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Chapter 244: Killing the Three Kings

Chapter 244: Killing the Three Kings

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"The Life-Taking Dagger is very dangerous, get your weapons ready," The Tiger King told the Panther King and the Rat King as his body quivered with intense hatred and bitterness.

Knowing the terror of the Life-Taking Dagger, Tiger King took out a bayonet, with horrifying blades on both sides.

Panther King also took out a steel claw. As for the Rat King, the poisoned dagger would still be his choice.

Every king had his own weapon. Once a weapon was picked up by a king, then it meant there would be blood, and someone would get killed.

One king would be doomed to burn out after the battle today.

"Come on everybody, kill the Wolf King." Screamed the Tiger King, while trying to stab at Qingfeng Li’s heart with his bayonet.

That was a malicious attempt of his to kill Qingfeng Li by stabbing through his heart.

Panther King reached out his steel claw and scratched Qingfeng Li’s arm, while Rat King thrusted at his back with the poisoned dagger.

The three of them collaborated extremely well, by attacking Qingfeng Li from three directions at the same time, which left him no time react.

Xue Lin’s elegant face exploded in anger like a volcano filled with raging burning lava when she saw the three kings attack Qingfeng Li with their weapons together. She wished badly that she could put them to death.

Despicable, how despicable they were. All three of them were attacking her husband, with their weapons. Xue Lin hated them so much that her forehead throbbed as she was filled with rage.

Qingfeng Li’s face remained calm when their attacks came, but he was trying think of a countermove.

Among the three kings, the Tiger King’s attack was the most powerful, Panther King’s was the swiftest and Rat King’s was the most vicious.

Qingfeng Li knew clearly that the biggest threat was not from the Tiger King, but the Rat King. The Rat King’s attack couldn't be underestimated because he was weak physically. His dagger was heavily poisoned, so once it scratched the skin, there would be no way to survive.

So he decided to kill the Rat King first, then the Tiger King and Panther King.

Qingfeng Li turned around all of a sudden, and rushed to the Rat King. The Life-Taking Dagger in his hand transformed into a cool flash, aiming at the Rat King’s neck.

"Crap, the Wolf King wants to kill me first." Rat King’s face turned pale seeing the Life-Taking Dagger coming to him, and with no hesitation he grabbed his poisoned dagger and stabbed forward.

It was quite smart of Rat King to try and block the Life-Taking Dagger with his poisoned dagger. However, reality was cruel.


In an instant, the poisoned dagger were broken into two pieces as it touched the Life-Taking Dagger.

"That's impossible, my poisoned dagger was refined from pure iron, how could it be damaged?" Rat King couldn't believe his eyes when he saw his dagger break into pieces.

In order to cast this dagger, he asked for help from the greatest weapon smith on the Rat Continent, and this extremely sharp dagger was made from pure iron mixed with rare materials.

Rat King had killed countless numbers of people with this dagger, and finally became the king. It was not hard to imagine how shocked he was when his most vicious weapon was ruined by Qingfeng Li.

"How dare you to show off this piece of rubbish in front of me." Qingfeng Li sneered, his eyes were full of scorn.

It was known that the Life-Taking Dagger was refined by Qingfeng Li’s master. His master was not only famous for his solid strength, but also for his extraordinary weapon-making skills. The Life-Taking dagger was a precious weapon made by him.

As told by Qingfeng Li’s master, meteorite ore was added while he was making the dagger, and that was why it was unbeatable and able to sharpen steel like a chunk of mud. Any other weapon would end up breaking once it clashes against it.

This special dagger gave Qingfeng Li the courage to fight against the Rat King’s poisoned dagger. As he expected, it broke the poisoned dagger with great ease.

"Go to hell, Rat King!" yelled Qingfeng Li, the dagger in his hand became a camber line, aiming at Rat King’s throat like a flash.

"Help me! Tiger King! Panther King!" seeing the rage in Qingfeng Li's eyes, Rat King screamed with a terrified look.

