My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 310: The Mysterious Lady

Chapter 310: The Mysterious Lady

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When Qingfeng Li arrived at the site of the car accident, he discovered that the two cars had collided. The woman in the car at the back had fainted and the woman with glasses who sat next to her was crying for help.

The woman with glasses was with the lady. Her face was filled with anxiousness when she realized that the lady had fainted.

The lady who fainted was very beautiful. She was in her thirties. She had a charming face, snow-white skin and big breasts.

A woman was pure when she was 16, young when she was 18, innocent when she was 20, coldly gorgeous when she was 23, sexy when she was 25. A woman in her thirties was most charming.

A woman blossoms when she steps into her 30s, it was the most vibrant time of her life. She was like a ripened peach which emitted a fragrant seduction.

Qingfeng Li looked away from the lady’s beautiful face with difficulty. He used his medical eye to carefully inspect the beautiful woman. He discovered that she had only fainted out of shock.

This kind of unconscious isn’t serious because it wasn’t due to injuries but shock from the car accident. For Qingfeng Li, it was easy to treat.

However, no one in the surrounding was a doctor. They could not treat the lady and could only wait until the ambulance arrived.

But the ambulance would need at least 10 minutes or longer to arrive.

Qingfeng Li looked at his watch and discovered that the Antique Challenge against Qi Lin was starting soon. He did not have the time to wait for the ambulance to arrive.

He walked towards the lady and said to the woman with glasses next to her, "I can wake her up."

The woman with glasses touched her glasses and looked at him suspiciously.

Was the young man trying to approach the CEO because of her looks? The woman with glasses glanced suspiciously at Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li was not surprised that the woman with glasses did not believe him. If his friend fainted and a random person approached him and said that he could rescue his friend, he would not believe them either.

But Qingfeng Li was different from others. He was a godly doctor; he could tell that the lady had fainted from shock.

"Beauty, how should I address you?"

"My name is Jing Tang, why are you asking for my name?"

"What a good name. If I am not wrong, you should have chronic gastritis and insomnia," Qingfeng Li said with a light smile.

From his observations, he discovered that there was a dark spot at the back of Jing Tang’s ear. The tip of her nose was slightly red and she had dark circles. These were symptoms of insomnia and gastritis.

The reason that Qingfeng Li listed Jing Tang’s illness was to let her know he was a doctor so that she would believe him.

Jing Tang’s lips parted slightly when she heard Qingfeng Li’s words. How did this young man know about my illness?

Jing Tang’s stomach had been uncomfortable for the past few days. She went to the hospital for a colonoscopy and discovered that she had gastritis. Furthermore, she could not sleep last night. But she was the only one who knew about it.

"Did the young man ahead installed a camera in my home? That’s why he knew everything about me?" thought Jing Tang in her heart. Her heart skipped a beat.

But she instantly rejected that idea. She had never met the young man in her life. There was no way he installed a camera in his home. But how did he know about her illness?

"Jing Tang, as I said, I am a doctor. I can see that you are ill. Can I treat your friend now?" Qingfeng Li said as he pointed to the lady.

"Yes, yes," Jing Tang quickly agreed.

The young man ahead was amazing. He could tell that she was ill from a single glance. He was even more skilled that the doctors in the hospital; those doctors could only diagnose her illness with the aid of medical instruments.

Jing Tang felt that the young man ahead was even more skilled than the doctors in the hospital so she agreed to let Qingfeng Li treat the fainted lady.

Qingfeng Li held out his palm and pressed his thumb against the lady’s philtrum pressure point.

The philtrum pressure point was located slightly beneath the nose. Specifically, it was located above the middle of the lips and more towards the nose.

The fainted lady had beautiful smooth skin.

Qingfeng Li placed his thumb on her face and continuously pressed against the pressure point. Two minutes later, the lady opened her eyes. She looked confusedly at Qingfeng Li and could not understand why a man was touching her.

What a melancholic glance.

Qingfeng Li sighed in his heart; the eyes of the lady were too melancholic. Her eyes shone like diamonds but they were filled with melancholy. It gave him the urge to hug her in his arms and comfort her.

"You fainted from the car accident, I pressed your philtrum point to wake you up," Qingfeng Li explained with a slight smile.

He did not want to be treated as a pervert by the lady so he quickly explained the situation.

The lady nodded after listening to Qingfeng Li’s explanation. She remembered that the two cars had collided and she had fainted out of shock. It seemed like the young man had woken her up.

"Thank you," The lady said with a charming smile.

The lady was like a ripened peach, she emitted a charming seduction. Her smile brightened the entire street.

"You are welcome. Hurry and go, the cars behind us are still waiting," Qingfeng Li said with a wave of his hand and walked away.


The lady’s heart was filled with a sense of loss as she watched Qingfeng Li’s departing figure. She did not know if she would meet the young man again.

"President, you are awake. That is great! Let us go to Blue Light Corporation quickly. You are a judge today," Jing Tang said happily.

She was happy that the CEO had awakened. Qi Lin of the Blue Light Corporation was about to challenge Qingfeng Li from the Ice Snow Corporation. Qi Lin was about expose the true nature of the liar, Qingfeng Li. CEO was a judge today so she had to be there.

Qingfeng Li went back to the car and said, "The problem is resolved, let’s go."

The lady had awakened and left. Thus, the congested road had cleared.

"Oh no, it is already 8 o’clock. It is already time for the challenge," Xue Lin said nervously as she looked at her watch.

Qi Lin of the Blue Light Corporation was about to challenge Qingfeng Li today. The time of the challenge was 8 o’clock. It was already time but they had just arrived in Western Sea City. They were going to be late.

"Don’t worry, I will drive faster."

Qingfeng Li knew that they were short on time so he slammed on the gas paddle and accelerated towards Blue Light Corporation.

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