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Chapter 2503 - Coffin of Chaos

Chapter 2503: Coffin of Chaos

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The self-cultivators at the hillside of Immortal King Mountain were not so lucky and exploded into a bloody mist by the battle energy released from Qingfeng Li and the Primordial Dragon King.

Instantly, all the Immortal King Realm self-cultivators let out pathetic screams with horror in their eyes.

No longer caring for the Primitive Immortal Scroll, they turned to run down the mountain.

Qingfeng Li and the Primordial Dragon King’s strengths were so great that they felt like ants before elephants in front of these two men who could easily kill them.

“Pathetic! It was just pathetic! My senior brother was almost upon the mountain top when he was killed by Primordia Dragon King’s nine dragon godly claws.”

“My senior sister was also pathetic. She was the No.1 genius and master in our family with a strength greater than even our ancestor and was called an ultimate genius in the last one million years. However, the violent energy from Qingfeng Li’s fist technique instantly shattered her into blood mist.”

“I won’t fight for the Primitive Immortal King Origin any more. Qingfeng Li and Primordial Dragon King are evil devils.”

The nearby self-cultivators talked among themselves with fear in their eyes while they fled from the Immortal Primordial Mountain.

The battle between Qingfeng Li and Primordial Dragon King was so fierce that they shattered the sky and the earth, exploded the planets and broke the universe galaxies.

Self-cultivators from countless planets could see the battle between Qingfeng Li and Primordial Dragon King.

It was because they stood on the top of the Immortal King Mountain, a place above all the planets of the universe.

Hundreds of billions of self-cultivators from tens of millions of planets in the Universe Saint Realm including the Crimson Fire Continent were watching the strange vision above their heads.

In the distant depth of the universe, Qingfeng Li was battling nine godly dragons.

Monarch of Lingyun watched the sight with excitement with his empress and officials on the high platform in the royal palace.

“Do you see that? It’s our Ruler who is battling godly dragons in the Immortal Realm.”

“Our Ruler is so powerful that he is battling nine godly dragons all by himself.”

“I knew that our Ruler is unrivalled all over the world, no matter it is the Saint Realm or the Immortal Realm.”

All the self-cultivators on the Crimson Fire Continent knelt on the ground kowtowing and praying with admiration on their faces, hoping their Ruler, Qingfeng Li, would win.

With excitement on his face, Monarch of Lingyun also knelt. Although he had become the highest ruler and the Monarch of the whole Crimson Fire Continent, he was like a fragile infant in front of Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li had left an awesome reputation in the Universe Saint Realm and now trillions of self-cultivators on the tens of millions of planets watched the strange vison above their heads speechlessly, with complicated emotions on their faces.

Both his enemies and his friends had to admit that Qingfeng Li’s great power had exceeded their expectations.

Godly dragons were legendary existences and each of them had ruled the sky and the earth, overawed the desolation area of the universes, swept across nine heavens and ten lands, and suppressed past, present, and future.

However, Qingfeng Li showed no sign of disadvantage while he battled nine godly dragons

In the sky above the Immortal King Mountain, the battle between Qingfeng Li and Primordial Dragon King had reached a white-hot state.

Behind Primordial Dragon King, nine godly dragons lay across the sky, swallowing and spitting out the Sun, the Moon and the universe essence while releasing chilling luster.

The dragons were so huge that they lay across the whole universe while the powerful presence their dragon scales emitted collapsed the universe void and their dragon horns pierced the sky and the earth.

Each time Primordial Dragon King whipped up the dragon claws, they tore open the Long River of Time and shook the ultimate sky and the earth.

Not to be overshadowed, Qingfeng Li launched his Primitive Fist, twelve-colored godly flame, Yin and Yang Immortal Light, each of which was a legendary technique and the great power of them shattered the whole sky and the earth.

The large amounts of chaotic presence in the Primitive Mountains provided continuous energy source to Qingfeng Li.

Although Qingfeng Li was half a realm lower than Primordial Dragon King, he broke even with his rival, which was a great feat.

If Qingfeng Li had been a half-step Immortal King, he would have killed Primordial Dragon King long ago.

Their fight took them from the sky to the underground, and then to the sky again before they came to the depth of the universe.

Countless planets were shattered by them while countless galaxies collapsed, causing pathetic screams all over the universe.

Wherever they went, immortals dodged them and even the Immortal Kings fled from them like homeless dogs, not even daring to glance at them.

While they fought, they got close to the Coffin of Chaos unconsciously.

While they fought, Primordial Dragon King turned abruptly and reached one of his dragon claws toward the Coffin of Chaos.

He tried to grab the Primitive Immortal King Origin to increase his power and then kill Qingfeng Li with one attack.

He had found that he couldn’t kill Qingfeng Li even though he had launched Nine Dragons Lying Across the Sky because Qingfeng Li had mastered the Primitive Fist and understood the true meaning of the Primitive Immortal Scroll.

Qingfeng Li sneered and said, “Did you ask me first before you try to grab the Primitive Immortal King Origin?”

Launching Immortal Roc Spreading Wings, Qingfeng Li flew up like a Roc and traveled horizontally 108,000 miles in the blink of an eye.

Traveling from one edge of the universe to the other, Qingfeng Li came to the side of the Coffin of Chaos instantly.

He swung out one punch and shattered Primordial Dragon King’s dragon claw.

Without hesitation, he released chaotic light.

From the bottom of his heart, one voice beckoned to him, “Go in! Go in!”

The Coffin of Chaos released a chaotic light that engulfed him and sucked him inside.

Behind him, Primordial Dragon King let out a furious roar, knowing he couldn’t afford to allow Qingfeng Li to get the original force in the Coffin of Chaos, otherwise he would surely die.

Primordial Dragon King and his nine godly dragons transformed into a golden light beam dashing into the Coffin of Chaos.

In the other direction, Demon God of Chaos and Wutian Di saw this sight and their expressions changed.

They had come here to acquire the Primitive Immortal King Origin, which was the key that could help them reach the Immortal King Realm. They certainly wouldn’t allow Qingfeng Li or Primordial Dragon King to get it.

Their bodies shifted and transformed into flashes of light, rushing into the Coffin of Chaos instantly.

Peacock Demon Empress’s eyes turned cold and she followed them into the coffin, with the aim of protecting Qingfeng Li.

Longevity Immortal King also turned into a traveling beam and entered the Coffin of Chaos.

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