"How dare you, Wolf King?" yelled Tiger King, while stabbing at Qingfeng Li's back with his bayonet. Meanwhile, Panther King’s steel claw was reaching for his arm too.

Joy flashed in the Rat King’s eyes when he saw the other two kings started attacking Qingfeng Li. Rat King knew that if Qingfeng Li wanted to dodge, then he had to let the Rat King go. Otherwise, he would get injured.

However, Qingfeng Li would not let go Rat King easily. It was such a great chance, even though it would be at the expense of getting injured, he would grab the chance to kill one of the kings, then break their formation.

Qingfeng Li understood that the Tiger King was the biggest threat to him. He shifted his body to the left to avoid the Tiger King’s attack, but unfortunately exposed his arm tothe Panther King’s attack, which he didn't really care about.

"You are definitely going to die." Qingfeng Li yelled loudly with rage.

The Life-Taking Dagger in his hand was like a Grim Reaper, thrusting right into the Rat King’s throat, then being pulled out quickly.


A stream of blood squirted out of Rat King’s throat. He covered his throat with his hands, his face in total terror. With the light in his eyes fading gradually, he finally fell to the ground and stopped breathing.

A king once in a generation ... the Rat King of the Rat Continent, dead.


The Panther King’s claw scratched Qingfeng Li’s arm as he was trying to kill the Rat King, the clothes covering his arm was ripped off, and the skin underneath was also viciously scratched, badly mutilated.

Although Qingfeng Li killed the Rat King, his left arm was injured.

"Shit, only five minutes left." Taking a look at the timer, Qingfeng Li realized there was not much time.

I have to kill both the Tiger King and Panther King within five minutes. Otherwise, my wife will be screwed.

"Go!" Qingfeng Li aimed at the Tiger King and Panther King with his Life-Taking Dagger but didn't have time to check his injured arm.

It felt much easier without the Rat King’s sneak attack.

Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang…...

Huge noises kept sounding out as their weapons clashed against each other.

Although Qingfeng Li had to fight against both of them, he still prevailed over them. The Tiger King and Panther King were no longer able to defend.

"Go to the hell, Panther King." Qingfeng Li seized an opportunity.

He avoided the attack, then stabbed through the Panther King’s heart with his Life-Taking Dagger.

Panther King was about to defend with his steel claw, but it broke into two pieces as soon as it touched the Life-Taking Dagger. Any weapon would become useless in front of the Life-Taking Dagger.

Qingfeng Li stabbed the Panther King’s heart with his dagger, then pulled out right after. The body of Panther King fell down hard.

Panther King of the Panther Continent, dead.

"It's your turn now, Tiger King." Qingfeng Li killed two kings in a row, as a blaze of indignance burned furiously in the air.

Then he rushed to the Tiger King. It ended up with a draw when three kings collaborated, now that the Tiger King was the only one left, there would be no challenge for Qingfeng Li at all.

Qingfeng Li whipped the Tiger King’s weapon out of his hand with his Life-Taking Dagger and then started to stab at the Tiger King’s head.

"You can't kill me, Wolf King." The Tiger King’s face changed, and he yelled.

"What a joke, you kidnapped my wife, and you tried to kill me, why can't I kill you?" Qingfeng Li burst into laughter upon what Tiger King said.

"Wolf King, let me tell you, my wife is Snake King Cassiopeia. You will be dead if you kill me."

"Snake King Cassiopeia, never heard of that. I think it's better to kill you now." Qingfeng Li laughed coldly and sliced off the Tiger King’s head with his Life-Taking Dagger.

Who the hell was Snake King Cassiopeia?

The Wolf Continent had been under Qingfeng Li’s control for a long time yet as invincible and well-informed as he was, he never heard of the name of the Snake King, not to mention Cassiopeia.

It seemed like the Tiger King made up all that just to scare him.

Tiger King of the Tiger Continent, dead.

The three kings were all dead by now and the world would be in a panic once the news spread. The underworld would probably descend into a mess because of that.

"Crap, the explosive on my wife will go off in thirty seconds!" Qingfeng Li got frightened and fear flashed in his eyes.

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