My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 309: Qingfeng Li is a Fraud

Chapter 309: Qingfeng Li is a Fraud

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"Honey, get some rest now. Tomorrow we need to get to Blue Light Corporation early." Qingfeng Li told Xue Lin.

"Okay, cuddle with me." Xue Lin fluttered her eyelashes and said bashfully.

She relied on Qingfeng Li so much now that she would ask him to carry her to the bedroom, sometimes he had to tell her bedtime stories when she had problem falling asleep.

Qingfeng Li replied with a smile, reached his arms around Xue Lin’s body, picked her up and walked to the bedroom on the second floor.

Xue Lin was in a white silk sleepwear tonight, which was very light and soft. Qingfeng Li could even feel the smooth skin underneath.

He had to admit that Xue Lin had such nice skin, smooth and fair just like milk, which really made him want to take a bite and feel the smoothness and softness.

Smelling the strong masculine scent on Qingfeng Li, shyness flushed on Xue Lin’s cold elegant face. Although she had been in his arms for so many times, every time she was there she would feel shy again.

It was past eleven o’clock already, Qingfeng Li left right after he put her down on the bed and covered her with a blanket.

It was Xue Lin’s time of the month and she couldn’t have sex with him. So he had to let her go for now

Moreover, Xue Lin told Qingfeng Li that she didn’t want to give him her virginity until their wedding night. She wanted to save that for the right moment.

Qingfeng Li was pleased that finally Xue Lin agreed to do that with him. Although he had to wait for a week, it wasn’t a long time.

Qingfeng Li also made up his mind that after waiting for a week for the wedding night, he would make their sexy session last for as long as twenty-four hours.

Yes, a single continuous session to last for twenty-four hours, to show his wife how incredible he was.

The next morning, six o’clock, Qingfeng Li got up, and of course, Xue Lin was up too.

Xue Lin was dressed in a set of black suit, which made her curvy figure even more attractive. On her legs, there was a pair of silk stockings that matched with her black high heels. She was elegant and cold with the all-black look.

Meanwhile, she was preparing breakfast in the kitchen. It didn’t take her too long to get two over-easy eggs and two glasses of milk ready.

Qingfeng Li and Xue Lin drove to the Ice Snow Corporation as soon as they finished their breakfast.

It was seven o’clock when they arrived at Ice Snow Corporation. Yunchang Xu and Lingxiu Xu were already waiting there.

Yunchang Xu dressed in a piece of traditional Chinese suit, which was very serious. He was also holding a red cane in his hand. Standing beside him was Lingxiu Xu, who dressed in a white one-piece. She stood out with her adorable face and tall slim figure.

"I am sorry that I made you wait for so long, Chairman Xu." said Qingfeng Li, while giving Yunchang Xu an apologetic smile.

"No worries, Lingxiu and I have just got here too." Yunchang Xu smiled and pointed at his granddaughter beside.

"Come get in the car please, we will head to the Blue Light Corporation right now." Qingfeng Li opened the back door for Yunchang Xu and Lingxiu Xu.

Qingfeng Li was the one driving, so he was sitting in the driver’s seat while Xue Lin was in the passenger seat. Therefore, Yunchang Xu and Lingxiu Xu were sitting at the back.

After both of them put on their seat belts, Qingfeng Li then started driving to the Blue Light Corporation.

The Blue light Corporation was in Western Sea City. which was next to Eastern Sea City. The distance between was only about twenty miles, so it would only take half an hour to drive there.

The challenge set by Qi Lin would start at eight in the morning. Right now, it was seven, it only took Qingfeng Li half an hour to drive, which meant that he could get to Blue Light Corporation by seven thirty. Thus, there was no need to rush.

However, things always happened, unexpectedly.

As soon as Qingfeng Li drove to the downtown area, they got stuck in the traffic.

Traffic jams happened so frequently in modern society. Heavy traffic on the way to work, on the trip, on the way to doctor, and on the way to everywhere.

There was no other way but to wait, as for the huge population and number of cars in Huaxia. Traffic was heavy everywhere.

Seeing the long lineup ahead, Qingfeng Li got out of the car helplessly. He asked the people in front then found out that a car accident happened.

The accident ahead was terrible, two cars crushed against each other and both were out of shape. It seemed like that one of the women got seriously injured and fainted.

People were all around the accident scene, it looked quite busy with people making phone calls and asking for police.

"Stay in the car, my dear. I’ll go and check it out." Qingfeng Li frowned, he opened the door then walked forward.

It was impossible to drive past the accident scene.

No one could tell when the traffic would be clear with all the cars stuck there. It would be screwed if they just stay there and miss the challenge.

Qingfeng Li knew that the only way to clear the traffic was to take care of the car accident ahead. Someone had to move that victim and the crashed vehicles away and make the traffic move again.


At the meantime, in the lobby of Blue Light Corporation in Western Sea City.

There were so many people sitting in the lobby already, including the CEO of Blue Light Corporation, Qi Lin, who was also known as the king of antique in Western Sea City.

Qi Lin was in his forties. He was tall, with a slim face. He didn’t look like other CEOs who were chubby and with fat belly. However, that didn’t change the fact that he looked powerful and serious.

In terms of the people who sat beside Qi Lin, there were many celebrities in Western Sea City, CEOs of the big companies, as well as reporters from television stations, book publishers and antique lovers.

Qi Lin had invited most of the rich and celebrities in Western Sea City to witness the challenge against Qingfeng Li from Eastern Sea City.

As the business project that Blue Light Corporation and the Ice Snow Corporation were fighting for valued billions of Yuan, in order to obtain the enormous profit, Blue Light had to defame Ice Snow. As a result, Qingfeng Li became Qi Lin’s target.

Qi Lin knew well that as long as he was able to beat Qingfeng Li, then the collaboration with Phoenix Corporation would be under his name.

"President Lin, Qingfeng Li hasn’t showed up yet, is he afraid to be found out that his appellation was unearned?" an old man beside asked.

This old man looked like in his seventies. His hair all turned grey, and his face was full of wrinkles and dark spots. However, people weren’t unpleased with the fact that he was sitting beside Qi Lin. On the contrary, they all showed great respect to him.

That was because the old man wasn’t anyone average, but the king of antique in Western Sea City, Xinchuan Zhu.

"You are right, Chairman Zhu, he is a fraud and he knows it." said Qi Lin with an evil smile.

He was talking so loudly with Xinchuan Zhu that the reporters around were all able to hear. Soon all the reporters started to write down their conversation and planned to report it.

Qi Lin and Xinchuan Zhu looked at each other, joy then flushed in their eyes. The reason they assumed Qingfeng Li was afraid to come was to affirm that he was a liar, therefore their goal could be reached.

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