My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 249: Treating Xue Lin

Chapter 249: Treating Xue Lin

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When Qingfeng, who was carrying Xue Lin, arrived at the hospital, he found that there were a lot of people there already, forming an extremely long queue in front of him.

There were two places in Huaxia which would always have a lot of people queuing up. One was the train station and the other was the hospital.

Taking a look at Xue Lin’s pale complexion, Qingfeng eyes filled with regret. He looked up and saw that if he lined up, it would take at least a few hours. He could wait, but Xue Lin couldn't.

Just then, a young man dressed in a suit went straight to the office of a doctor wearing glasses to the side.

The doctor with glasses was a middle-aged, about 50 years old, pale-faced, balding man. He was the director of general medicine and was an expert in treating patients.

After seeing the young man, a smile covered the doctor’s face and he asked, "Young master Liu, why are you here?"

"I got a cold, can you check it out for me." Liu Hong faintly smiled and answered the doctor.

"Okay, I'll see you first." The doctor said with an appeasing expression.

Liu Hong was the hospital’s vice president’s son, so the doctor naturally had to please him. Later on, he may even get a promotion.

Seeing someone cutting in front of the line, Qingfeng Li, while carrying Xue Lin, started walking towards the Doctor, loudly saying, "Doctor, my wife fell unconscious. Prescribe some glucose and nutrition fluid, and give her an IV drip."

"Get out, who let you in? Go line up." Seeing Qingfeng holding Xue Lin come in, the doctor’s brow wrinkled and he immediately told him to go line up.

Qingfeng’s face changed and he coldly asked, "This guy wasn’t in line. Why are you making me line up?"

"Hmph, he is the son of our hospital’s vice president. You think you can compare to him? Hurry and go out." The doctor waved his hand and continued to drive Qingfeng out.

In the eyes of the doctor, the vice president's son was his target for flattery. You’re just a regular person, why are you cutting in line?

"I will say it once more. Prescribe glucose and nutrient fluids for my wife at once." Qingfeng’s face was gloomy, and his gaze towards the doctor was full of anger.

He knew that the doctor was ignoring and purposefully embarrassing him.

"What, you want to hit me?" Seeing Qingfeng’s demon-like gaze, the ends of the doctor's mouth slightly curved up in a mocking manner.

When the two were arguing, a beautiful woman in a white nurse's gown came in. Her face was bright, her skin was white, and her cherry lips were quite beautiful.

"What's going on here? What are you arguing about?" The nurse opened her mouth and asked.

"Yanran, why did you come?" Seeing this woman in a nurse uniform, the doctor’s facial expression changed, and he respectfully said.

The woman in front of them was not simple. She was named Yanran Zhao, although only a nurse, she is the daughter of the hospital president. She had just graduated, and is now interning in the hospital nurse department.

"Yanran, long time no see. You’ve become more beautiful again." Liu Hong walked over to Yanran Zhao with a cheerful face, smiled and said.

In his eyes, he really liked this woman. He had been pursuing her for a long time, and their positions were very well matched. One was the vice president’s son, and one was the president’s daughter.

Liu Hong had already thought it all out. As long as he married the president’s daughter, after the president retired, he would have a high chance at becoming the next president. Besides, Yanran Zhao was also a great beauty, being pleasing to look at.

Hearing Liu Hong’s words, Yanran Zhao’s eyebrows scrunched together slightly and a flash of dissatisfaction appeared in her eyes. In her eyes, this guy was very annoying. He would always be pestering her, causing her to be somewhat angry.

Suddenly, Yanran Zhao's eyes brightened because she saw an acquaintance. This person was not the others, it was Qingfeng.

Yanran Zhao remembered very clearly that when she participated in a banquet a previous few days ago, she had seen Qingfeng. At that time, the French tycoon Bernard, and the Danish Baron Smith, two people who were very respectable in the eyes of young people, even bowed to him.

Of course, Qingfeng’s reputation was noble. Yanran Zhao, worshiped his medical skills. When Liu Ruyan fell into unconscious shock due to her congenital heart disease, even she was powerless.

But the young man in front of her used Chinese medical techniques and treated her.

The young man's medical skills were very powerful, why would he come to the hospital? Yanran Zhao was very puzzled with a hint of doubt.

"Qingfeng Li, what are you doing here?" Yanran Zhao frowned slightly and ask.

At that time at the banquet dinner, she already learned that the young man was named Qingfeng Li. In regard to him, Yanran Zhao held a trace of worship in her heart.

"You are?" Qingfeng asked puzzled. He had forgotten who the woman was, but thought that she looked familiar.

Seeing Qingfeng’s expression, Yanran realized that he forgot her. This caused her to feel uncomfortable in her heart. Even though she was in the hospital, she was still the object of pursuit for a lot of people. There were many who tried to curry favor with her but the man in front of her even forgot she existed.

"My name is Yanran Zhao, we had met during the banquet." Yanran Zhao said, somewhat disappointed.

"Sorry, just now I was thinking about my wife's matter and did not see you clearly. You’re the First People's Hospital’s president Zhaoxu’s daughter. At that time, you were the one who said to save Liu Ruyan." Qingfeng gave a faint smile and said.

"You remember me." Yanran Zhao’s a face lit up and she said. Obviously, when the guy in front of her remembered her, she felt happy.

"Yes, of course I remember."

"Qingfeng Li, did you come to the hospital for something?"

"My wife fell into a coma because of hunger, and I wanted to get her some glucose and nutrient fluids, but this old doctor isn’t willing to help." Qingfeng pointed to the doctor next to him and said.

Hearing Qingfeng’s words, Yanran Zhao’s face changed. She quietly asked the doctor, "Why aren't you giving his wife the fluids?"

The doctor wiped the cold sweat off his forehead and nervously answered, "Miss Yanran, he didn’t line up. To get treatment, one has to line up."

"That Liu Hong also didn’t line up! Why are you treating him?" Yanran Zhao pointed at Liu Hong with a cold face and asked.

She had previously heard about this doctor’s corrupted medical ethics. Accepting bribes and sucking up to people, he had received many complaints from patients. However, due to the vice president’s protection, he had been living a comfortable life so far.

"This ..." The doctor opened his mouth but did not know what to say. He obviously couldn’t say, because Liu Hong is the vice president’s son, so he wanted to treat him first to curry favor. Wasn’t that just smacking his own face?

The doctor was silent which proved that what Qingfeng just said is true.

"Hmph, I'll deal with you later." Yanran Zhao, coldly snorting a sound, sent a dissatisfied glance at the doctor.

"Qingfeng, let’s go. I’ll personally go get your wife some fluids." Yanran Zhao walked in front of Qingfeng and said.

"Alright!" Qing Feng nodded, carried Xue Lin, and walked out with Yanran Zhao.

The face of this young guy is really big! The president's daughter is unexpectedly personally going to get his wife the fluids. The surrounding people all had faces full of amazement, and eyes full of envy.

As for the doctor wearing glasses next to them, his face was turning pale. If he had known earlier that Qingfeng and Yanran knew each other, he would have definitely helped treat his wife.

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