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Chapter 2505 - Becoming the Immortal King

Chapter 2505: Becoming the Immortal King

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Qingfeng Li knew that he could only understand the Immortal King laws after his body was shattered into pieces.

After all, the Immortal King laws were totally different from the Immortal laws, containing the tremendous force of ultimate transcendence.

Sitting down cross-legged, Qingfeng Li emitted a chaotic luster.

His body was surrounded by 99 light beams since the number of nine represented the ultimate realm in the world of self-cultivators.

The Way that can be told of is not an unvarying way. The names that can be named are not the unvarying names.

The Way bears sensation; sensation bears memory; sensation and memory bear abstraction; and abstraction bears all the world…

True dragons, phoenixes, vermilion birds, black tortoises, white tigers, peacocks, rocs, Qiqiong, Taotie, undead birds and all kinds of other godly beasts and fierce beasts appeared behind Qingfeng Li.

Meanwhile, all kinds of immortal devices such as the Sky Opening Axe, God List, Immortal Killing Sword, Immortal Refining Pot, Thirty-three Sky Array Map, Godly Elixirs, Undead Spring, Immortal Peach Tree, Chaotic Spirit Fruit, Longevity Immortal Fruit, immortal elixirs, spirit herbs appeared one after another.

His whole body was surrounded by the visions which appeared after chaos was separated into the sky and the earth.

Qingfeng Li carefully understood the 3,000 Great Dao including human’s Great Dao; vital elements including gold, wood, water, fire and earth; essence qi; spirit qi, immortal qi and chaotic qi.

There were also natural elements such as light, darkness, wind, rain, thunder, lightning, lava, lakes, high mountains, and ocean besides sabers, spears, clubs, and cudgels.

A sword could gain spirit and turn into human shape, so did a saber and a piece of grass.

All kinds of Dao visions overlapped each other while they appeared in the air above his head, and he understood them with care.

It was a rare opportunity that most cultivators wouldn’t have for their whole lives, but it fell into Qingfeng Li’s hands.

To become an Immortal King, he must first understand the Dao of the 3,000 Continents in the Immortal Realm.

Dao was the laws, orders, and the ultimate ruling.

Qingfeng Li had been very familiar with the 3,000 Great Dao and now he was understanding them.

Like an erupting volcano, Primordial Dragon King was burning with fury, not able to accept the fact that Qingfeng Li would become the Immortal King.

He knew that once Qingfeng Li succeeded, he would surely die.

Repeatedly, Primordial Dragon King whipped out Nine Dragon Godly Paws which tore open time and space and crashed toward Qingfeng Li, but they were all bounced back by the 3,000 Great Dao above Qingfeng Li’s head.

Now that Qingfeng Li had gained the initial understanding of the Primitive Immortal King’s original force, Primordial Dragon King could no longer deal with him.

In another direction, Demon God of Chaos and Wutian Di were also astonished at this sight.

At the risk of being hurt, they launched Chaotic Devil Palm toward Qingfeng Li, trying to stop him from understanding completely the Primitive Origin, otherwise they would surely die.

Demon God of Chaos was extremely powerful, and he had been able to rival with Primitive Immoral Monarch in the distant Chaos Era.

Under his palm attack, the 3,000 Dao above Qingfeng Li’s head instantly shook slightly.

Peacock Demon Empress said, “Demon God of Chaos, you are courting death.”

She launched five-colored godly light which was the permanent light in the world and instantly it imprisoned Demon God of Chaos’s palm.

Peacock Demon Empress took out a peacock feather of five colors and its power overawed the whole universe.

The peacock feather swept across the starry sky with radiant light, cutting off Demon God of Chaos’s palm instantly.


Demon God of Chaos let out a scream of pain and retreated, not able to attack Qingfeng again.

He channeled the chaotic devil energy in his body to heal his broken palm.

Shortly, a new palm grew out.

At his realm, Demon God of Chaos could grow a new body with a drop of blood even if his physical body was shattered. He would die only when both his physical body and soul were shattered into ashes.

However, Peacock Demon Empress obviously couldn’t accomplish that and the most she could do was wound him.

A trickle of blood spilled from one corner of Qingfeng Li’s mouth, showing that he had been wounded by the attack from Demon God of Chaos.

In the next moment, Qingfeng Li was startled when he felt Wutian Di attacked him from behind.

As the half-step Immortal King of the Mutated Race, Wutian Di was very powerful.

Different from other self-cultivators, he broke the void with three heads and six arms and crashed the 3,000 Great Dao above Qingfeng Li’s head, making them shake slightly.

No to be overshadowed, Primordial Dragon King took the advantage of Qingfeng Li’s wound and launched Nine Dragon Godly Claws which shattered the Long River of Time and crashed toward Qingfeng Li repeatedly.

Although he was attacked from the front and back, Qingfeng Li couldn’t move a muscle and had to take the blows passively.

He sat there cross-legged in the critical moment of refining the Immortal King Origin and one mistake would plunge him into Qi Deviation.

The more dangerous the situation was, the calmer he must be.

He sat there cross-legged with a pure mind without a trace of desire.

3,000 Continents and 3,000 Great Dao of the Immortal Realm floated up and down in the air above his head.

In the end, 3,000 Great Dao disappeared, and chaotic presence showed up.

It was the universe of chaos, the world before the sky was separated from the earth.

Qingfeng Li was demonstrating the evolution of the universe and how everything came into being in the world.

When the universe of chaos appeared, the sky and the earth were vast and desolate with nothing in it.

There was no sky, earth, the Sun, the Moon, stars, rivers, lakes, lava, mountains, humans, demon beasts or plants; there was nothing.

However, the chaotic presence was more powerful than ever, the only thing in the universe.

Wutian Di and Primordial Dragon King were still attacking Qingfeng Li’s head without stop, but all their efforts were in vain.

It was the universe of chaos with the permanent and complicated meaning and none of their attacks could touch it.

Qingfeng Li was creating the world from the beginning of the universe of chaos.

Suddenly, he understood and took a godly axe, the Sky Opening Axe, cutting the universe of chaos into two halves.

He stood there with his head touching the sky and his feet stepping on the ground.

Then he picked up some yellow mud from the ground and began to make humans.

In the end, he created the Sun, the Moon, stars, humans, demon beasts, flowers, and other plants, gold, wood, water, fire, earth, light, and darkness, etc.

The shadow of Qingfeng Li created the present universe from the universe of chaos.

He opened his eyes and his left eye had a chaotic world in it while his right eye showed the current universe.

He was the sky.

He was the earth.

His majestic figure looked arrogantly down on the past, present, and future, and overawed the heaven.

Qingfeng Li had completely understood the Immortal King Origin and mastered the strength of laws coming from Primitive Immortal King, the No.1 human Immortal King after the creation of the world, becoming an Immortal King.

Becoming an immoral Monarch was the dream of countless self-cultivators, and now Qingfeng Li had realized the dream and gained the power to suppress 3,000 Continents of the Immortal Realm.

Standing up, Qingfeng Li emitted overwhelming energy, shaking the whole universe.

He had a feeling that if he wanted, he could destroy the universe at any time. Of course, this was the place where he lived, and he wouldn’t destroy it.

Qingfeng Li looked at Primordial Dragon King, Demon God of Chaos and Wutian Di as if they were ants.

For the Immortal King, everyone else was an ant.

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