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Chapter 2502 - Nine Dragons Lying Across the Sky

Chapter 2502: Nine Dragons Lying Across the Sky

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The Demon God of Chaos yelled and threw a Demon God Fist toward Peacock Demon Empress.

The earth-shaking battle between them destroyed the surrounding starry sky, and even the Milky Way Universe and the neighboring universes became unstable under the violent energy fluctuations.

Watching the battle between Peacock Demon Empress and Demon God of Chaos, Qingfeng Li was stunned.

The battle of this scale had exceeded his imagination and Qingfeng Li’s current strength was absolutely no match for either of them.

Qingfeng Li felt fortunate that Peacock Demon Empress had shown up in time, otherwise he would be in great disadvantage battling Demon God of Chaos.

Suddenly, he felt a surge of intense killing intent shooting toward him.

The killing intent was so powerful that it spilt the whole void.

Qingfeng Li turned his head sharply and saw it was Primordial Dragon King who directed the killing intent toward him.

Meanwhile, Primordial Dragon King stood up from the ground. The golden-dragon robe he wore was made with ancient godly dragon skin and patterns of five-clawed golden dragons danced on the robe.

Behind his head, nine godly dragon shadows rose, swallowing the Sun, the Moon, the starry light and the essence between the sky and the earth, while the chaotic presence permeated in the air.

The presence of half-step Immortal King Realm emitted from Primordial Dragon King, shaking the universe starry sky and the Long River of Time.

“Qingfeng Li, today I shall destroy you. Your father the Conquer killed many masters of our Godly Dragon Continent and I’ll offer them your head as a sacrifice.” Primordial Dragon King walked toward Qingfeng Li.

With each step he took, one planet in the universe shattered while the energy contained in the planet was swallowed by the nine godly dragons.

Although they were on the top of the Immortal King Mountain, the universe laws, Great Dao orders retreated, not able to withstand the great power released from his body.

The current Primordial Dragon King was undoubtedly on of the most powerful masters in the Immortal Realm.

Glancing at Ling’er Ji and Treasure-Seeking Mouse, Qingfeng Li said, “Retreat or you will get hurt. I’ll go and deal with Primordial Dragon King.”

Ling’er Ji said, “Senior Brother, be careful. Primordial Dragon King has nine dragons lying across the sky and each of them is extremely powerful.”

Treasure-Seeking Mouse also reminded him in a low voice, “To defeat Primordial Dragon King, you must destroy the nine godly dragons behind him. But those nine godly dragons are all existences that can sweep across the universe and they were Rulers of the world in the Chaos Era of the universe.”

Qingfeng Li nodded since he had seen the great power of the nine dragons lying across the sky with his Clairvoyance ability.

With their half-step Immortal King Realm powers, the nine godly dragons were extremely powerful even though they were dead with only their original forces left.

Qingfeng Li would face Primordial Dragon King and nine godly dragons, which were equivalent to ten half-step Immortal Kings.

Longevity Immortal King said, “Qingfeng Li, I’ll help you deal with him.”

At this moment, a chilling voice came from the universe void, “Longevity Immortal King, your opponent is me.”

A middle-aged man with three heads, six arms and six eyes walked out from the void.

The moment the man appeared, the sky and the earth shook, and the talisman scripts of order went into confusion, as if they didn’t acknowledge him.

The man looked so weird that everyone could see he had mutated genes.

With a frown, Longevity Immortal King said, “Wutian Di, are you still alive?”

Qingfeng Li was astonished when he heard that the man with three heads and six arms were Wutian Di.

In the Chaos Era of the Universe, there had been a great upheaval among humans.

They had an argument about the direction of evolution and finally, a man called Wutian Di led one group of humans toward another direction of evolution.

According to the legends, he was a powerful half-step Immortal King who had swept across the world unrivaled.

However, it’s said that in the distant Chaos Era, Primitive Immortal King had killed the Wutian Di, which was why people were surprised to see he was still alive.

Wutian Di laughed and said, “Longevity Immortal King, you can reincarnate, and so can I. Today we must settle the old accounts. After all, without your help to Primitive Immortal King, I wouldn’t have died so early.”

Longevity Immortal King turned to look at Qingfeng Li and said, “Wutian Di is extremely powerful and evil with mutated superpowers. You must have seen the Mutated Race when you were in the desolation area of the universe and know their power. I must deal with Monarch of No Name and you have to deal with Primordial Dragon King all by yourself.”

Qingfeng Li nodded, knowing the unrivaled power of Monarch of No Name as soon as he appeared since even Chaotic Laws didn’t acknowledge him.

Qingfeng LI said, “Go ahead and deal with Monarch of No Name. I have ways to deal with Primordial Dragon King.”


Longevity Immortal King launched attack first and his palm broke time and space while it crashed toward Wutian Di.

Laughing, Wutian Di punched out and his six arms broke six planets from six directions, crashing toward Longevity Immortal King.

Since the suppression from the Immortal King Mountain top made it hard for them to fight, they instantly moved into the universe galaxy to continue their battle.

Primordial Dragon King said with intense killing intent, “Qingfeng Li, you are alone now. I’ll take your life.”

“Nine Dragon Godly Claw,” Primordial Dragon King yelled and whipped out his hand which transformed into nine huge dragon claws covered in dragon scales which could seal ancient times.

Tearing open the time, the space and planets with unstoppable force, the dragon claws came from the distant Chaos Era with misty presence and came before Qingfeng Li instantly.

Primitive Fist, twelve-colored godly flame, the Laws of Sword, Killing God Laws, Thunder Immortal Sword, Godly Dragon Fist, Ying and Yang Immortal Light, Conqueror’s finger—Qigfeng Li launched the most powerful attacks in his body.

He knew he couldn’t reserve any strength in front of Primordial Dragon King, otherwise he would be in mortal danger.

Each of his attacks was an extremely powerful technique between the sky and the earth.

Bang! Bang!

Nine huge sounds erupted while his nine techniques crashed with the nine dragon claws.

Instantly, the chaotic presence permeated the surrounding air, and the Great Dao laws collapsed while nine universe black holes appeared in the air above the Immortal King Mountain.

The black holes swallowed and spat out black light as if they would swallow everything in the world.

However, in the next moment, the black holes closed, obviously not able to swallow the extremely powerful battle energy released from the collision between Qingfeng Li and Primordial Dragon King.

In another direction, Treasure-Seeking Mouse and Ling’er Ji circulated the strengths in their bodies and formed a huge defense light shield while hugging a huge boulder on the mountain top tightly so the battle energy couldn’t blow them away.

These huge boulders were Rocksof Chaos. Otherwise, they would have been shattered long ago.

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