My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 304: Xiaoyue is in Trouble

Chapter 304: Xiaoyue is in Trouble

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"Stop! "Qingfeng Li suddenly came from the distance and said loudly.

Of course, he had recognized that the woman in the white skirt was Xiaoyue Zhang. He loved his Sister Xiaoyue dearly so he would certainly come save her.

"Sister Xiaoyue, are you alright? "Qingfeng Li helped Xiaoyue Zhang to stand up from the ground and asked with concern.

"Wooo! Brother Li, I’m fine. " Seeing Qingfeng Li in front of her, Xiaoyue Zhang’s innocent face shed tears. She burst out crying and looked pretty sad.

Luckily, big brother Li has come, otherwise, she would have been captured by these three gangsters.

"Dude, who the hell are you? Go away right now if don't wanna die!" The yellow-haired thug’s face was sullen and he sounded very arrogant.

He was just about to catch the little beauty in front of him, but was interrupted by this young man. He definitely felt a little discomfort.

He worked for brother Yong. In this neighborhood, who dared to oppose against him?


Qingfeng Li walked up to the yellow-haired thug and slapped his face. Qingfeng said coldly, "Your foul mouth deserves this."

For those who talked dirty and arrogantly, Qingfeng Li had only one way to treat them – that was to slap them on their face.

The yellow-haired thug covered his face and was full of anger. Unexpectedly, he got slapped.

He never thought that the young man in front of him would dare to beat him. Therefore, he was still dumbstruck by what just happened on him.

"You dare to beat me? You are looking for death! "The yellow-haired thug thundered, with his right fist swinging abruptly towards Qingfeng Li.

This young man dared to beat him, so this yellow-haired thug would definitely revenge and give this fellow a harsh lesson. He would let this guy know his strength.

Qingfeng Li stretched his right hand, seized the yellow-haired thug’s fist with a tight grip. Just with a click, the yellow-haired thug’s fist was snapped off. This poor thug was never competent enough to fight with Qingfeng.

He just thought he was very powerful but in fact, he was nothing in front of Qingfeng Li. The two gangsters in the back saw the yellow-haired thug was getting injured. They picked up two bricks from the ground and smashed towards Qingfeng Li.

"Big brother Li, be careful! "Xiaoyue Zhang changed countenance and reminded Qingfeng loudly.

Qingfeng waved to Xiaoyue to tell her don’t worry. Of course, he saw the two gangsters coming over, as well as the bricks in their hand, but he did not care about it.


Qingfeng Li stretched out right foot abruptly, like a bolt of lightning, made a kick to the two gangsters. The two got kicked away instantly and were screaming unceasingly covering their belly.

Suddenly, the three once-ferocious gangsters were all beaten down by Qingfeng Li.

"Boy, you are good! We lost today, but you have offended brother Yong. You’re gonna die!" The yellow-hair threatened, turned around and was ready to leave.

Qingfeng Li moved his body and stopped these people, he said coldly, "Did I let you go?"

Seeing Qingfeng Li’s indifferent face, the yellow-hair and his fellow shuddered. They knew that the young man in front of them was a master that they couldn’t compete with.

"How can you let us go? "The yellow-haired thug lost countenance and asked.

"Tell me, why did you catch Xiaoyue Zhang?"

"His father owed us 5 million dollars from gambling that he couldn’t afford. Of course, we would come to her to clear the debts."

"The debtor was his father, you should go look for his father. Why would you bother her? "Qingfeng Li smiled grimly and said drily.

Suddenly, Qingfeng Li recalled something. Xiaoyue told him before that her father was paralyzed and was in hospitalization. Her wages were all spent on her father’s medications. How could he owe a gambling debt?

Saw Qingfeng Li’s puzzled eyes, Xiaoyue Zhang explained, "Brother Li, my father indeed owed a gambling debt, but only for 500,000 Yuan, not so much. And because he couldn’t afford to pay back, they broke his lumbar so that he was paralyzed in bed."

Hearing Xiaoyue Zhang's explanation, Qingfeng Li took a tumble. Xiaoyue’s father owed gambling debt of 500,000 Yuan and couldn’t afford that. He was beaten by this group of thugs to paraplegia. And now this group of thugs compounded the interest of 500,000 into 5 million.

Qingfeng Li now knew the truth and would certainly help Xiaoyue Zhang. After all, she was very kind to him in the Ice Snow Corporation.

"Sister Xiaoyue, where is your father now?"

"Brother Li, my father was now at home. I escaped away since today this group of gangsters came to my house, asked for the money and wanted to catch me."

"Okay, let’s go to your house. "

"Brother Li, that brother Yong was in my house, he is a bastard!" Xiaoyue Zhang looked afraid.

The brother Yong was big and burly, with a scar on his face. His face was very frightening and Xiaoyue was deeply afraid.

"It’s alright. Let’s go! If that brother Yong dares to make a trouble, I will crush him." Qingfeng Li held Xiaoyue’s hands, letting the yellow-haired thug lead the way to Xiaoyue’s place.

Hearing Qingfeng Li was going to Xiaoyue Zhang’s place, the yellow-haired thug and his fellow gangsters were happy. Their eyes flashed with a touch of joy.

They’ve just been beaten up by Qingfeng Li, and were all very angry and wanted to get revenge. However, none of them could compete with Qingfeng Li. Now that Qingfeng Li was going to Xiaoyue Zhang's house, and brother Yong was there, they were all very happy, because brother Yong would give this guy a lesson.

After a while, the group of people came Xiaoyue Zhang’s place. She was living in the vicinity, on the first floor of an apartment building.

When Qingfeng Li arrived, he discovered that there were seven or eight people in the room of first floor. Their hair was all dyed colorfully and they had tattoos on their arms. You could tell directly that they were all thugs.

A big guy of 1.8-meter height was sitting in the chair of the room. He was tall and burly, very muscular and with a ferocious centipede-like scar on his face.

His name was Yong Wang. He was called "Brother Yong" and was the top fighter under the head of the Ferocious Tiger Clan.

Yong Wang saw that yellow-hair and the fellows walked in with injuries, he asked, "Yellow-hair, I asked you to catch Xiaoyue Zhang, did you make it?"

"Not yet, Brother Yong."

"What’s up with your wounds? "

"Brother Yong, we were beaten by a young man and he saved Xiaoyue Zhang. Oh yeah, he also came here, right behind me." The Yellow-haired thug pointed at Qingfeng Li behind him, and said with a cruel face.

"Brother Yong, this guy also said he would crush you. That’s totally disrespecting you." Yellow-hair was trying to agitate and provoke brother Yong, he wanted to make brother Yong castigate Qingfeng Li.

"Huh, he was too naive that he wanted to crush me. I would crush him instead. "Hearing Yellow-hair’s words, brother Yong‘s face was sullen and his eyes were cold and piercing.

Yellow-hair was full of excitement when he saw brother Yong walking toward Qingfeng Li, "Huh, dude, you dared to come here. We shall see how brother Yong crushes you later."

But the next second, brother Yong's reaction was totally to his surprise!

Yong Wang walked toward Qingfeng Li, originally going to castigate Qingfeng Li. However, when he saw Qingfeng's face, his countenance drastically changed. He was so frightened that he startlingly kneeling down to the ground.

"Grand Daddy Li, I was as blind as a bat! Please spare me! "Yong Wang knelt on the ground, saying with a face full of panic.

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