My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 26: The Terrified King Kong

Chapter 26: The Terrified King Kong

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"Such power!"

King Kong, clutching his broken arm, was horrified.

To practice the Wind Whirling Fist, King Kong punched trees and rocks with his fist every day.

Eventually, using the Wind Whirling Fist, he could smash even the hardest rock.

It didn’t occur to him that he got jinxed. The guy in front of him was a master, not someone he could deal with.

King Kong, who was 1.9 meters in height, unexpectedly lost to Qingfeng in one fight and got thrown up seven or eight meters.

Defeated! The Boss was defeated!

"How could Boss fail?"

"He’s the most powerful guy around, how could he lose to this nobody?"

"What the f**k. Did I get giddy or was our boss really defeated?"

"Yes, he was defeated and was even sent flying by one punch."

The gangsters around were all shocked with complete disbelief in the eyes.

In their eyes, King Kong was their master. The War god in their hearts, and the strongest.

But now, a handsome young man using only one punch defeated their him. They were shocked, puzzled, and mingled with some inexplicable fear.

Where did the young man come from? They were sure that they had never seen him in Eastern Sea City and neither had they heard of his name. But how come he was so capable that he defeated King Kong with one punch.

"What are you guys doing. Go. Kill him."

Seeing his men were in a daze, King Kong was furious. He looked ferocious and shouted.

He decided to use his numerical advantage, attacking with more people and getting his men to gang up on Qingfeng.

So you’re f*cking capable. I have more people to beat you with. Let's see what you can do. He thought viciously in his heart.

"Brothers, avenge me. Kill this guy."

Hearing the command of King Kong, the gangsters around shouted, holding sticks and beer bottles and smashed towards Qingfeng Li.

King Kong was their head. If he was beaten up, naturally as followers they needed to avenge him.

In their hearts, however capable Qingfeng Li was, he was alone. But there were dozens of them with weapons. It was simple to beat this young guy.

As the saying went, it’s hard for two fists to battle four hands. However capable one may be, there was only a pair of hands. How could it compare with the hundreds of hands of their opponent?

"Be careful Brother Li."

Seeing Qingfeng was surrounded by dozens of gangsters, Xiaoyue Zhang’s face turned pale. Her beautiful face flashed with worry.

"Don’t worry sister Xiaoyue. I’ll go beat them up."

Qingfeng Li stood up, looked at those gangsters, and showed a gloomy and cold smile.

His body moved like a bolt of lightning, rushing immediately into the middle of the gangsters,

Bang Bang Boom

Qingfeng Li was like a wolf that invaded a sheep flock, punching and kicking them one by one.

Those gangsters let out shrill screams. Some lost their arms, broke their legs and others lost several teeth.

In the blink of an eye, the dozens who were vicious looking were now all lying on the ground, covered with blood and screaming repeatedly.

The imagination of these gangsters was good, but the reality was brutal.

They wanted to bully and punish Qingfeng Li by outnumbering him.

But they forgot that however large the flock was, for the Wolf King, they were weak chickens.

"Brother Li, you’re so powerful." Xiaoyue Zhang was shocked, her charming lips opened wide and forgot to close.

Her concern just now was obviously not necessary. These big guys couldn’t compete with Qingfeng Li at all.

Brother Li was so strong that Little Xiaoyue had a crush on him. What to do? Looking at Qingfeng’s strong figure, Xiaoyue Zhang was shy, as if she was having butterflies in her stomach.

Her eyes shone. Brother Li’s figure was amplified in her heart. He was like an incredibly handsome knight in shining armor.

As the saying went, heroes liked beauties. But beauties also loved heroes.

Female animals had a natural affection and admiration for strong male animals. This was determined by their genetic instinct.

Xiaoyue Zhang was happy and excited. But those gangsters were not the same, they were pale as if their parents were dead. No, even more fearful than the death of their parents.


This is a demon.

At that moment, King Kong and all the gangster were scared. They were full of fear for Qingfeng Li.

It's a miracle that a man beat dozens of armed thugs in the blink of an eye.

King Kong knew that his men were not ordinary thugs. They often had fights, so they were very powerful.

He believed that even the commandos couldn’t beat his men like this.

But now, a young man defeated all of his men in a minute. If he wasn’t a devil then what was he?

Knowing how horrible Qingfeng Li was, King Kong’s eyes were full of terror and deep regret.

If he knew this guy was this terrifying, he would have paid the 1 million yuan debt back. But now he brought it on himself.

I regret it! King Kong turned pale and couldn’t express his bitterness.

"Don’t move. Hands up."

Suddenly, a tender voice sounded from behind. A beautiful policewoman in uniform came up. Her gun in the hand was pointing towards Qingfeng Li and King Kong.

Qingfeng Li turned around to find that the beautiful policewoman was no other than Mengyao.

"Gee, what are you doing here?" Qingfeng frowned, a touch of surprise flashing through his eyes.

"So you were the bastard that was racing. See how you can run away this time?"

"Did I say I was going to run?"

"Leave this racing issue for later. Now tell me, what’s the matter with the men on the ground. Why is his arm broken?"

Mengyao Xu’s face was delicate, and her figure graceful. Her beautiful eyes mercilessly glared at Qingfeng and asked coldly.

She certainly recognized Qingfeng Li. They were in the same hotel room last time. Though they didn’t have sex, her body was completely exposed to Qingfeng Li.

She was very resentful in her heart towards Qingfeng Li.

"This cop chick always causes me trouble. I’m gonna tease her a little."

Qingfeng Li rolled his eyes and decided.

"Wife, you are pointing a gun at your husband. Do you want to kill your own husband? I’m so heartbroken."

Qingfeng Li looked miserable and hopeless. It looked super realistic too. Mengyao Xu was furious.

M*therf*cker, wife?

When did I become your wife?

Mengyao Xu was dumbfounded. There was thunder rolling and crabs roaring past in her heart.

She knew this guy was shameless, but she underestimated how shameless he was. He was flirting with her in front of so many people.

It was absolutely intolerable. She had to teach this guy a hard lesson.

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