My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 306: Treating Xiaoyue's Father

Chapter 306: Treating Xiaoyue's Father

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Qingfeng smiled at Xiaoyue while she kept on thanking him, and said, "Xiaoyue, your issues are my issues, you don’t need to thank me. Oh, and this is the one-million-dollar cheque."

While Qingfeng was trying to give the check to Xiaoyue, she kept refusing since she thought Qingfeng should keep it for what he deserved based on his hard work.

Finally, Qingfeng finally convinced Xiaoyue to take the cheque by saying it was money for her dad at the hospital.

At the moment, a pale, middle-aged man was lying in the bed and looking at Qingfeng with gratitude in the room next to them.

He was Xiaojie Zhang, the father of Xiaoyue Zhang.

He was paralyzed and couldn’t leave the bed since his spine was broken. He could only see what was happening with those gangsters with worry but couldn’t do anything to help.

Honestly, everything happened because of him. If he didn’t gamble, he wouldn’t have lost the money and gained the debt, neither getting his spine broken by those gangsters nor being paralyzed in bed like now.

Since he had been lying in bed for months, all the burden of the treatment costs and living expenses were down on Xiaoyue’s shoulders. He felt so guilty for his daughter.

"Sir, do you feel better?"Qingfeng walked up to Xiaojie and asked.

Even though the man in front of him had a lot of defects, and his spine was broken because he gambled, regardless of how many mistakes he had made, Qingfeng still tried to take care of him since he was Xiaoyue’s father.

But of course, Qingfeng talking care of the middle-aged man was purely because of Xiaoyue. He wouldn’t do that at all if he was somebody else’s father.

"Thank you so much, young man. My daughter and I would have gotten in huge trouble if you weren’t here."Xiaojie kept thanking Qingfeng while waving his hand in the bed since he couldn’t get up at all.

"You are very welcome, Sir. Xiaoyue and I are good friends, helping her is what I should do," Qingfeng said while smiling.

Xiaoyue? Xiaojie suddenly changed his face, while more was surprise once he heard how Qingfeng addressed her daughter. He just saw how powerful this young man was since even that infamous gangster Yong Wang had to bow to him.

Xiaojie could sense there was something going in between this man and her daughter based on how he addressed her. They were definitely more than just regular friends, but of course, it would be better off if they were in a relationship. In that way, at least those gangsters wouldn’t bother her anymore if she had such a strong and powerful boyfriend.

"Are you my daughter’s boyfriend?" Xiaojie asked while hoping the answer was affirmative.

However, he was disappointed by Qingfeng’s answer since he told him they were just good friends.

Xiaojie was a bit disappointed at first, but once he thought that at least his daughter wouldn’t be bothered by those gangsters with such a strong friend by her side, he still felt glad eventually.

"Mr. Zhang, how long have you been paralyzed like this?" Qingfeng asked.

"Me? Hmm, it has almost been two months."

"Two months? It’s not that bad, I could help you stand back up again with my treatment."

"Excuse me? What did you just said? You can let me stand back up again?" Xiaojie asked while looking at Qingfeng amazedly.

In fact, since his nerves were affected after his spine was broken, even the doctors from the Orthopedic Hospital could only connect his broken bones together again at the most extent.

Even though the bones were re-connected, the doctor repeated that there was no way to fix the damaged spinal nerves. However, the young man in front of him said he could actually fix that. How could Xiaojie hold his thrill?

Xiaoyue on the side also looked excited and asked, "Big brother Li, can you really heal my father?"

"Yes, I could heal your father," Qingfeng nodded.

He had observed with his Chinese Medical Visual Technique that Xiaojie’s broken spine had been re-connected back by the doctor. The reason why he was still paralyzed and couldn’t stand up was because his spinal nerves were damaged.

As long as his spinal nerves were healed and could react to the external environment again, he could stand up and walk again.

"Mr. Zhang, I will need to perform acupuncture on you, let me know once you feel something on your waist," Qingfeng smiled and told Xiaojie.

"Sure," Xiaojie nodded and looked at him with excitement.

Xiaojie trusted this young man since the beginning without knowing why. He had a gut feeling that he could be healed by this young man for sure.

Qingfeng took out nine acupuncture needles and started to stick them in Xiaojie’s Guanyue acupoint, Huiyang acupoint, Shenshu acupoint and the a few other points on his body.

He was using a technique called the Nine Needles of Heaven Fate. Xiaojie’s body looked so damaged right now but in fact, it wasn’t that bad. He only had his spinal nerves damaged instead of his organs, which was way better than the senior priest.

Because of that, Qingfeng used the Nine Needles of Heaven Fate instead of the Nine Needles of Blood Fate, which would need to draw on his essence blood.

Besides, if Qingfeng needed to use his Nine Needles of Blood Fate to treat his patient every time, he would die from losing too much blood.

After inserting the needles in Xiaojie’s acupoints, Qingfeng started to flick the tails of the needles and so that they were continuously shaking and making the flapping sounds like a bee flapping its wings.

This flapping motion served as a stimulation for the nerves so that the nerves could react to external sensations.

The heat was coming. Xiaojie felt a sense of heat passing though this spine. It was a feeling he had never felt before, since his spine was always cold and numb in the past. But now, he could finally feel something.

Gradually, the more heat Xiaojie felt in his spine, the more sensation he could feel on his body. He tried to reach his hand on his spine and pinch ... He could feel the pain!

Pain, he finally felt pain, instead of numbness on his spine! Xiaojie became so emotional that he needed to hold his tears.

He has been taken care of Xiaoyue for every meal and sleeping routine since he was paralyzed in bed. He felt like a loser and was so tired of his life. Yet, he couldn’t believe this young man actually healed his paralysis and returned his spine's sensation.

"Uncle Zhang, do you feel something from your spine now?" Qingfeng asked.

"Yes! I can feel it. thank you so much," Xiaojie thanked him sincerely.

While Qingfeng removed and put the nine needles away, he asked Xiaojie to stand up and walked around.

Even though Xiaojie couldn’t stand quite well yet, at least he did stand up.

Nevertheless, he did feel exhausted after a minute and needed to lie down since his spinal cord was still weak from recovering.

Xiaojie believed that his spinal neurons would be completely recovered soon after taking a good rest. By that time, he would be finally able to stand like a regular human and live as he had been desiring for so long.

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