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Chapter 2501 - : Demon God of Chaos

Chapter 2501: Demon God of Chaos

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Deng! Deng! Deng! Deng!

Qingfeng Li retreated four steps before he regained his balance, feeling the stinging pain in his palm.

Although his Primitive Fist was unrivaled in his realm, Qingfeng Li was only at the pinnacle stage of Immortal King Realm while the Primordial Dragon King had reached the half-step Immortal King Realm.

Once a self-cultivator reached the Immortal King realm, he or she would no longer be a mortal.

If it had been another Immortal King Realm master who had been attacked, he would have been turned into blood mist by the attack from a half-step Immortal King Ream master.

Qingfeng Li had only retreated several steps, which was a sign of his great power.

“Well, Qingfeng Li, your fist technique is weird. It contains chaotic and primitive energy which blocked my Nine Dragon Godly Claw,” Primordial Dragon King exclaimed slightly with a trace of surprise in his eyes.

In the next moment, Primordial Dragon King’s pupils contracted and he said with a frown, “I know why I found your fist technique so familiar. I’ve seen your fist technique which is called Primitive Fist, the fist technique that Primitive Immortal King cultivated.

“Is it possible that you’ve acquired the inheritance of Primitive Immortal King and cultivated his scroll? It’s impossible since Primitive Immortal King’s chaotic coffin and his original force are all here under the guard of me and Demon God of Chaos and on one has got close to it.”

At this moment, Demon God of Chaos sneered, sending chills to people’s skin.

Demon God of Chaos said coldly, “Primordial Dragon King, you are called the No.1 master of the universe Immortal Realm and have swept across the world unrivaled, but you can’t even kill Qingfeng Li. Besides, your father Primordial Dragon Monarch is battling right now with the Conqueror.”

“To tell you the truth, Qingfeng Li is the Conqueror’s son. If you can’t even defeat the Conqueror’s son, you are really lame.”

Primordial Dragon King snorted with displeasure at Demon God of Chaos’s words and said, “Qingfeng Li cultivates the Primitive Fist which came from Primitive Immortal King who had swept across the nine heavens and ten lands. You may try a punch on him, and I guess you won’t be a match for him, either.”

A cold glint flashed in Demon God of Chaos’s eyes. In his left eye, the Sun fell, and in his right eye, the Moon sank.

Behind him, thousands of planets fell swiftly and turned into dust.

Demon God of Chaos abruptly reached out his palm which transformed into a heaven devil palm.

Under this devil palm, everything collapsed and vanished.

Everything was destroyed, including the light, the Sun, the Moon, stars, time, space, plants, demon beasts, animals, humans, rocks, high mountains, and lakes; he was the destroyer of everything.

Qingfeng Li’s expression changed drastically since he had sensed from the heaven devil palm a presence that could destroy everything.

He was about to block the palm when a melodious, crisp and cold voice came from the void near them, “Demon God of Chaos, you’re seeking your death by dealing with Qingfeng Li. Last time I destroyed your clone, yet you seem to have not learned your lesson.”

A snow-white crystal finger appeared in the universe void.

The finger crossed constellations, galaxies, stars and time and space, crashing onto the chaotic devil palm.

With a huge booming sound, the finger shattered the chaotic devil palm.

In the next moment, a beautiful and ultimately elegant and celestial woman wearing a white robe stepped out of the void and came to the top of Immortal King Mountain.

Standing there, she looked like a Ruler of the universe who controlled everything in the world including the time and the change of Great Dao.

Even the Immortal King Laws on the Immortal King Mountain couldn’t suppress her, and the chaotic presence didn’t dare to come close to her.

Qingfeng Li’s eyes lit up with elation. Just a moment ago, he had been worried when he saw Primordial Dragon King and Demon God of Chaos.

He knew that it was hard for him to deal with Primordial Dragon King, not to mention Demon God of Chaos.

Once the two men attacked him together, Qingfeng Li would surely die.

Now that Peacock Demon Empress showed up, he was naturally relieved.

Qingfeng Li had great confidence in Peacock Demon Empress.

According to the legends, as the unrivaled great Monarch in the Demon Realm, she had once reached the Immortal King Realm in the Chaos Era of the Universe.

Later she reincarnated and restarted her cultivation, but no one knew how far she had reached.

However, everyone knew that she was undoubtedly one of the most powerful Rulers in the universe.

Engulfed by devil presence, Demon God of Chaos emitted an overwhelming presence.

Behind him, countless fierce beasts, stars, the Moon and the Sun were falling and rising, showing his great fury.

Demon God of Chaos said furiously, “Peacock Demon Empress, I haven’t settled the accounts with you for your destruction of my clone yet. And now you’re here trying to stop me from killing Qingfeng Li. Do you really think I’m afraid of you?”

Peacock Demon Empress pointed her snow-white finger at Demon God of Chaos and said overbearingly, “Come and take your death.”

Demon God of Chaos was enraged. After all, he had swept across the universe unrivaled in the Chaos Era of the Universe and even Primitive Immortal King hadn’t been so bold as to slight him like this.

However, a mere woman held him in such contempt.

Demon God of Chaos stood up and his body was as tall as tens of millions of meters.

His head touched the boundary of the universe while his left foot was planted into the Hell and his right foot stepped into the Devil Realm.

He stepped a huge hole in the Hell, but the Hell King didn’t dare to make a complaint.

Hell King knew that the battle between masters above the half-step Immortal King Realm was beyond his control and any complaint would bring him misfortune or even destruction of the whole Hell.

Demon God of Chaos opened his mouth and swallowed 10,000 plants from the universe.

He swallowed all the energy, life, plants, demon beasts and races of people on the planets into his body and refined them into his violent energy which expanded his body to an even bigger size.

Pitiful screams rose in the universe while everyone dropped to their knees with fear, shivering all over, and some of them even lost consciousness.

Faced with Demon God of Chaos, a super devil from the Age of Mythology, all the self-cultivators turned pale and weak, feeling lower than ants since he could kill them at will.

A cold glint flashed in Peacock Demon Empress’s eyes and she said, “Demon God of Chaos, you have too much blood on your hands and I can’t spare you today.”

She took one step forward and the sky, the earth and time were instantly plunged into confusion while the chaotic laws around began to shatter.

She pointed out her finger which collapsed the sky and the earth, shattered time and space and destroyed everything in the world before coming to Demon God of Chaos’s side instantly.

Her finger was so powerful that even the universe starry sky shook under its force.

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