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Chapter 305: Grand Daddy Li, Spare Me Please!

Chapter 305: Grand Daddy Li, Spare Me Please!

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Qingfeng Li held his hands behind his back while looking at Yong Wang coldly without a hint of affection.

"Grand Daddy Li, please spare me!" Seeing Qingfeng Li’s indifferent look, Yong Wang was so scared that he was kneeling on the ground and was unceasingly kowtowing.

Yong Wang certainly knew the man in front of him. A while ago, he followed the head of the Ferocious Tiger Clan, Hu Wang, and participated in the Eastern Sea city Underground Force Summit.

In the Eastern Sea city Underground Force Summit, Qingfeng Li destroyed Bao Chen and Lang Ye, and silenced the other warlords. Even Yong’s own boss, Hu Wang, surrendered to him.

It was at the summit that the young man in front of him had supported King Kong to be the leader of Eastern Sea city underground force. King Kong had even set up the Qingfeng League and addressed the young man as "Grand Daddy Li"

Maybe others had no idea what "Grand Daddy Li" represented, but Yong Wang knew it well, that it embodied the most powerful force of the Eastern Sea city underground powers.

Grand Daddy Li was the god of slaughter of the Eastern Sea city underground force, and even the powerful Bao Chen was killed by Grand Daddy Li, not to mention Yong Wang himself. Thinking about he has just threatened Grand Daddy Li saying that he would crush him, Yong Wang shivered.

"How come brother Yong kowtowed to this young man?" The Yellow-haired thug was shocked and confused.

In his heart, brother Yong was not only strong, but also the top fighter under the head of the Ferocious Tiger Clan. His status in the Ferocious Tiger Clan was extremely high and he should be able to rake that young man over the coals.

But then, the situation was exactly the opposite -- brother Yong, who he was relying on, was startlingly kowtowing to this young man, and he was doing that unceasingly. What was going on here?

Well, even when facing the head of the Ferocious Tiger Clan, Yong Wang would just simply bow to salute. Yong Wang had never knelt down and kowtowed, so why would he kowtow to this young man?

The Yellow-haired thug was astonished, not to mention the other ruffians beside him. All of them were startled and their eyes were filled with shock.

Of course, the most aghast one was Xiaoyue Zhang. Her pure little face was full of surprises. In her eyes, the sinister brother Yong was the leader of ruffians. However, when he met brother Li, he kowtowed directly like a mouse facing a cat.

Xiaoyue Zhang knew how powerful brother Li was before, but she didn’t expect him to be this powerful! Without him even doing anything, he was just quietly standing there and clasping his hands behnd his back. And yet, these badass ruffians started unceasingly kowtowing and begging for mercy.

Bang Bang Bang...

Yong Wang was kowtowing non-stop and his scalp was cracked. He knew that if he wanted to make this man forgive him, the only thing he could do was to kowtow. It was useless to resist and he would never think of any other way.

For those ordinary people, brother Yong was a very powerful figure with great strength, but Yong Wang knew that he was nothing, not even an ant, when encountering Grand Daddy Li.

Grand Daddy Li could easily crush him with just one hand as long as he was willing to.

Seeing Qingfeng Li keeping silence, Yong Wang could only continue to kowtow until blood was coming out and dripping along his forehead. His blood was flowing all over the floor.

"Get up." Qingfeng Li said coolly after seeing Yong Wang’s miserable face.

Of course, he had recognized that Yong Wang was the top fighter under the head of the Ferocious Tiger Clan. They’ve met once at the Underground Force Summit.

"Thank you so much, Grand Daddy Li. "Yong Wang was relieved, after hearing Qingfeng Li asking him to stand up.

He knew that if Grand Daddy Li allowed him to stand up, that meant Grand Daddy Li would not kill him. But he also knew that the capital punishment may be exempt but a punishment was inevitable. He would for sure get punished by Grand Daddy Li.

