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Chapter 2510 - Destroying Primordial Dragon Monarch

Chapter 2510: Destroying Primordial Dragon Monarch

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Primordial Dragon Monarch turned into his original form and each of his dragon scales was as big as a planet, glinting with a golden luster, making the universal void and the Long River of Time collapse.

He planned to fight it out with Qingfeng Li.

His original form was so huge that the whole universe couldn’t contain it.

All the self-cultivators were shocked at the sight as if they were seeing a godly dragon in the Chaos Era.

At that time, the godly dragons had been in charge of the winds, rain, thunders, and lightning, which made them the highest rulers in people’s hearts.

“Who do you think will win, Qingfeng Li or Primordial Dragon Monarch?”

“It’s hard to say. Although Qingfeng Li is powerful after becoming the Immortal King, Primordial Dragon Monarch’s battle force is equivalent to that of an Immortal King after transcending to his limit and turning into his original form.”

“I think the winner will be Qingfeng Li. After all, he has acquired the origin of the Primitive Immortal King who was the No.1 powerful Immortal King of the Human Race and had even fought with extraterrestrial gods.”

The self-cultivator in the universe talked among themselves animatedly while they watched the great battle with Heavenly Eye superpowers.

Many people thought Qingfeng Li would win since they saw Primitive Immortal King’s presence in Qingfeng Li.

As the idol of all humans, in people’s hearts, Primitive Immortal King was in the same category as Pangu, who separated the sky from the earth, and Nvwa, who created humans.

Without Primitive Immortal King, the Human Race would have been extinct long ago, either eaten by demon beasts or destroyed by extraterrestrial gods.

Looking at Primordial Dragon Monarch in his godly dragon form, Qingfeng Li had no emotion on his face and he was calm as water inside.

To everyone’s astonishment and bafflement, he sat down cross-legged.

His hand formed a chaotic gesture and began to evolve the universe.

Above his head was the chaos in which the sky merged with the earth without the Sun, the Moon, stars, high mountains, lakes, gold, wood, water, fire, or earth. There was only the misty chaos that engulfed the whole universe.

There was nothing in it and what people saw was emptiness.

A trace of killing intent appeared in Primordial Dragon Monarch’s eyes and he said in a loud voice, “Qingfeng Li, you want to evolve the universe and create the world, bringing back the scene of separating the sky from the earth. I won’t let you do it.”

He whipped out his huge tail which swung from the east to the west across the whole universe and destroyed 100,000 planets in the process.

The planets fell from the sky and turned into surges of tremendous forces of meteorites crashing toward Qingfeng Li together with the godly dragon tail.

Qingfeng Li remained sitting cross-legged and didn’t move a muscle.

100,000 meteorites crashed toward him, but he ignored them and continued to evolve the universe.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

100,000 planets crashed into the air above Qingfeng Li’s head and vanished in the universe of chaos.

It seemed to be a bottomless hole which could swallow everything in the world.

The surrounding people were dumbfounded by the fact that 100,000 planets had vanished, and they wondered how huge, how powerful and how unrivaled the universe Qingfeng Li evolved was.

Roaring in fury, Primordial Dragon Monarch whipped out its huge dragon claws and whipped out its huge godly dragon tail again.

This time, he grabbed one million planets and crashed them toward Qingfeng Li.

Wherever the one million planets went, they shook the universe, shattered the starry sky, collapsed the time and reversed the present and the past.

The weapons, godly beasts, demon beasts and spirit herbs from the Chaos Era, Prehistoric Era and Ancient Era appeared one after another.

Meanwhile, with one million planets, large amounts of resources and gold, wood, water, fire, earth, wind, rain, thunder, lightning and all kinds of Great Dao laws rushed into the space above Qingfeng Li’s head.

Qingfeng Li sat there motionlessly with eyes closed while his hands formed a chaotic world creating gesture and his head emitted intense chaotic presence.

While the sky was separated from the earth, he swallowed the one million planets including the spirit herbs and all kinds of laws such as gold, wood, water, fire, and earth, etc in the planets.

In the next moment, he opened the Universe of chaos and began to create everything in the world such as gold, wood, water, fire, earth, wind, rain, thunder, lightning, godly beasts, spirit herbs, dharma treasures, weapons, mountains, lakes, the Sun, the Moon and stars.

At this sight, Primordial Dragon Monarch’s expression changed drastically, and a trace of horror appeared in his eyes.

He had understood that Qingfeng Li was using Primordial Dragon Monarch’s force to evolve and improve the universe in his heart.

Primordial Dragon Monarch cried furiously, “Damned Qingfeng Li, you are using my godly dragon force and the force of the planets to improve your universe.”

A moment later, Qingfeng Li opened his eyes and said, “Primordial Dragon Monarch, thank you for the one million planets and your godly dragon force, otherwise my universe wouldn’t have finished so fast. To show my gratitude, I’ll invite you into my universe.”


