My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 307: Xiaoyue Zhang Kissed Me

Chapter 307: Xiaoyue Zhang Kissed Me

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"Sister Xiaoyue, your father is an elder, treating him is the thing to do." said Qingfeng Li with a nice smile.

Qingfeng Li then took out a piece of paper and a pen, prescribing a secret traditional Chinese medication, which included suberect spatholobus stems, glossy privet fruits, beautiful millettia roots, cherokee rose fruits and many more herbs

All of those herbs were helpful for simulating blood flow, dredging channels and brought great benefits to lumbar recovery.

Qingfeng Li handed the secret prescription to Xiaoyue Zhang, and told her that as long as she gave Xiaojie Zhang the medicine followed by the formula and dosage on the prescription, along with proper physiotherapy massage and placing heat pad on his waist, Xiaojie Zhang would be able to totally recover within a short amount of time.

"You have some good rest, Uncle Zhang. It’s almost ten, I need to go home now."Qingfeng Li told Xiaojie Zhang, then got up and was ready to leave.

He had to go back home, after spending so much time having massage with Tianci Zhang at Jade Finger Emperor Palace, teaching Bro Yong and some bullies a lesson and then treating Xiaoyue Zhang’s father.

"Thank you very much. Xiaoyue, show him the way out." said Xiaojie Zhang while laying on bed.

Xiaojie Zhang couldn’t show enough appreciation to Qingfeng Li, as what this young man did for him was not simply rescuing him, but giving him a second chance for life, a life in which he could be able to stand up again

His lumbar vertebra just recovered a bit, and he could only get up and move around for a few minutes. Therefore he had to ask Xiaoyue Zhang to walk out with Qingfeng Li.

On her way out with Qingfeng Li, Xiaoyue Zhang stared at Qingfeng Li’s from time to time, it seemed like that she wanted to say something but was not sure where to begin.

Xiaoyue Zhang finally got up the courage and asked Qingfeng Li to hold on as he stopped a taxi and was about to leave.

"Big brother Li, can you wait for a minute?"

"What’s the matter, little sister Xiaoyue?"

"I have something to tell you brother Li." said Xiaoyue Zhang while her innocent face flushed.

Xiaoyue Zhang walked up to Qingfeng Li, grabbed him and covered his lips with her lovely tender red lips, while his eyes were full of surprise.

The thing she was going to tell him was that she wanted to kiss him.

Sweetness, floral scent and nice taste were the first sense hit him, and second was the question why she kissed him.

He knew it well that sister Xiaoyue was very innocent, she didn’t have a boyfriend and hadn’t even kissed anyone. Why did she kiss him then?

"Thank you big brother Li." Xiaoyue Zhang kissed Qingfeng Li and left in a hurry.

Her pure lovely face turned blushed, which was as attractive as a fresh cherry. Her heart was also racing.

Huh, Xiaoyue had changed. She kissed brother Li, and was no longer shy when with him.

Brother Li didn’t only save her, but also saved her father. She couldn’t find any other better way to express her appreciation, therefore, she gave him a kiss.

Qingfeng Li touched his lips as seeing Xiaoyue Zhang ran away bashfully, and the sweetness from the kiss still stayed on his lips. He smiled, turned around and got in the taxi heading home.


Meanwhile, Yong Wang went back to Ferocious Tiger Clan covered with wounds. His face was dreadfully pale. As soon as he got inside, he met the boss Hu Wang.

Hu Wang twisted his eyebrows, as he saw Yong Wang’s deplorable look with blood all over his head. He asked: "What happened to you Yong Wang, who beat you?"

He knew that Yong Wang was his top bodyguard, who has extremely solid strength and was able to beat four or five people at once with great ease. But how did he end up with blood all over his head?

"Boss, I met Grandaddy Li today." said Yong Wang.

Grandaddy Li, you met him today? Hu Wang turned his face down, shock flashed through his eyes.

He couldn't know any better about how powerful Grandaddy Li was. Grandaddy Li was the king of the underground force in Eastern Sea City, he crushed Bao Chen, who was unbeatably strong, with a few of his fingers.

Did Yong Wang annoy Grandaddy Li then got beat up? Hold on, if he did annoy Grandaddy Li, how could he ever be able to stand right in front of him instead of being dead already?

"Yong Wang, what happened between you and Grandaddy Li? Tell me right now."said Hu Wang with a downcast look.

After all, Yong Wang was his subordinate, the responsibility would fall on him if Yong Wang ever bothered Grandaddy Li. He had to bear all the terrible consequences if Grandaddy Li demanded accountability.

"Let me tell you boss…" Yong Wang explained the entire story of how he asked for money, how he took Xiaoyue Zhang away and then met Grandaddy Li, how he was made kowtow and compensated with one million dollars.

The stress on Hu Wang’s face slowly disappeared after hearing Yong Wang’s words, he said: "Thank God you didn’t offend Grandaddy Li personally, otherwise the entire Ferocious Tiger Clan would be screwed."

"I don’t think it’s that serious, boss. Even if I have offended Grandaddy Li, the worst outcome will be me ending up crushed by him. He won’t destroy Ferocious Tiger Clan, will he?" Yong Wang asked with confuse, he felt that his boss worried too much.

"Dumbass, do you know how Family Wang collapsed?" asked Hu Wang.

"I heard that the Family Wang was destroyed by a young man." Yong Wang answered.

Obviously he knew about Family Wang, which was one of the Big Four in Eastern Sea City, and was used to be the backer of Ferocious Tiger Clan. His boss had worked for them. However, Family Wang didn’t exist anymore.

"Let me tell you, as far as I know that the father Wang and his son were killed by Grandaddy Li. I had worked for Family Wang before. Do you think we would ever have a chance to survive if we offend Grandaddy Li?" Hu Wang threw a cold look at Yong Wang.

He had tried to deal with Qingfeng Li, in order to do Mrs Wang a favour. He got beaten up instead, and was forced to make a huge payment. However, he had nothing to complain about, as he knew that he started the trouble.

To be honest, Hu Wang appreciated Qingfeng Li for not killing him, and giving him a second chance.

What he didn’t know was that Qingfeng Li wasn’t addicted in killing. He would never look for trouble if nobody bothered him.

Like the saying goes, there is a debtor for the debt. Father Wang and his son were planning to kill Qingfeng Li, then it only made sense for Qingfeng Li to kill them. Hu Wang was able to survive since he didn’t get involved.

"Yong Wang, tell all the members of Ferocious Tiger Clan that Grandaddy Li would be the boss in Eastern Sea City from now on. Everyone should listen to him or end up dead." Hu Wang told Yong Wang.

There was something that Hu Wang didn’t mention to Yong Wang. He highly suspected that the recent collapse of Family Chen was due to Grandaddy Li.

The whole Eastern Sea City was talking about the mysterious person who exterminated both Family Chen and Family Wang the entire time. However, so far nobody had figured out who he was.

With the help of some special relationship he had, Hu Wang found out through the hearsay that Grandaddy Li was the mysterious man.

In his opinion, Grandaddy Li was the God of slaughter in Eastern Sea City, someone who one could never offended.

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