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Chapter 2511 - Ruling the universe

Chapter 2511: Ruling the universe

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On the next day, the sun rose in the sky.

The warm sunshine spread all over the Immortal Realm and left golden light in each corner of the realm.

It was a new day.

After the Primordial Dragon Monarch’s death, the Godly Dragon Continent also turned into dust and vanished from the Immortal Realm.

Countless families, sects and almighty masters, ultimate Immortal Kings and unrivaled forefathers all over the Immortal Realm came to the outside of Godly Dragon Continent, wishing to see Qingfeng Li and congratulate the new Immortal King.

After killing Primordial Dragon Monarch, Qingfeng Li’s reputation swept across nine heavens and ten lands and overawed the universe.

Many ancient forces and powerful families that had been in existence ever since the Chaos Era and the Prehistoric Era also came to congratulate Qingfeng Li.

Some former subordinates of Primordial Dragon Monarch knelt at the door and kowtowed repeatedly, begging for Qingfeng Li’s forgiveness.

Seeing the people outside, the Conqueror asked, “Little Feng, what do we do with these people?”

Qingfeng Li smiled and said, “Father, you deal with them however you want. I’ll go to the South Territory Demon Continent and North Desolation Battling Continent to save Xue Lin, Ruyan Liu, Little Apple, and Mengyao Xu.”

He pointed his right forefinger at the void before him and instantly tore open the void.

His right foot stepped forward into the void and after one breath, he came to the southernmost of the Immortal Realm.

The moment he reached the South Territory, Qingfeng Li emitted his Immortal King presence.

Suppressed by the powerful Immortal King laws, all the demon beasts of the South Territory dropped to their knees and dared not to move.

South Territory Demon Monarch and Demon Empress walked out with pale faces and shaking bodies.

Not long ago, they had witnessed how Qingfeng Li had killed Primordial Dragon Monarch and refined Primordial Dragon Monarch’s strength into part of his own origin.

Wearing a green robe, South Territory Monarch was a middle-aged man with a tall and thin figure and a chiseled face, emitting an overwhelming demon presence.

As a half-step Immortal King, he was quite famous all over the South Territory of the Immortal Realm.

However, the powerful South Territory Demon Monarch bowed deferentially before Qingfeng Li in submission.

“Greetings to Your Majesty, Immortal King,” South Territory Demon Monarch said deferentially.

With a cold smile, QingfengLi looked at South Territory Demon Monarch and said, “Is it you who is imprisoning my wife Xue Lin, the Dog Ancestor, and the Snake Ancestor?”

Hearing his words, South Territory Demon Monarch dropped to his knees with fear and said, “Sir Immortal King, I have never made trouble for Xue Lin, the Dog Ancestor, and the Snake Ancestor. Instead, I’ve given them special treatments and you may ask your wife about it.”

He gave a signal to his wife with his eyes, and South Territory Demon Empress nodded and hurried into a nearby room to usher out Xue Lin, the Dog Ancestor, and the Snake Ancestor.

Joy appeared in Qingfeng Li’s eye when he saw Xue Lin.

Although he had become the Immortal King, his concern for Xue Lin remained the same.

He moved to Xue Lin’s side and asked in concern, “Honey, are you okay?”

Xue Lin nodded her head and said, “I’m fine. South Territory Demon Empress has been good to us.”

Qingfeng Li snorted and glanced at South Territory Demon Monarch, saying, “Out of the regard for your wife, today I won’t deal with you.”

South Territory Demon Monarch wiped off the cold sweat on his forehead and kowtowed to Qingfeng Li with respect.

He knew he was saved thanks to his wife. If he hadn’t asked his wife to befriend Xue Lin, he would probably have lost his head.

The Immortal King suppression released from Qingfeng Li was so strong that South Territory Demon Monarch hadn’t the slightest intention of rebellion.

He was sure that Qingfeng Li could kill him with only one finger.

“Let’s go to North Desolation Battling Continent to find Ruyan Liu, Mengyao Xue, and Little Apple.” Qingfeng Li tore open the void and left the South Territory Demon Continent instantly with Xue Lin, the Dog Ancestor, and the Snake Ancestor.

In the next moment, they came to the North Desolation Battling Continent.

The North Desolation Battling Continent originated in the Prehistoric Era of the Universe and one Immortal King had been born here.

Although the North Desolation Battling Continent was one trillion kilometers from the South Territory Demon Continent, they covered the distance in one breath under Qingfeng Li’s Laws of Immortal Dao.

The whole universe starry sky was in his control and he could reach anywhere at will.

When Qingfeng Li arrived at North Desolation Battling Continent, he frowned slightly.

He found that North Desolation Battling Monarch was crawling on the ground while Little Apple rode on his back like riding a horse, patting on him repeatedly.

Ruyan Liu and Mengyao Xue stood on the side and giggled.

If other self-cultivators in the Immortal Realm had seen this sight, they would have been shocked since North Desolation Battling Monarch was a famous half-step Immortal King.

However, he was now ridden by a little girl, which was something they had never heard before.

Qingfeng Li knew that North Desolation Battling Monarch did it to show his repentance.

He was afraid that Qingfeng Li would punish and kill him for imprisoning Ruyan Liu, Mengyao Xue, and Little Apple, which was why he acted as Little Apple’s mount.

“Dad, here you are!” Seeing Qingfeng Li, Little Apple was elated, and her cute little face was flushed with excitement, clapping her snow-white hands.

With a smile, Qingfeng Li walked forward and picked her up into his arms.

“Sir Immortal King, please forgive me for my previous ignorance,” kneeling on the ground, North Desolation Battling Monarch said deferentially.

With a calm expression, Qingfeng Li said lightly, “North Desolation Battling Monarch, since you would rather be my daughter’s mount, I’ll let you live today. Now get out of here!”

North Desolation Battling Monarch stood up and bowed respectfully before backing out.

He knew he would live and so would the whole North Desolation family.

When Qingfeng Li killed Primordial Dragon Monarch, North Desolation Battling Monarch had known that no one was Qingfeng Li’s match in the whole universe.

Ruyan Liu and Mengyao Xu looked at Qingfeng Li with adoration in their eyes.

After great hardships, their man was now standing at the top of the whole universe as the Immortal King, ruling nine heavens and ten lands, and suppressing all species of the universe.

Qingfeng Li returned to the Godly Dragon Continent with Ruyan Liu, Mengyao Xu, Little Apple, Xue Lin, the Dog Ancestor, and the Snake Ancestor.

The Conqueror and Fire Phoenix were very pleased to see their son and his women, and the Fire Phoenix especially doted on Little Apple.

Qingfeng Li became the Immortal King and stood on the very top of the universe.

Qingfeng Li became the Ruler of the universe.

All the realms of the universe came to show their submission.

Ruyan Liu came to Qingfeng Li’s side and said gently, “Qingfeng, you’ve become the Immortal King and can travel freely through Immortal Realm, Saint Realm, and the Earth. I want to go back to the Earth to visit Jiaojiao; it’s been a long time since I parted with them.”

By his side, Xue Lin also said, “Honey, I also want to go back to the Earth to see my parents and colleagues in the company.”

Qingfeng Li nodded and said, “Okay. I’ll take you back to the Earth.”

Pointing forward with his right forefinger, Qingfeng Li opened the portal between Immortal Realm, Saint Realm and the Earth.

As the Immortal King, Qingfeng Li could easily open the space boundary walls and travel freely all over the worlds.

Qingfeng flew swiftly in the universe with Xue Lin, Ruyan Liu, Mengyao Xu, and Little Apple and in the blink of an eye, they landed on the Earth.

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