Sure enough, the next moment Qingfeng Li spoke, "That Yellow-haired punk said you would castigate me. Such a nice follower of you."

Hearing Grand Daddy Li’s words, Yong Wang went straight to the Yellow-haired thug and punched him harshly without any hesitation.

This Yellow-haired bastard was the one to blame! If he didn’t bring Grand Daddy Li here, Yong Wang wouldn’t be so embarrassed. Yong Wang became even angrier, he punched the Yellow-hair brutally and didn’t stop until he broke few bones of his.

Poor Yellow-haired thug, he had brought Qingfeng Li here for brother Yong to teach Qingfeng Li a lesson. He would never know that in the end brother Yong punched him cruelly in order to ingratiate with Qingfeng Li. He almost wanted to die.

"Yong Wang, I heard you guys were asking for Xiaoyue Zhang's father's debt? And you also wanted to capture her? "Qingfeng Li frowned as he asked.

Hearing Qingfeng Li’s words, Yong Wang lost countenance and looked at Xiaoyue Zhang behind him. He knew that Grand Daddy Li may know Xiaoyue Zhang but he didn’t know what relationship Grand Daddy Li had with this beauty.

If Grand Daddy Li and Xiaoyue Zhang just had a general relationship, that he might still want the debt. But if Grand Daddy Li and Xiaoyue Zhang were really close, then he would not mention the debt. Yong Wang rolled his eyes and was secretly calculating the pros and cons in his heart.

"No need to guess, Xiaoyue Zhang is my friend, I came here today to stand up for her. Exactly what to do is your take. "Qingfeng Li put his hands behind and arrogantly said.

It would be better for him if he didn't need to use his fist to solve the problem. And if Yong Wang insisted on asking about the debt, he wouldn't mind teaching him how to behave.

"Grand Daddy Li, Xiaoyue Zhang’s father owed us 5 million Yuan. But since she is your friend, we would scratch out the debt."

"Since there’s no more money problem now, would you still create troubles for her in the future?"

"Grand Daddy Li, we would never create any troubles for her anymore. "Wang Yong said respectfully.

Since Xiaoyue Zhang was Grand Daddy Li’s friend, even if he had 10 times more courage, he would never dare to cause her any troubles. Unless he had lived long enough, or he was looking for death himself.

Yong Wang was going to leave with his men afterwards, he really didn’t want to stay here any longer, and to face the Killing God, Grand Daddy Li.

Qingfeng Li frowned and spoke coldly, "Did I allow you to go now?"

Wang Yong lost countenance after hearing what Grand Daddy Li just said, and he thought that Grand Daddy Li was going to kill him. He got scared, knelt to the ground and started constantly kowtowing again.

Qingfeng Li rolled his eyes and was speechless, "Am I that scary? Why are you always kowtowing?"

In fact, Qingfeng Li didn’t know that in Yong Wang's mind, he was even scarier than the devil, because he could end someone’s life with just one hand.

"Grand Daddy Li, please spare me! "Yong Wang knelt on the ground, thought Grand Daddy Li wouldn’t let him go and kept kowtowing.

"Get up, I didn't say I would kill you, what are you kowtowing for? "Qingfeng Li said coolly.

Yong Wang trembled as he stood up, he looked at Qingfeng Li with a pale and scared face. He didn’t know what Qingfeng Li was going to do to him next.

"Although you said the debt was scratched out, you’ve also broke Xiaoyue Zhang's father's spine causing him to be paralyzed in bed. How do you plan to compensate for that?"

"Grand Daddy Li, I will do whatever you say!"

"Leave 1 million Yuan for the compensation of what you did. "Qingfeng Li spoke to Yong Wang.

Although 1 million Yuan was a lot, in order to survive and to be forgiven by Grand Daddy Li, Yong Wang still took out a one-million-Yuan cheque, put the cheque down and fled away.

"Big brother Li, thank you, if it wasn’t for you, I would be doomed today. "Xiaoyue Zhang came up to Qingfeng Li and said with full gratitude.

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