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Chapter 245: Rescuing Xue Lin

Chapter 245: Rescuing Xue Lin

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Xue Lin would be screwed in thirty seconds, which really made Qingfeng Li panic.

Damn Tiger King, how could he have set up a timer. Qingfeng Li wished that the Tiger King were alive now, so that he could kill him one more time.

As the top leader of all the kings, Qingfeng Li was the most powerful king. He could kill anyone else with ease, but he was still afraid of things like explosive, which could totally go beyond a human being’s control, especially when his wife got involved.

He would live with guilt the rest of his life if Xue Lin died because of him. He would rather be dead than see her die.


Qingfeng Li threw the dagger at the rope, Xue Lin fell down as the rope was cut off. Qingfeng Li stepped forward and opened his arms, catching Xue Lin at once.

"Run away now, dear. The explosive is going to go off now." Xue Lin was extremely terrified but still asked him to leave.

Qingfeng Li didn't move. Instead, he picked up the dagger and ran to Xue Lin, shouting, "What the hell are you talking about? I'm your husband! If anything happens, we should die together."

We will stay with each other even though we were going to die. Xue Lin started weeping after she heard that. Her heart was touched.

As the old saying goes, no couple would stick together in the face of tragedy. How many people would leave their partners when they faced death? Most of them would leave their other half behind. However, Qingfeng Li chose to stay with her.

Xue Lin suddenly realized that it was such a romantic way to die with her husband.

"My dear, can you kiss me before I die?" Xue Lin looked at Qingfeng Li with her eyes full of desire.

She just wanted a kiss from him before death arrived. Xue Lin also regretted badly that she didn't give him her chastity, otherwise there would be no regrets at all. She swore that she would give her virginity to him if she survived this time.

"Don’t be silly, you will not die. You will be safe as long as we cut off the timer wire. " Qingfeng Li tried to calm her down, then took out the two wires wrapped around her.

One of the wires was red and the other was black. They would be dead with no doubt if the wrong wire was cut.

"My dear, there are only ten seconds left." Xue Lin’s face turned paler while looking at the timer.

...9, 7, 6, 5, ...

~Ticktock, ticktock~

As the timer counted down, there was not enough time for Qingfeng Li to decide.

"Don’t try to trick me, Tiger King." Qingfeng Li sneered, then pulled out his dagger and cut off both wires at the last second.

The expression on Xue Lin’s face altered when she saw Qingfeng Li cut off both wires. She had watched some crime television series, the demolition experts used to cut either the red or black wire, nobody ever cut off both wires.

Crap, this was the end of her life. Xue Lin then closed her eyes, waiting for the moment to come. However, death didn’t arrive like she expected. She opened her eyes and saw the timer was frozen already. It stopped, it stopped at the last second. Xue Lin was shocked, then she went wild with joy.

I'm not going to die! Xue Lin was extremely excited to know that she was alive. Who would be willing to die if there was a chance to survive?

"You are so amazing my dear. I love you." said Xue Lin with great excitement and her lovely face blushed.

She was really impressed by what her husband did. It was unbelievable that, unlike what was normally seen in movies, he cut off both wires and saved her life. Qingfeng Li replied with a gentle smile and threw away the timer. Finally, he was able to relax.

He knew that the Tiger King wanted to kill him and he wouldn’t leave a simple choice for him. So he guessed that Tiger King probably would use double wires, which was exactly what happened.

It was undeniable that in addition to his solid strength, Qingfeng Li had an extraordinary intelligence, which was his key to be the top king.

"Let me ask you my dear, who else kidnapped you other than the three kings?" Qingfeng Li twisted his eyebrows and asked.

He had a strange feeling about what happened just now. The three kings didn’t know much about Eastern Sea City, but they still succeeded in hiding away from Qingfeng Li for such a long time. The only thing that could explain was that someone had provided them a safe place.

Xue Lin’s face suddenly burst into wildfire after hearing Qingfeng Li’s guess, and she said, "It was Haiyang Chen. He and the others kidnapped me, and he even tried to harass me. The Tiger King stopped him because he wanted to use me to tempt you."

What? It was Haiyang Chen? The young master of the Chen Family! The mounting exasperation tightened Qingfeng Li’s throat, as he knew that the Chen Family was one of the Big Four in Eastern Sea City and was extremely wealthy and owned billions of Yuan worth of property. Therefore, it wouldn’t be hard for them to harbour the three kings.

What made Qingfeng Li angrier was that bastard Haiyang Chen was thinking of harassing Xue Lin. It was all thanks to the Tiger King’s plan that he was not able to touch her.

"You are done, Haiyang Chen." his mouth thinned and his eyes narrowed into slits of fury.

Qingfeng Li put his arms around Xue Lin’s waist and picked her up. He carried her outside with a downcast face.

"Where are we going my dear?" asked Xue Lin, as seeing his sullen face.

"We’ll ask Haiyang Chen for justice." said Qingfeng Li in a cold and determined voice.

Qingfeng Li wouldn’t only ask Haiyang Chen for justice, the Chen Family wouldn’t get away either. His wife wouldn’t have ended up like this without the help offered by the Chen Family. It was the Chen Family that gave them the chance and means to kidnap his wife.

Qingfeng Li walked out of the house, got in a car found in the Hot Spring Villa and drove to the Chen Family with Xue Lin.

The Chen Family was one of the Big Four in Eastern Sea City, located at the furthest east side of the city. A fabulous and well-placed house stood there, which took up more than a thousand square meters. Both the father and young master were living there.

The house was of a luxurious European style, that was three stories high, with a three-meter high golden door.

There were more than ten big burly bodyguards walking around in the house and they were all dressed in black and their job was to ensure the safety of the family.


All the bodyguards looked towards where the huge noise was. They were shocked that the three-meter-high door was easily kicked open by someone.

At the front door there stood a couple. The man was handsome and the woman was charming. It could be told that the door was kicked open by the man since his foot still remained in the air.

They were no one else but Qingfeng Li and Xue Lin.

Sensing something wrong, all the bodyguards then walked toward the door. They were the Chen Family’s bodyguards and thus, Young Master Chen’s safety was their priority.

"Who are you? How dare you kick Chen Family’s door open?" asked a lead bodyguard, who was raging like a bull.

The lead bodyguard was about a meter and eight-five tall, like a Hulk in real life. His arms were solid and thick, revealing to others how strong he was.

"Tell Haiyang Chen to get the f*ck out and accept death!" said Qingfeng Li in a cold voice while his hands were kept behind.

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