My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 27: Mengyao's Anger

Chapter 27: Mengyao's Anger

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"Who’s your wife. If you keep spilling nonsense, I’ll rip your mouth apart." Mengyao Xu’s face was livid, biting her white teeth. Her beautiful eyes were full of anger.

That raging fire was like a flame, dying to burn the man in front of her.

"Little Yao Yao, you were in the same hotel room with me. Don’t deny it, that breaks my heart. I hate you."

Qingfeng Li pretended to be wronged, as if he was a pitiful creature abandoned by women.

That poor look saddened those who saw and heard it.

This acting was definitely superior, great enough to win Oscar, or earn an Academy Award in the White House...

The two policemen behind Mengyao threw a strange look.

Was it true that their captain, the violent beautiful policewoman really associated with the guy in front of them? The two were ready to gossip in their hearts.

Although their own captain was transferred to the traffic police team, higher authorities told her to go back to the police force tomorrow. So when the two met Mengyao on the road, they followed her to handle the work.

"Hold your head and raise your hands." Mengyao Xu knitted her eyebrows. A touch of solemnity showed up on her pretty face.

Dozens of people laid on the ground, some with broken arms, and others had broken legs. This was intentional injury, a criminal case that could put the person in prison.

Though Mengyao didn’t know what was the relationship between Qingfeng Li and the group. She was sure that the injured people must have some kind of connection with this guy.

Because other than Qingfeng and that little girl, all the others were injured and fell to the ground.

That little beauty obviously did not have the ability to beat these gangsters. What was left was this damn guy.

In a way, Qingfeng Li had been listed as the prime suspect.

"I'll give you three seconds. Raise your hands." Mengyao Xu took out a pistol and approached Qingfeng Li.

However, Qingfeng Li was just smiling and looking at her, without the slightest fear.


This was straight provocation.

Mengyao was furious. Challenging her in the presence of so many people made her extremely angry.

Her pretty face was red.

She is a righteous policewoman. Qingfeng’s behavior undoubtedly violated her dignity as a policewoman.

"If you don’t raise your hands, I’ll shoot you."

Mengyao Xu’s little white hand was slightly shaky holding the gun. She was afraid that she would fire just with a bit of carelessness.

Honestly, she didn’t want to do so. But Qingfeng’s behavior really challenged her.

Seeing Mengyao’s finger on the trigger, the smile on Qingfeng Li’s face was gone. Instead, it was a touch of coldness.

"I hate people pointing a gun at me. I’ll give you a chance to put down the gun." Qingfeng’s hands held back behind and said coldly.

He hated being pointed at with a gun, and people who pointed at him with a gun in the past were all gone to hell.

Luckily, he knew Mengyao, and he himself had seen her body. There was a bit of guilt after all.

Otherwise, she would be dead.

Hearing Qingfeng Li’s threat, a touch of anger appeared on Mengyao Xu’s beautiful face.

A police officer like her was threatened. She would be laughed at if the words went out.


Mengyao Xu’s little hand shook in anger. The bullet flew out, leaving a hole in the ground in front of Qingfeng Li. If it went further by 10 centimeters, it would have hit him.

This retarded woman actually dared to shoot?

Qingfeng Li rolled his eyes with anger in his heart. This violent woman was really retarded.

"Raise your hands, or the next shot will hit you." Mengyao Xu’s face was full of indifference and warned.

"Seems like you won’t remember unless I teach you a lesson."

Qingfeng Li showed an evil smile. His right foot stepped forward, crossing the bullet hole, and walked towards Mengyao Xu.

"Qingfeng, don’t resist."

Seeing Qingfeng Li walked towards her with a devilish smile. For some reason, Mengyao Xu had a dangerous feeling.

She felt as if she was targeted by a wolf. Her hair all rose up.

Qingfeng ignored the threat of Mengyao Xu and walked towards her.

"Black Panties. I like it." Qingfeng Li glanced at Mengyao Xu’s skirt and showed a devilish smile.

Last time when he was at the police station, he saw this woman in black panties. Knowing that she had a thing for it, he guessed.

White stands for purity, pink represents loveliness, and black represents enchantment.

Though Mengyao Xu had a delicate face and beautiful appearance and was a bit violent, she was a woman that was horny deep inside.


Obviously, Qingfeng Li had guessed what Mengyao Xu was wearing. A touch of shame and anger appeared on her beautiful face, along with a bit of surprise.

Seeing Qingfeng Li coming closer to herself, Mengyao Xu was a bit scared. She always felt that this man was dangerous.

Crap, where are the guys?

A touch of puzzle appeared on Mengyao Xu’s face. The man in front of her was gone. The key was that she didn’t see how he disappeared.


Mengyao Xu felt she was targeted. She had goosebumps all over the body, and her hairs all rose up.

"Are you looking for me?" At some point, Qingfeng Li had gone behind Mengyao Xu, reaching out for her little curvy waist, and said, smiling.

"You bastard, get your dirty hands off me." Feeling uncomfortable on the waist, Mengyao Xu’s beautiful face appeared with a touch of coldness.

When Mengyao Xu held up the gun in her hand and was ready to shoot Qingfeng Li, Qingfeng Li stretched out her right hand swiftly, and the gun was gone.

"How dare you shoot me. How should I punish you?" Qingfeng Li touched her smooth little waist, and said with a devilish look.

"Qingfeng, please take your hand off me. So many people are watching. This is bad for your reputation." Mengyao Xu’s pretty face turned red. Her forehead was in cold sweat.

This guy Qingfeng Li was too weird, grabbing her gun from the hand in the blink of an eye, as if it was magic.

"No. You dared to shoot your husband. See how I will ‘punish’ you."

Qingfeng Li smiled, grabbing Mengyao Xu’s slim waist, and kissed her lips.

He went straight for a French kiss, sweet and fragrant. This beauty’s lips were like cherries, with a slight touch of sweetness that was hard to let go.

"A**hole. Let me go."

Mengyao’s pretty face was red like a ripe cherry that he couldn’t help kissing.

Screw. I’m screwed. I was kissed by this guy in front of others. How am I supposed to face them?

Mengyao was extremely shy in her heart.

At first, she wanted to resist, but Qingfeng held her tighter. Smelling his strong aura of masculinity, she gradually indulged within.

I wanted to resist, but this guy was too strong. I couldn’t do it. Mengyao Xu found an excuse for herself.

A breeze blew over and the couple was leaning close to each other.

The amorous feeling of that kiss was particularly fascinating.

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