antique King of ES City" because of a scam. His intentions was to market Ice Snow Corporation. Ice Snow Corporation is also a scam company." A flicker of conspiracy appeared in Qi Lin’s eyes as he attacked Qingfeng.

The surrounding people nodded in agreement when they heard Qi Lin’s words.

Qingfeng had just walked into the building when he heard Qi Lin’s words. Qingfeng was instantly furious.

"Who said that the Ice Snow Corporation was a scam?" Xue Lin asked the crows with an icy smile.

The crowd turned their heads when they heard Xue Lin’s words. They quickly discovered the gorgeous beauty and the 3 people behind her.

Qi Lin naturally recognized Xue Lin. As a competitor, he had met Xue Lin many times.

"President Xue Lin, you are finally here. I thought that your company was too cowardly to come," Qi Lin said with a light smile.

He was very clever. Since Xue Lin was here, he did not speak of the ‘scam company" any longer.

Xue Lin frowned. Clearly, she did not have a favorable impression of the middle-aged man. She said coldly, "Qi Lin, you challenged Qingfeng of Ice Snow Corporation. Naturally, we have to come."

"President Xue Lin, is Qingfeng Li here?" Qi Lin asked.

"He is Qingfeng Li," Xue Lin answered as she pointed at Qingfeng.

What a young man. A look of surprise appeared in Qi Lin’s eyes. He had only heard of Qingfeng but has never met him in person. He thought that Qingfeng was a middle-aged man; he did not expect him to be a young man in his twenties.

"Qi Lin, I am very curious. Why did you call me a liar?" Qingfeng asked Qi Lin.

"Hmph, one requires a deep understanding of antiques to win the title ‘King of Antiques’. You are so young, it is clear that you are a liar," Qi Lin insulted with a cold smile.

Qi Lin was very clever and sly. He used Qingfeng’s age as a blow against him.

The world of Antiques was different from other fields. It required one to have years of experience and knowledge. Without ten or even dozens of years of experience, one would not have a deep understanding of antiques.

The surrounding people nodded in agreement. They clearly agreed with Qi Lin’s words.

Furthermore, these people were all citizens of Western Sea City. Naturally, they favored Qi Lin.

"Mr. Qingfeng Li, CEO Lin Qi called you a liar. Do you agree with his words?" A reporter asked as he placed the microphone in front of Qingfeng.

The reporter was a reporter of Western Sea City. He was very clever; in order to please Qi Lin he interviewed Qingfeng and labeled him as a liar. But Qingfeng was not one to be tricked by him.

"Mr. Reporter, I think that Qi Lin is a liar. Those who call others liars tend to be the real liar," Qingfeng said coldly to the reporter.

Qingfeng’s words were vicious. His retort made the reporter speechless.

"Qingfeng, what evidence do you have to call me a liar. I can sue you for defamation," Qi Lin said icily.

"Sue me for defamation. Let me ask you, Qi Lin, what evidence do you have for calling me a liar. Be careful, I can sue you for personal attack," Qingfeng retorted. His words caused Qi Lin to turn livid.

Qi Lin initially thought that the young man was young and thus could be easily bullied. He did not expect the young man to have a sharp tongue. He could not gain any advantage over him.

Since he could not defeat Qingfeng with his mouth, Qi Lin decided to use the Antique Challenge to defeat Qingfeng.

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