My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 25: Sent Flying with One Punch

Chapter 25: Sent Flying with One Punch

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"F*ck. Who are you? How dare you threaten the Three-Yuan Gang." The tall thug swore. His face was dark and he walked forward with a beer bottle.

He was prepared to teach Qingfeng a hard lesson to let him know that not everyone could come to this place. Those who try to find trouble would suffer consequences.

"Big brother Li, this guy is holding a beer bottle. What should we do?"

Xiaoyue Zhang tightly held onto Qingfeng’s hand when she saw the intimidating tall thug. Her pretty face was ghastly white.

Women were timid creatures, and inherently afraid of thugs.

Furthermore, the thug had red hair, piercings, and tattoos on his arms. He was obviously not a good man.

"Don’t worry, I’ll beat him up." Qingfeng patted Xiaoyue’s delicate hand and gave her a reassuring look.

In his opinion, this tall thug was a weakling with zero combat ability. He could throw him into the air with a single fist.

In front of the Wolf King, everyone was a weakling who could be easily destroyed.

Ooh, there’s a pretty girl?

The tall thug suddenly noticed Xiaoyue and his eyes became heated.

Even though the Three-Yuan Gang had a bunch of thugs, but they were all men. There were no women, especially pretty women like her.

For him, Xiaoyue Zhang’s pretty face, graceful body and big boobs were all very attractive to him. It made his blood boil.

"Fellow, leave this pretty girl and f**k off." The tall thug raised the beer bottle and angrily said to Qingfeng.

He decided to get rid of this eyesore first then ‘entertain’ this pretty girl.

When he heard the words of the tall thug, Qingfeng’s expression darkened and his eyes flashed with coldness.

How dared he flirt with Sister Xiaoyue in front of me. He really wanted to die.

Just because the tiger doesn’t roar, you treat me like a sick cat?

Some people just needed a beating. He decided to solve the problem with his fists.


Qingfeng let out a quick punch with his right hand. He was as fast as lightning and instantly grabbed the beer bottle in the tall thug's hand. He swung an arc in the air and mercilessly smashed it towards his head.


The beer bottle smashed onto the head of the tall thug with a loud noise. It left a huge cut and blood shot out of his head.

Ahhh… the pain is killing me…

The tall thug fell to the ground. His head was covered with blood and he uttered a shrill scream.

He looked towards Qingfeng with eyes full of horror. This fellow was so fast. He had no time to react and the beer bottle had hit his head.

The dozens of thugs in the metal tent were startled by the screams of the tall thug.

"Brothers. Let’s destroy this guy. He’s looking for trouble." There was a loud shout and dozens of thugs holding clubs ran out and surrounded Qingfeng.

"Who are you? How dare you look for trouble here. You don’t want to live anymore?"

"You didn’t check around? No one in the surrounding 10 miles dares to oppose us."

"Fellow, today you are dead. How do you want to die?"

The surrounding thugs were all swearing and arrogant.

These people were accustomed to being arrogant. They had just drunk and were even more arrogant.

"Ask your leader to meet me. Or your fate will be like him." Qingfeng coldly said. He lifted a finger and pointed at the tall bully who was still screaming on the ground.

"I would like to see who is so bold and dares to meet me."

A haughty voice resounded and a middle-aged man strode out of the metal tent.

The middle-aged man was tall, wore black clothes, was jacked and looked like he was full of strength. It was clear it was the results of long-term work in the gym, and steroids.

He stood there like a gorilla and emitted a terrifying sense of oppression.

"Fellow, I’m the boss of the Three-Yuan Gang, King Kong. Everyone calls me Brother Kong. Who are you, give your name." The man named King Kong stood at the front and proudly said.

One must know, within a 10-mile radius, the average person would turn pale when they hear his name. The timid ones would even tremble on the ground and.

He wanted to see if the fellow in front of him knew him. Perhaps the fellow would pee his pants after hearing his name.

However, Qingfeng remained indifferent. He did not react to his name and acted as if it was insignificant. This made him very angry.

"My name is Qingfeng Li. I am an employee of the Ice Snow Corporation Sales Department. I am here today to collect the 1 million debt you owe."

"What if I refuse to pay up?"

"I suggest you pay up. You can’t afford the consequences."

"Fellow, I broke the arm of the last guy who came to collect money from me. Are you sure you still want the money."

King Kong smiled coldly, his eye flashed coldly and his tone was full of warning.

"Yes. Hand over the 1 million debt and I’ll let you go. Or else, don’t blame me for my actions."

Qingfeng proudly said with his hands behind his back.

"Let me go? You are an arrogant fellow. I wonder if you will still be so arrogant after I break your arm?" King Kong said threateningly with his eyes wide.

"Humph, to break an arm of mine, I’m afraid you are not qualified."

Qingfeng hummed coldly. The arrogance and pride on his face were even greater than King Kong.

Even though he was faced with the 1.9 meter King Kong, and a dozen of his subordinates, Qingfeng was not worried at all.

In his opinion, these were all weaklings. Even if more people came, they would still be no match for him.

For a Wolf King, a lone sheep and thirty sheep were not different. Neither was a threat to the Wolf King. Both were his food.

"Fellow, I’ve already broken the arms of 49 man. You have the honor of being the number 50."

King Kong’s expression was gloomy. His muscles contracted and released explosive power.


King Kong’s foot stepped on the ground and left a footprint. He suddenly swung out his right fist and pummeled it towards Qingfeng.

The fist left a whirring sound in the wind.

This was called the Wind Whirring Fist. It was invented by a martial art masters using the principle of the tornado. It was extremely formidable and each fist carried the sound of the whirling wind.


Qingfeng forcefully stepped on the ground and churned his body into the air. In an instant, he was in front of King Kong.

Such fast speed.

King Kong’s expression changed slightly and surprise appeared in his eyes.

The speed of the fellow was too fast. It was much faster than he expected. One must know, not even he had such speed. Not only that, among the strong fighters he’s seen. He had never encountered anyone with such speed.

The speed was almost as fast as a bullet.


Qingfeng released his blow and his fist clashed with King Kong’s fist. A loud bang resounded in the air, it was as if something exploded in the air.


King Kong screamed and his body flew out for more than 10 meters before falling to the ground.

His arm was broken by Qingfeng’s fist. The piercing pain caused him to turn pale.

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