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Chapter 2506 - Everyone Below the Immortal King was an Ant to the Immortal King

Chapter 2506: Everyone Below the Immortal King was an Ant to the Immortal King

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Although they were in the Coffin of Chaos, Qingfeng Li emitted such a powerful Immortal King suppression that the Primordial Dragon King, Wutian Di shivered with a pale face under its force.

The Demon God of Chaos wasn’t faring any better.

In the Chaos Era, he could rival with Primitive Immortal King because the latter had been dealing with the extraterrestrial gods and didn’t launch his full force against him.

Otherwise, the Demon God of Chaos wouldn’t have lived until now.

Peacock Demon Empress and Longevity Immortal King’s eyes lit up.

Although they were also under the Immortal King suppression, they looked much happier, knowing Qingfeng Li had completely merged and understood the Immortal King Origin and reached the Immortal King Realm.

In front of the Immortal King, everyone was an ant.

Now Qingfeng Li was standing on the very top of the world of cultivators.

Life and death were decided all by his will.

With a wave of his right hand, he summoned the God List into his left hand.

Looking at Primordial Dragon King, Qingfeng Li said indifferently, “An Immortal King must be respected and anyone in front of the Immortal King is an ant. You dared to attack me, and today, I shall give you the gift of death.”

Primordial Dragon King laughed and said, “Qingfeng Li, you’ve just reached Immortal King Realm! I’ll see how powerful you’ve become. I don’t think you can give me the gift of death.”

“Nine Dragons Lying across the Sky; Dragons Swallowing Sky and Earth!” Primordial Dragon King yelled.

Maneuvering the nine godly dragon origins and his own superpower origin, he released ten huge dragon claws which tore open the chaotic presence and suppressed the whole space while they clawed toward Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng Li stood there calmly.

He was the sky and the earth.

He was the universe.

He was the Ruler.

He was everything in the world.

“Fist Separates Sky from Earth,” Qingfeng Li yelled and swung out his right fist.

His punch brought shivers to the universe.

Although they were in the world of the Coffin of Chaos, the whole Universe Immortal Realm, Universe Saint Realm and other universe lands including the Human Realm, Demon Realm, and Devil Realm all felt the vibration.

Violent energy surged into the Coffin of Chaos and was absorbed by Qingfeng Li who could freely use the force of the whole universe.

This fist technique was Fist Separated Sky from Earth which he had just understood after reaching the Immortal King Realm.

In the distant Chaos Era when the sky was still merged with the earth, Pangu had launched the Fist Separates Sky from Earth to keep the sky and the earth apart while he hacked them open with Sky Opening Axe.

When the Fist Separates Sky and Earth was punched out, the universe quaked, and the stars shivered; no one could describe how powerful this fist was.

Pale-faced, Primordial Dragon King couldn’t see anything in the world except this fist which flew toward him from the misty Chaos Era of the Universe.

It broke the time, the space, the universe, the Sun, the Moon, the stars and everything else in the world.

Boom! Boom!

Nine godly dragon origins and dragon pearls were shattered into blood mist which vanished between the sky and the earth.

Those were nine godly dragons, half-step Immortal King masters and the ultimate Rulers of the Chaos Era of the Universe.

However, now they died without resistance the moment Qingfeng Li’s Fist Separates Sky from Earth touched them.

Behind them, Demon God of Chaos, Wutian Di turned pale at the sight with eyes full of terror, having a deep understanding of Qingfeng Li’s unrivalled power.

“Ahh! No! I don’t want to die!” Primordial Dragon King let out a shrill scream.

Seeing the pathetic deaths of nine godly dragon origins, Primordial Dragon King knew it would be his fate, too, and screamed with regret.

However, everything he did was in vain.

Qingfeng Li always destroyed his enemies’ physical bodies and souls.


The moment his scream came out, his huge dragon body and soul exploded into blood mist.

A breeze blew away the blood mist with nothing left except Qingfeng Li who stood there quietly.

One punch.

He had killed Primordial Dragon King and nine godly dragon origins with one punch.

The battle force was so powerful that it shocked everyone, and even Peacock Demon Empress and Longevity Immortal King gasped.

Despite their unrivalled forces, they had felt a sense of fear when they saw Qingfeng Li’s Fist Separates Sky from Earth, as if they would die in the next moment.

Qingfeng Li turned and looked at Wutian Di, saying, “It’s your turn to die.”


To everyone’s astonishment, Wutian Di dropped to his knees before Qingfeng Li.

“Your Majesty, I know I was wrong. Please don’t kill me. It took me so many years and so much effort to reach the half-step Immortal King Realm,” Wutian Di wept out his words.

Peacock Demon Empress and Longevity Immortal King cast contemptuous looks at Wutian Di, thinking him a coward.

A self-cultivator must work against the natural rules.

A self-cultivator must die in dignity.

“Immortal King must be respected,” Qingfeng Li said the words calmly.

Immortal King had his dignity and anyone who showed no respect to him must die.

The expression of Wutian Di changed from one to another swiftly, knowing it was no use to ask for mercy.

With a furious roar, Wutian Di stood up abruptly with a distorted face, saying, “I’ll go full out with you.”

Activating the bloodline strength in his body, Wutian Di turned into a giant body as high as tens of millions of meters.

With his three heads and six arms, he plucked off the stars and planets from the sky and crashed them toward Qingfeng Li.

Terrifying presence permeated the world in the Coffin of Chaos as if it would pierce a huge hole in the world.

Qingfeng Li still stood there calmly with great dignity while Immortal King laws and chaotic presence floated around him.

He slowly lifted his right fist and once again launched Fist Separates Sky from Earth which shook the universe and shattered the sky and the earth while the time, the space and the Long River of Time were on the verge of destruction.


Unsurprisingly, Wutian Di exploded into blood mist and vanished in the air.

Although Wutian Di was a half-step Immortal King and the powerful chief of the Mutated Race with the great superpowers of three heads and six arms, he was fragile under Qingfeng Li’s Fist Separates Sky from Earth.


Demon God of Chaos turned into a black traveling light and tore open the space, trying to flee into the void.

Seeing Qngfeng Li killed Primordial Dragon King and Wutian Di with one punch, Demon God of Chaos was scared.

He knew that Qingfeng Li had truly mastered the deep meaning of the sky and the earth, and that his power, equivalent to that of the Primitive Immortal King, could sweep across nine heavens and ten lands unrivaled.

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