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Chapter 2504 - Immortal King Origin

Chapter 2504: Immortal King Origin

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Outside on the Immortal King Mountain, only Shenxiu Zhong, Ling’er Ji, and Treasure-Seeking Mouse were left standing there in a daze.

With a shift of his body, Qingfeng Li came into a miraculous world.

There were large expanses of immortal flowers, as well as countless immortal and godly herbs while chaotic presence permeated the air and Great Dao Laws floated everywhere.

In the Coffin of Chaos was a beautiful world with fragrant grass and celestial presence.

Qingfeng Li was astonished because he had thought the coffin would contain Primitive Immortal King’s body. However, he found a small world in here.

In the next moment, Qingfeng Li’s eyes lit up, knowing that this small world must have been made and sealed by Primitive Immortal King himself. It was equivalent to a small universe.

One had to admire the extremely great power of Primitive Immortal King as the No.1 Immortal King in history.

He suppressed dark rebellions, fought extraterrestrial gods, and destroyed countless enemies, each of his feats shaking the sky and the earth and overawing the universe.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

In the next moment, Primordial Dragon King, Demon God of Chaos, Peacock Demon Empress, Wutian Di, and Longevity Immortal King had also rushed in.

Seeing the scene inside the coffin, everyone’s expression changed.

As half-step Immortal Kings, they certainly knew what the sight meant.

It was a small universe, a feat only the Primitive Immortal King, the No.1 powerful Immortal King, could accomplish.

Everyone was astonished at the great power of Primitive Immortal King and understood why he was called the most talented Immortal King of all time.

Suddenly, Qingfeng Li’s eyes turned grim since he saw a high mountain in the Coffin of Chaos.

At the top of the mountain, an original force was pulsating.

With three chaotic characters “Immortal King Origin” written on it, the original force emitted lights of 99 colors representing 99 Great Daos.

It was the original force left by Primitive Immortal King after he died here.

Whoever could inherit it would become the next most powerful Immortal King.

Elation appeared in Qingfeng Li’s eyes. Launching Immortal Roc Spreading Wings, he turned into a tornado rushing toward the Immortal King’s origin.

Not to be left behind, Primordial Dragon King also rushed over.

Demon God of Chaos and Wutian Di also tried to rush over, but they were stopped by Peacock Demon Empress and Longevity Immortal King, which infuriated them greatly, but they couldn’t do anything about it.

After all, Peacock Demon Empress and Longevity Immortal King were too powerful for them; as great masters in the Chaos Era of the Universe, they had lived for 100 million years and their cultivation strengths were even greater than before.

Blocked by them, Demon God of Chaos and Wutian Di couldn’t get through to the coffin for the time being.

Qingfeng Li knew he must take the opportunity to take the Immortal King Origin.

“Nine Dragons Lying Across Sky; Nine Dragon Pearls.” Primordial Dragon King yelled and activated the nine godly dragons behind him, making them spit out nine dragon pearls.

Each as big as a fist, the nine dragon pearls emitted powerful godly dragon suppressions and shot nine light beams toward Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li’s expression changed drastically, knowing that the dragon pearls were the essence of the godly dragons and he would undoubtedly die if he was shot by the lights released from the dragon pearls which contained powerful energy.

Without hesitation, Qingfeng Li took out the God List and tossed it out.

As the ultimate treasure made by Primitive Immortal King, the God List contained the presence which could seal gods and suppress the ultimate sky and the earth.

The moment the God List appeared, it battled with nine dragon pearls in the sky, breaking the time and the space.

Qingfeng Li took the opportunity to fly forward.

Behind him, Primordial Dragon King shouted in fury at the sight.

He had thought he would be unrivaled after refining the nine godly dragons’ origins, but he hadn’t expected Qingfeng Li had acquired the legendary God List, which could block his nine godly dragons.

Not willing to admit defeat, Primordial Dragon King transformed into a flash and dashed forward instantly.

Quick as a lightning flash, he reached Qingfeng Li instantly like a light beam.

Primordial Dragon King whipped out his Nine Dragon Godly Claws which tore open the void and clawed toward Qingfeng Li’s back with vicious force.

Without turning his head, Qingfeng Li launched Primitive Fist which crashed with the dragon claw coming from behind.

Meanwhile, he launched Immortal Roc Spreading Wings and turned into the godly beast Roc, dashing toward the Immortal King Origin.

Riding on the force released from Primordial Dragon King’s dragon claw, Qingfeng Li leapt up into the air and transformed into an immortal light, coming before the Immortal King Origin instantly.


He reached out and grabbed the Immortal King Origin and the tremendous Immortal King Origin instantly entered his palm.

In the next moment, he felt an overwhelming force including the Immortal King laws, Immortal King understanding, and Immortal King Strength, which was tens of thousands of times greater than his own strength.

When this boundless force rushed into Qingfeng Li, his body was unable to withstand it and his skin, muscles, meridians and bones cracked.

At this critical moment, Qingfeng Li suppressed the acute pains in his body and circulated the Primitive Immortal Scroll.

Containing the energy of the newly-born universe and the reviving world, the Primitive Immortal Scroll released chaotic presence as soon as it was activated, neutralizing the violent energy in the Immortal King Origin.

Meanwhile, the Immortal King laws in the origin also entered the depth of Qingfeng Li’s mind and he began to understand them carefully.

Behind him, Primordial Dragon King was livid with rage.

He hadn’t expected that his dragon claw attack would help Qingfeng Li, otherwise Qingfeng Li wouldn’t have reached the Immortal King Origin so quickly.

Not willing to admit defeat, Primordial Dragon King flew up abruptly and once again launched powerful dragon claws which tore open the void and shot toward Qingfeng Li’s head.


The Immortal King Origin in Qingfeng Li’s body emitted a surge of Immortal King presence which bounced back Primordial Dragon King’s dragon claws.

Now, Qingfeng Li and the Immortal King Origin had merged into one unity.

In fact, when Qingfeng Li entered the Coffin of Chaos, Immortal King Origin had noticed him, which was why he could acquire it so easily; if it had been someone else, he wouldn’t be able to get the Immortal King Origin with such ease.

Having cultivated Primitive Immortal Scroll and Primitive Fist and equipped with physique of chaos, Qingfeng Li had already partly inherited from Primitive Immortal King.

His skin, muscles, meridians, internal organs, and immortal core were all shattering into pieces.

Painful! Painful! Painful!

Excruciatingly painful!

Qingfeng Li felt as if his body was cut into pieces, bringing him excruciating pains.

Despite the great pains in his body, Qingfeng Li gritted his teeth and endured.

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