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Chapter 248: Red Butterfly Yip's Shock

Chapter 248: Red Butterfly Yip's Shock

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"Do you want to die?" Looking at the people in front of him, Qingfeng smiled with a sneer, as his body exuded a strong murderous spirit.

This murderous spirit was so strong that the people around him started to become pale and their bodies couldn’t help shaking.

They had the feeling that it was not a human being in front of them but a death god, a demon from hell. His blood-red eyes especially gave the people who saw them a thrill of fear and terror.

"Your Highness, the Wolf King, please stop." Red Butterfly Yip’s face turned pale and she asked loudly.

She knew the horror of the Wolf King. These people couldn’t be his opponents. Once they provoked the wrath of the Wolf King, they were to die undoubtedly. Those people in the villa were an example of what would happen if they did.

"Red Butterfly Yip, I need to go to the hospital. You drive me there. Get your men out of here." Qingfeng looked at her and said in a cold voice.

Red Butterfly Yip looked at her men and yelled at them, "Get out of my way right now, I'm taking the Wolf King to the hospital."

She walked quickly to the car, opened the door for him before driving away.

The people around were all shocked to see Captain Red Butterfly Yip’s actions and how much respect she gave to Qingfeng.

They all knew that their captain Red Butterfly Yip was not only a beauty, but also arrogant. She did not even take the mayor seriously. But now, she was acting as a driver for a young man.

As to the short-haired young man on the ground, he was staring with mouth wide open, as if a duck egg could be plugged into it.

He just wanted to show off in front of Red Butterfly Yip. The result now was he was beaten by Qingfeng and their captain was trying to please that guy. All of this happening had made him very embarrassed, leaving a burst of red on his face.

Inside the Audi car.

Red Butterfly Yip looked back at Qingfeng while she was driving the car. He looked very anxious and was massaging Xue Lin as he held her in his arms.

"Wolf Fang Highness, I am so sorry, I did not protect President Lin well." Red Butterfly Yip apologized to Qingfeng and really showed regret on her face.

Last time when Xue Lin was almost murdered by Poisonous spider, Red Butterfly Yip promised Qingfeng that she would protect her. But this time Xue Lin was hurt again.

As an outside circle Dragon Fang team’s captain at Eastern sea city, she felt she failed at her duty.

As everybody knew, Red Butterfly Yip had to go through levels of assessment and screening before she became a Dragon Fang team member. But now she made such a big mistake. She felt very bad in her mind.

"This is not your fault. It was the Tiger King kidnapped Xue Lin. You didn’t know where Tiger King had hidden, and you are not his opponents to begin with." Qingfeng talked to her with a light smile.

As a King, Qingfeng knew how strong the Tiger King was. The reason that he could kill him easily was because he was the number 1 of all the kings. The other regular Kings were not the Tiger king’s opponents at all.

To the Special Forces like Red Butterfly Yip or ordinary people, the Tiger King was an invincible existence. They couldn’t be his opponents.

Qingfeng was a person clear about what to love and what to hate, he could distinguish between right and wrong. The kidnapping had nothing to do with Red Butterfly Yip.

"Wolf King, do you mean President Xue Lin was kidnapped by the Tiger King?" Red Butterfly Yip was startled.

"Yes." Qingfeng nodded.

"Where is the Tiger King now?"

"Already dead, I have killed him."

"What did you say? The Tiger King was killed by you?" Red Butterfly Yip stopped the car by the roadside and asked with a shocked face.

Who was the Tiger King? That was the King of the Tiger continent, how could he be dead?

Red Butterfly Yip had received the order from the Dragon King to look for the Tiger King in Eastern Sea city. She had been searching around consistently, but had not found any clues. Now all of sudden, she heard of the death of the Tiger King, so she couldn’t be more shocked.

The news was more stunning than hearing about the death of the richest person in East Sea City.

Qingfeng frowned and said, "The Tiger King is dead. There’s nothing to be surprised. Let’s hurry to the hospital."

Hearing Qingfeng’s words, Red Butterfly Yip forced a smile. Only the Wolf King could talk in this way. The Tiger King was the king of the Tiger continent, But to Qingfeng, all he deserved was a sentence of death. From the dialogue just now, Red Butterfly Yip realized that the Wolf King was number 1 of all the kings. The others could not be his opponents.

Red Butterfly Yip suddenly remembered the words Dragon King told her not long ago. He said she could offend anyone in Eastern Sea except the Wolf King. Besides, that she must try her best to meet all of his requirements.


Red Butterfly Yip started the car and continued to drive them toward the hospital.

Although she drove the car smoothly, her mood was not peaceful. The thought of Tiger King's death was a burst of excitement.

"By the way, Red Butterfly Yip, I have a question. Since the Tiger King is in Eastern Sea, why didn’t the Dragon King come to take revenge?" Qingfeng frowned and asked her.

Because he knew that the Tiger King once broke a leg of the deputy captain of the Dragon Fang team, the hatred between the Dragon King and the Tiger King was very deep. There was no reason that the Dragon King didn’t come to East Sea when he knew the Tiger King showed up.

"Wolf Fang Highness, the Dragon King led the Dragon Fang team to the Amazon rainforest last month to perform a mission and has not come back yet." Red Butterfly Yip answered with a slight smile.

The Dragon King went to the Amazon rainforest in a mission?

Qingfeng looked surprised and then was suddenly enlightened. No wonder the Dragon King did not come to Eastern Sea, he was in the Amazon rainforest carrying out the mission.

The Amazon rainforest was not strange to Qingfeng. He also carried out tasks with his Wolf Fang team over there before and even got injured there.

The number of Qingfeng’s injuries was not high, but that time in the Amazon rainforest was very bad. He almost died.

The Amazon rainforest was a primeval forest, there were enormous poisonous insects and wild animals, even with dozen meters long pythons which liked to attack humans. Many people died inside the forest.

He knew that since the Dragon King had gone to the Amazon rainforest, it must be very dangerous. He would not come back soon.

20 minutes later, Red Butterfly Yip reached the first People's hospital and parked under the hospital building.

Qingfeng held the unconscious Xue Lin and got off the car.

"Wolf Fang Highness, would you like me to help?" Red Butterfly Yip asked.

"No. You can go to Chen's hot spring villa to gather the Tiger King’s body. And when Dragon King comes back from the Amazon rainforest, you can tell him that’s a gift for him from me." Qingfeng said.

"Thank you, Wolf Fang Highness, for killing the Tiger King." Red Butterfly Yip bowed and said gratefully.

"Oh well, I forgot to tell you. Besides the Tiger King, the Panther king and Rat king’s bodies are also over there in the villa too." Finished talking, Qingfeng carried Xue Lin and entered the hospital.

What? The Panther and Rat King were also killed? Red Butterfly Yip’s mouth was wide open, she was shocked.

Red Butterfly Yip knew exactly what the king meant. They represented the one with the highest strength of their respective continents. But now, the three great kings were all killed by Qingfeng. This showed that the Wolf King was more powerful than the three great kings.

"That is the real number 1 of the kings." Red Butterfly Yip gasped with admiration.

She used to hear the Dragon King mentioning that the Wolf King was very strong and must not offend him. Now she finally understood why she couldn’t offend him.

Thinking of the terror that was Qingfeng, Red Butterfly Yip couldn’t help a shiver. She was lucky to stop her men from attacking him. Otherwise, they might have become a pile of corpses now.

In the future, she must not offend the Wolf King at all, Red Butterfly Yip decided secretly in her mind.

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