My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 316: Yanzhi Pei Wanted to Cooperate

Chapter 316: Yanzhi Pei Wanted to Cooperate

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Qingfeng Li won! By defeating Western Sea City’s King of Antiques Qi Lin, not only did he vindicate his reputation, it cleared the Ice Snow Corporation’s reputation as well.

The end result of this antique competition, with the victory going to Qingfeng Li, surprised everyone.

When Qingfeng Li came, the majority of the audience were mocking him; thinking that he was a fraud and would lose with certainty.

When he left, everyone had a smile on their face, trying to please Qingfeng Li.

This is how different life can be. If you have the skills, everyone will try to please you, but if you don’t, they won’t hesitate to use you as a stepping stone.

Regarding the people who were mocking him originally, Qingfeng Li ignored them; not showing any signs of friendliness.

Yanzhi Pei told Qingfeng Li before leaving that she would work together with Ice Snow Corporation. Sometimes in the future, she will visit the company personally. This made both Xue Lin and Qingfeng Li extremely grateful.

After all, the Phoenix Corporation was a huge company and having the chance to work together with them will bring enormous benefits to the Ice Snow Corporation.

The Ice Snow Corporation was only operating in Eastern Sea City and was obviously too small. After having the opportunity to work with Phoenix Corporation, the company can finally extend towards other cities, enlarging the company scale.

Growing the Ice Snow Corporation wasn’t just Xue Lin’s wish, it was Qingfeng Li’s as well. Everyone wanted their own company to develop well.

Naturally, Qingfeng Li didn’t have to stay in Western Sea City after winning the antique competition. He drove back to Eastern Sea City with Xue Lin, Yunchang Xu, and Lingxiu Xu.

It was already 7:00 p.m. by the time they arrived back to Eastern Sea City. The competition had taken the whole day.

To celebrate the victory, Qingfeng Li treated everyone at the Lakescape Hotel. VIP room, River Scene Restuarant.

Qingfeng Li gave Yunchang Xu the menu and said, "President Xu, you are the elder so you pick first."

Yunchang Xu smiled, took the menu, and ordered eight dishes: two soups, chicken, fish, duck, shrimp, and four vegetables. Perfectly picked with rich nutrition.

In terms of the soups the soups, he ordered a spicy and sour soup and a meat soup. Both of the soups were rich in flavor and were extremely tasty. A celebration wasn’t complete without alcohol. President Xu was going to order something that costed just around 100 Yuan, but Qingfeng Li rejected it. He insisted that the sake of celebrating, they had to order something around 1000 Yuan.

"Qingfeng, you youngsters are getting better and better, even surpassing me in antiques." Yunchang Xu sighed and looked at Qingfeng Li.

To be honest, the youth in front of him, Yunchang Xu was treating him well before he admired Qingfeng Li. After Qingfeng Li won the title of Eastern City’s King of Antiques, Yunchang Xu started treating him as someone of the same level.

But now, Qingfeng Li even defeated Western Sea City’s King of Antique. Furthermore, he even saw through ’s overlapping technique, which was extremely hard. Even Yunchang Xu wasn’t able to see the overlapping technique; this showed that Qingfeng Li’s skills on antiques were even above Yunchang Xu.

"President Xu, you are being too modest. You are the president of Eastern Sea City's Antique Council, the best in the antique field. You will always be my role model." Qingfeng Li said to Yunchang Xu.

Even though Qingfeng Li’s antique skills were already above Yunchang Xu’s, he was 70 years old already, enough to act as Qingfeng Li’s grandfather. Naturally Qingfeng Li would show his respect.

Additionally, Yunchang Xu treated him extremely well so Qingfeng Li would not embarrass him.

"Qingfeng, you definitely know how to talk. We all know, your skills already surpassed me. I am pretty sure no one in Eastern City’s antique field is skillful enough to be your opponent." Yunchang Xu praised Qingfeng Li.

Yunchang Xu knew it wasn’t just Eastern Sea City’s antique field, but Western Sea City as well because their King had just been defeated by Qingfeng Li.

In terms of what Yunchang Xu said, Qingfeng Li only smiled; not showing any sign of arrogance. Qingfeng Li knew that no one in the whole Hujiang Province would be skillful enough to defeat him.

But, Yunchang Xu was the elder, Qingfeng Li knew what to say and what not to say, so he didn’t boast in front of him.

Being skillful was good, but one also needed to be modest as well, especially in front of elders. Being modest in front of elders was always good.

Everyone enjoyed the meal, Qingfeng Li as well as Xue Lin.

After the meal, Qingfeng Li dropped Yunchang Xu and Lingxiu Xu back to their home. On the way, Lingxiu Xu’s eyes were staring at Qingfeng Li; worshipping him.

If Xue Lin wasn’t sitting beside him, Lingxiu Xu would pounce towards Qingfeng Li; this was her way of showing her adoration. But with Xue Lin beside him, she wouldn’t dare.

Qingfeng Li dropped Yunchang Xu and Lingxiu Xu home and headed home with Xue Lin.

Living room, villa.

Xue Lin was sitting on the sofa and looking at Qingfeng Li with praise. After all, he defeated Western Sea City’s Antique King; it was a big matter, not a lot of people could do it.

"Why you looking at me? Do I have flowers on my face?" Qingfeng Li laughed.

"Honey, you are so good. You actually defeated Qi Lin and recovered Ice Snow Corporation’s reputation." Xue Lin said to Qingfeng Li, with a hint of admiration.

Qingfeng Li laughed and said, "I won and gained reputation for the company, what should you do to treat me?

"What kind of treat would you like?" Xue Lin reddened up and became a bit nervous.

"Obvious I want a kiss, my little red riding hood, here I come." Qingfeng Li smirked and pounced towards Xue Lin like a big bad wolf.

"Go away bad wolf." Xue Lin said nervously.

"Little red riding hood, let this big bad wolf take care of you." Qingfeng Li held onto Xue Lin, with her shy eyes, he kissed her.

Xue Lin’s lips were extremely delicate, sweet, emitting fragrant. The kiss was soothing. Naturally, after being captured by the big bad wolf, the little red hood couldn’t do anything and could only obey the wolf.

Qingfeng Li naturally wouldn’t let go of this opportunity. Not only did he kiss her, he felt her whole body as well.

But, sex, Qingfeng Li didn’t do it. This was because he promised Xue Lin he would wait until after the wedding. Only after Xue Lin ran out of breath, Qingfeng Li brought her to her second-floor bedroom.

Qingfeng Li dropped Xue Lin onto her bed and told her another story. She fell asleep before he could finish his story of Alibaba and 40 Thieves.

Qingfeng Li covered her with the velvet quilts and left. When closing the door, he could still see the big smile on her face.

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