My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 250: The Argument Inside the Ward

Chapter 250: The Argument Inside the Ward

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Yanran Zhao led Qingfeng Li to VIP double ward #3 . It was a luxurious ward with an LCD TV and a bathroom.

She originally wanted to arrange a VIP single room for Qingfeng, but that room had been booked by a high official. Although Yanran Zhao was the daughter of the president, she couldn’t just force that patient out since he was a government official.

Yanran Zhao was compelled to arrange Qingfeng Li to VIP double ward #3. Of course, this room was one of the best rooms in the hospital. It was usually only prepared for retired cadres or the directors in the hospital. As a senior official inpatient ward, it never welcomed normal people.

Obviously, Yanran Zhao gave Qingfeng Li some slack to arrange him with the best room. It had to be said that people with connections would have access to better service in today’s society. Having a good friend made everything much more convenient.

Qingfeng Li thought Yanran Zhao was a good girl, not only with a good face, but also knew how to be a fence rider. As the daughter of the president, she even prepared the ward for him by herself.

At the time, in the Number 3 room, there was a middle-aged lady lying on another bed. She was around forty, looked rich and was dressed in luxurious clothes.

Watching Qingfeng Li coming into the room, the lady frowned, a little dissatisfaction flashed over her eyes. She had just moved into this ward and wanted to live in the VIP single room but the hospital told her there was only the VIP double room left.

She told the nurse before, she wanted to be alone. How could they arrange other people to move in? She felt angry with this.

"Thank you." Seeing the VIP ward that Yanran Zhao prepared for him, Qingfeng Li thanked her.

He put Xue Lin’s body on the bed, took out his kit and applied acupuncture and moxibustion to her head, stimulating her nerves.

Just in a little while, Xue Lin woke up from the coma. Although she was awake, her body was still really weak. Qingfeng Li’s Chinese acupuncture could wake her up, but he could do nothing about the lake of nutrition.

"I’ve brought a glucose and nutrient solution. Let me give it to her." Yanran Zhao took two bottles of nutrient fluid from the nurse room and talked to Qingfeng Li.

"Okay, do what you need to do." Qingfeng Li nodded, took the needle out, and backed off to the side.

Yanran Zhao used cotton swabs to clean Xue Lin’s wrist, and pierced the needle into her vein.


The nutrient fluid flowed into Xue Lin’s body through the infusion tube.

Qingfeng Li was going to take the teapot to give Xue Lin a cup of water when he saw her lips were chapped.

"Wait, who allowed you to take that teapot?" The middle-aged lady that was lying on the other bed seemed resentful and asked coldly.

From hearing the words that lady said, Qingfeng Li felt unhappy. He replied lightly, "This teapot belongs to the hospital, but not you. Why can’t I use it?"

"It was prepared for me. I’m germophobic; I don’t like to share a teapot with others." The lady answered with a sneer.

Once Qingfeng Li walked into the room, she just felt uncomfortable with him. Now he wanted to use the teapot and this gave her an excuse to complain.

"Mrs. Wang, this teapot is public equipment. It’s used to provide water for all patients, including him."

People who could live in the VIP wards were usually very important. This lady was an eminent person. As the lady of the Wang Family, one of the four illustrious families in East Sea City, Yanran Zhao recognized her at the first sight.

"I have to tell you, Yanran Zhao, even it’s your father Xu Zhao standing here today, he would not have the courage to say that to me! This inpatient department building was built with my contribution, and now that I want this teapot, what’s the problem?" Mrs. Wang snorted.

During the time that the First People’s Hospital was building the inpatient department building, there was a lack of funds and they finally finished the work with the money that the Wang Family contributed. Therefore, she thought she had the right to order staff around for privileges.

"I appreciate your contribution to our hospital, but Mrs. Wang, this is not a reason for you to forcibly occupy the teapot." Although Mrs. Wang had a distinguished capacity, Yanran Zhao was not afraid of her.

"Yanran Zhao, don’t try to piss me off! Even if your father is the president, I still can find people to take his place!"

The Wang Family was one of the four illustrious families in East Sea City. They had a deep pocket of more than a billion Yuan, and even had a director of medical services who was a supervisor for all the hospitals and clinics. If Yanran Zhao really made her unhappy, she would get the family to settle it for her.

"She’s just a mad dog, why do you even care?" Qingfeng Li smiled and told Yanran Zhao to ignore Mrs. Wang.

"Who are you calling a mad dog? Do you know who I am?" Hearing the curse from Qingfeng Li, Mrs. Wang changed her face, shouted at Qingfeng Li loudly.

"Shut up. My wife needs to rest. You speak one more sentence, I will tear your mouth!" Qingfeng Li gave her the cold shoulder and stared at her fiercely to get her to shut up.

Xue Lin needed to take a rest. This woman just couldn’t stop talking, so annoying!

Meeting his fierce eyes, Mrs. Wang was frightened. She didn’t shout anymore cause she felt a sudden feeling from him, which made her scared, though she was still angry inside.

"Who am I? I am Mrs. Wang! How dare this peasant scold me!" She couldn’t just swallow that up.

Mrs. Wang took out her cellphone and texted her son secretly to get him to avenge her.

Since Mrs. Wang didn’t say anything more, Qingfeng Li just ignored her. He poured Xue Lin a glass of water, and fed her carefully.

Saw how carefully Qingfeng Li tended Xue Lin, Yanran Zhao could not help herself feeling a little bit envious.

With the nutrient solution, Xue Lin’s face became ruddy again, and her body gradually gained strength after getting nourishment.

While Qingfeng Li was feeding Xue Lin water, he kept talking with her to distract her attention. Xue Lin had been kidnapped for two days. Not only was her body weak, she was also tense. Qingfeng Li tried to keep her away from thinking about being kidnapped before by talking to her.


Just at the moment, a pale young man opened the door of the ward and strode in.

"Mom, you texted me that someone swore at you. Just tell me who that guy is, I will punch him out for you." His voice got into the room as he entered the ward.

He was in the nurse room that was right next to the ward. He was molesting a nurse when he got the message from his mom. It made him really angry when he saw that his mom was cursed at by someone, so he came to the ward right away.

"It’s him Kai! You must avenge me and teach him severely." Mrs. Wang became really happy when she saw her son coming.

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