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Chapter 2509 - Immortal King is Unrivaled

Chapter 2509: Immortal King is Unrivaled

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Looking at Qingfeng Li, Primordial Dragon Monarch said with cold killing intent, “You are extraordinary and it’s no wonder that you could get the Primitive Immortal King Origin. However, I shall kill you today even though you’ve become an Immortal King.”

Looking at Primordial Dragon Monarch quietly, Qingfeng Li beckoned to him with his right forefinger, saying, “Come and meet your death.”

Seeing Qingfeng Li’s act, all the people around them gasped.

They were astonished at Qingfeng Li’s complete contempt and condescension toward Primordial Dragon Monarch.

It must be noted that Primordial Dragon Monarch had been an Immortal King in the Prehistoric Era of the Universe, sweeping across the nine heavens and ten lands.

Although Primordial Dragon Monarch was an incarnation right now, his strength was unrivaled all over the world.

All the 3,000 Continents and some almighty forces turned their eyes this way to watch the duel.

The southern part of the Immortal Realm was the territory of the Demon Race.

At this moment, an ultimate demon monarch changed his expression slightly since he was startled by the powerful presences released from Qingfeng Li and Primordial Dragon Monarch.

Beside him was a beautiful middle-aged woman who was South Territory Demon Empress.

South Territory Demon Empress said, “Great Demon Monarch, you’ve imprisoned Xue Lin, the Dog Ancestor and the Snake Ancestor in the Demon Continent. They are close to Qingfeng Li. What if he kills Primordial Dragon Monarch and comes to make trouble for us?”

South Territory Demon Monarch said with a slight frown, “Demon Empress, you and Xue Lin are close. In the period when she is trapped in our Demon Continent, you’ve taken good care of her. You go and befriend her, otherwise we’ll be in trouble if Qingfeng Li wins the battle and blames us for the imprisonment.”

The northern part of the Immortal Realm was the territory of North Desolation Battling Monarch.

North Desolation Battling Monarch’s expression changed slightly, too, since he had imprisoned Ruyan Liu, Little Apple, and Mengyao Xu.

When Ruyan Liu, Little Apple and Mengyao Xu arrived, North Desolation Battling Monarch gained an interest in their bloodlines and imprisoned them.

He hadn’t known that they were so close to Qingfeng Li, the Immortal King.

North Desolation Battling Monarch frowned slightly with worry.

He ordered his daughter to send some food to Ruyan Liu to befriend her.

In the Godly Dragon Continent, Qingfeng Li and Primordial Dragon Monarch faced each other in the void while their presences grew continuously.

Qingfeng Li released all the Immortal King laws, Great Dao presence, and chaotic presence in his body, covering the sky and blocking the sunlight.

Naturally Primordial Dragon Monarch fought with his best, knowing that Qingfeng Li was extremely powerful after gaining the Primitive Immortal King’s Origin and that he himself must awaken the memories of his previous life to become an Immortal King.

Otherwise, he would have little chance of winning.

“Burn the essence blood, awaken the memories, and bring back my Immortal King original force!” Primordial Dragon Monarch yelled, burning the essence blood in his body and the ten thousand godly dragon bones around him.

The violent energy broke the restrictions set by time and space, as if the world had returned to the Prehistoric Era of the Universe.

Primordial Dragon Monarch began to transcend until he regained his full force as the Immortal King in the Prehistoric Era of the Universe.

Two Immortal Kings stood proudly in the world, shocking the nine heavens and ten lands.

The galaxies shook, constellations collapsed, and planets shattered, as if the universe would break in the next moment.

In theory, one universe era could have only one Immortal King.

However, Primordial Dragon Monarch was the incarnation of an Immortal King and had awakened the memories of his previous life with extreme transcendence.

Despite his great power, Primordial Dragon Monarch had only two hours to activate his Immortal King strength.

In two hours, he must kill Qingfeng Li. Otherwise he would be killed by Qingfeng Li.

This was a race against time and a battle of life and death.


Without a word, Primordial Dragon Monarch punched out the Nine Dragon Godly Fist which turned into a fist with nine great godly dragons coming from the permanent Prehistoric Era of the Universe through the Long River of Time.

“Fist Separates Sky from Earth!” Qingfeng Li yelled and used the Fist Separates Sky from Earth.

Behind him, true dragons, phoenixes, rocs, black tortoises, vermilion birds, and undead birds appeared one after another while all kinds of godly weapons, immortal herbs, and spirit herbs rose in the air.

A wave of chaotic presence engulfed the treasures, accentuating Qingfeng Li’s mystic appearance as if he had created all these godly beasts, godly weapons, and spirit herbs.

Qingfeng Li swung out a fist which dimmed the sky, the earth, time and space and shook the universe before crashing with the Nine Dragon Godly Fist.


A crack appeared in the space of the universe as if it would collapse in the next moment.

Qingfeng Li’s Fist Separates Sky from Earth and Nine Dragon Godly Fist were both Immortal King-grade techniques.

The collision of this grade created a force exceeding all the forces in the past.


Under everyone’s astonished eyes, Primordial Dragon Monarch retreated one step with a trickle of blood oozing from one corner of his mouth while his nine great godly dragon fist was shattered.

“It’s astonishing that Primordial Dragon Monarch has retreated one step. He has transcended to his limit and became an Immortal King.”

“Didn’t you see that Qingfeng Li has evolved the fist technique that can separate the sky from the earth, which is a rarity in the whole history?”

“Despite his great power, Primordia Dragon Monarch comes from the godly dragon clan and is inferior to power that separates the sky from the earth in the chaos.”

The surrounding people talked among themselves animatedly and saw the difference.

Qingfeng Li had reached the realm of creating the world.

Everything was in his hands.

The universe was at his feet.

Qingfeng Li smiled faintly and said, “Primordial Dragon Monarch, you should be proud of yourself that you are still alive after blocking my Fist Separates Sky from Earth, which was a feat that will make you famous in the history.”

Primordial Dragon Monarch was furious, thinking Qingfeng Li was insulting him.

In fact, Qingfeng Li was just telling the truth.

Primordial Dragon King, Wutian Di and Demon God of Chaos were all exploded by Qingfeng Li, however, Primordial Dragon Monarch was only forced back with a slight wound by Qingfeng Li’s Fist Separates Sky from Earth, showing Primordial Dragon Monarch’s great force after his transcendence to the Immortal King.

This time, Qingfeng Li attacked first. Launching Immortal Roc Spreading Wings, he transformed into the godly beast Kun Roc which flew up and came before Primordial Dragon Monarch.

He stepped down as if he would pierce a huge hole in Hell.

Seeing his step, Primordial Dragon Monarch let out a furious roar, thinking it was a humiliation to the godly dragon clan, which was something that no one had ever dared do to him before.

Primordial Dragon Monarch raised his head and yelled before turning into a huge long dragon whose trillions of meters of length lay across the whole Immortal Realm from the east to the west.

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