Qingfeng Li’s head released the presence which separated the sky from the earth and evolved everything in the universe; meanwhile, a huge black hole, the universe black hole, appeared beside the universe.

When Qingfeng Li was understanding the evolution of the universe, he had understood that the black hole and the universe were two existences that complemented each other and couldn’t exist alone, just like the Sun and Moon, light and darkness, and day and night.

Otherwise, the whole universe would lose its balance.

In the real universe, there were many black holes.

These black holes would swallow the unnecessary objects and the things getting close to them, maintaining the balance between all elements of the universe. It was like the transition process among gold, wood, water, fire, and earth.

Water gives birth to wood.

Wood gives birth to fire.

Fire gives birth to earth.

Earth gives birth to gold.

Gold gives birth to water.

The universe of chaos and the universe black hole above Qingfeng Li’s head released tremendous sucking force which drew the body of Primordial Dragon Monarch into it.

Primordial Dragon Monarch roared in defiance and his huge body trillions of meters long struggled to escape from the sucking force.

However, Qingfeng Li’s universe of chaos was so powerful that it drew Primordial Dragon Monarch’s body into it bit by bit with the help of the universe black hole.

Two hours later, Primordial Dragon Monarch’s huge body was completely sucked into Qingfeng Li’s universe of chaos.


The black universe black hole and the universe Qingfeng Li evolved broke Primordial Dragon Monarch’s huge body into two halves and then refined the tremendous energy inside the body.

Countless self-cultivators in the Universe Saint Realm and Immortal Realm trembled with fear when they saw this sight.

They had never imagined Primordial Dragon Monarch who had become an Immortal King after the transcendence would be swallowed into the universe Qingfeng Li had evolved.

Primordial Dragon Monarch’s body, soul, bones, and essence were all refined and became part of Qingfeng Li’s universe world.

Qingfeng Li took some dragon bone marrow from Primordial Dragon Monarch’s body and began to build a complete godly dragon bone skeleton.

A moment later, he said to the soul of Fire Dragon in the depth of his mind, “Come out. Your soul can live in the godly dragon body.”

Elated, the soul of the Fire Dragon flew out and thanked Qingfeng Li profusely before entering the newly-built godly dragon bone skeleton. With a complete body, it released the godly dragon presence that shook the world.

Like Dark Night Emperor, it was very grateful to Qingfeng Li.

The universe world above Qingfeng Li’s head was finished. It was a complete world, just like the real universe world.

He could give life with his will.

He could kill with his will.

Qingfeng Li could control all the humans and demon beasts of the whole universe.

Behind him, the Conqueror, Peacock Demon Empress, and Longevity Immortal King exclaimed with appreciation.

Qingfeng Li stood up and took back the chaotic force above his head.

With a smile, he said to the Conqueror, “Father, let’s go find Mother.”

The Conqueror nodded emotionally.

He and Qingfeng Li walked toward the center of Godly Dragon Continent and there was a huge palace named Godly Dragon Palace.

A beautiful woman was imprisoned in the Godly Dragon Palace.

The woman’s charming face overshadowed the sky and the world, and her snow-white skin was whiter than the top-grade jade; the red robe with phoenix patterns on her gorgeous figure made her look elegant and stately.

She was Fire Phoenix, Qingfeng Li’s mother and the Conqueror’s wife.

Qingfeng Li extended his finger and shattered the imprisonment array above the Godly Dragon Palace.

The Conqueror rushed into the palace before the others and tears flowed down his cheeks when he saw the beautiful woman.

It had been so many years since they were separated.

Elated, Fire Phoenix ran into the Conqueror’s arms with tears.

The Conqueror gestured to Qingfeng Li by his side and said, “Phoenix, this is our son Little Feng. He has become the Immortal King and has just killed Primordial Dragon Monarch.”

Fire Phoenix took Qingfeng Li’s hand with tears in her eyes and couldn’t believe what was happening before her.

When Fire Phoenix left, Qingfeng Li had been a toddler and in the blink of an eye, he had grown into a handsome young man and had even become the Immortal King.

Qingfeng Li talked with his parents for a long time, telling them how he had missed them.

It took him one day and one night to express his longing for them.

After becoming the Immortal King, Qingfeng Li didn’t forget his promise to Red Lotus Immortal Queen.

He launched the immoral Monarch superpower and opened the portal between the Immortal Realm and the Saint Realm before grabbing Yin Yang Planet into the Immortal Realm.

Red Lotus Immortal Queen looked at Qingfeng Li with gratitude, admiration and respect in her eyes.

She had not expected Qingfeng Li would become the Immortal King who suppressed the permanent world.

Red Lotus Immortal Queen was quite emotional, reaping the benefits for helping and rooting for Qingfeng Li in the Saint Realm.

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