My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 308: Xue Lin Was a Bit Mad

Chapter 308: Xue Lin Was a Bit Mad

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It was almost eleven o’clock at night when Qingfeng Li got back to the villa. The lights in living room were still on, and Xue Lin stayed awake.

Xue Lin used to stay up late since she had much important work to do as the CEO of the company. However, there was nothing more important than waiting for Qingfeng Li to come back.

He took out the key and inserted it in the lock. As he opened the door he saw Xue Lin was reading newspaper on the sofa dressed in a white silk sleepwear. The newspaper she was reading was Hujiang Business Daily, which was the commercial news about companies in Hujiang Province.

The beautiful eyebrows on Xue Lin’s face were twisted, it could be told from her cold elegant but annoyed face that the content on the newspaper upset her a lot.

"What’s wrong, anybody annoyed you?" asked Qingfeng Li with great concern, as he walking up to Xue Lin and sat beside.

There was only one week left before their wedding. Seeing Xue Lin being mad made him worried, made him wonder what happened.

He knew that Xue Lin rarely got mad unless it was something very serious.

Xue Lin raised her face up when heard Qingfeng Li’s voice. However, the impatience and anger on her face didn’t go away.

"Have a look here, someone said that the jewelry Ice Snow Corporation manufactured had poor quality, and you, the king of antique in Eastern Sea City was a liar, who had unearned reputation." said Xue Lin madly as handing the Hujiang Business Daily to Qingfeng Li.

What was written on the newspaper really bridled her up.

Qingfeng Li took over the newspaper and had a look, what caught his attention first was the heading "Reveal the Lies of Qingfeng Li", which tried to point out that Qingfeng Li as the king of antique in Eastern Sea City was fake, it was the illusion Ice Snow Corporation created to make itself well-known.

It was undeniable that whoever wrote the news did quite a good job, as he first stated that Qingfeng Li was a salesperson in Ice Snow Corporation, who lied to everybody at the Antique Show in Eastern Sea City to get the appellation of king of antique. However, everything was set up to fool others.

In the news, it didn’t only point out that Qingfeng Li was a liar, but also mentioned there were some problems with Ice Snow Corporation. The reason that the corporation hired a liar as salesperson was to fool more people thus to make more profits.

Qingfeng Li went quite mad too after reading the news. What hell was that? The name King of Antique was given by Yunchang Xu, the chairman of Antique Association in Eastern Sea City, as was also acknowledged by all of the five judges. The person who wrote the news was definitely bullshitting.

"Have you found out who wrote the news?" asked Qingfeng Li when he put down the newspaper.

"It was published by Blue Light Corporation." words came out of Xue Lin’s red lips.

Xue Lin could tell that Qingfeng Lu knew nothing about this corporation from the confuse in his eyes. She explained: "Blue Light Corporation was the biggest jewelry manufacturer in Western Sea City, which was trying to take over a project from Ice Snow Corporation recently. That’s why it made up some news to defame Ice Snow Corporation.

After hearing Xue Lin’s explanation, Qingfeng Li took a tumble all of a sudden. There were eighteen cities in Hujiang Province, including Eastern Sea City and Western Sea City. These two cities were next to each other, that was why competition existed between them.

Clients from out of city would take turns shopping at either city.

The reason that Blulight Corporation defamed Qingfeng Li and Ice Snow Corporation was to obtain the business project.

"What the hell, they are aiming at me now." sweared Qingfeng Li.

It made sense that Qingfeng Li got mad, as he was slandered by someone and called a liar on the newspaper not far before his wedding.

Xue Lin read the news, so did many other people in Eastern Sea City. If Qingfeng Li didn’t respond anything to the news, then people would assume that he admitted it, which would ruin his reputation terribly.

It wasn’t hard to imagine how people would mock Qingfeng Li on his wedding next week, after they read the news and thought he was a liar.

Qingfeng Li didn’t care about being mocked, but he was worried about Xue Lin. She was the CEO of Ice Snow Corporation after all, and also the most beautiful woman in Eastern Sea City. It would be such a humiliation for her if people called her husband a liar on her wedding.

"Wait, there is a challenge invitation below." Qingfeng Li got confused for a second, he focused on the newspaper, below which was a challenge invitation sent by someone.

It was written on the bottom of the newspaper: I, "Qi Lin", the king of antique in Western Sea City, is going to challenge Qingfeng Li in order to disclose his lies. I will set up an arena in Blue Light Corporation one day later. If Qingfeng Li doesn’t show up, then he will be considered as a liar.

It made Qingfeng Li laugh so hard seeing this news. What the hell was this person thinking when he post the challenge, looking for trouble?

"Do you accept Qi Lin’s challenge, my dear?" Xue Lin frowned and asked.

"Of course, I will accept. I was mentioned by name, called a liar and attacked by this person on newspaper. He needs to be taught a lesson otherwise he will still think I am a coward." said Qingfeng Li ragingly with a sneer.

The Blue Light Corporation was so detestable, so was Qi Lin from Western Sea City. Competition between two companies was acceptable, however, it was despicable of them defaming Ice Snow Corporation and calling Qingfeng Li a liar on newspaper.

Qingfeng Li had already made his decision, tomorrow he would go to Blue Light Corporation and teach Qi Lin a lesson.


The phone rang as Qingfeng Li was still mad. He took it out and found out it was calling from Yunchang Xu.

"Chairman Xu, is everything ok?" asked Qingfeng Li after picking up.

He always had great respect for Yunchang Xu, the chairman of Antique Association. He had no clue why the chairman called late at night.

"Have you read the newspaper, Qingfeng?"

"Yes, someone said I am a liar, and he also sent me a challenge invitation."

"What are you going to do with that?"

"Chairman Xu, I accepted his challenge and will go to Blue Light Corporation tomorrow." answered Qingfeng Li.

"Fine, I’ll go with you tomorrow. I really want to find out why people from Western Sea City called the king of antique voted by Eastern Sea City." said Yunchang Xu with anger.

Yunchang Xu got quite pissed off. He was the chairman of Antique Association in Eastern Sea City. In the antique contest held in Eastern Sea City recently, he was one of the judges. He recommended Qingfeng Li to the competition and also elected him as the king of antique.

It was such a humiliation for him that another king of antique in another city called Qingfeng Li a liar. He had to go tomorrow as he need to release his anger.

Then Qingfeng Li and Yunchang Xu discusses more about the plan for tomorrow. They would meet up at Ice Snow Corporation tomorrow at seven o’clock then drive to Blue Light Corporation.

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