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Chapter 246: Those in My Way Shall Die

Chapter 246: Those in My Way Shall Die

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"Who the f*ck are you! You want our young master to come out and die?" The bodyguard leader frowned and swore.

Who was Haiyang Chen? He was the young master of the Chen family, one of the four young masters from the big families of Eastern Sea City. The youth in front of him wanted the young master to come out. Was he brave or retarded?

Chen Family, that was one of Eastern Sea City’s four head families. If they took one step, the whole Eastern Sea City would shake in fear.

"Shut your mouth, or I will slap you." Qingfeng Li flashed in front of the bodyguard and swung his hand towards his face.

The guard’s face got slapped and swelled up immediately with the addition of five fingerprints and a few teeth falling out.

"F*ck your mom, how dare you slap my face." The guard was furious, pointing at Qingfeng Li.

He was the leader of these bodyguards. Getting slapped in the face in front of his underlings was a disgrace, and would affect his reputation.

"How dare you insult my mom, I guess you really want to die." Qingfeng Li’s face went cold, with a flash of killing-intent across his eyes.

Qingfeng Li’s parents were his only taboo. He absolutely hated anyone that mocked his parents. Qingfeng Li extended his right hand, grabbed the guard’s neck, and crushed his windpipe. He threw the dead body to the ground. The guards surrounding them were surprised, with fear in their eyes. Their leader was the most skilled member of their group but was killed with one movement of the youth’s hand.

Devil, this was a devil! Everyone stared at Qingfeng Li with fear, their faces paling, and their bodies shaking restlessly.

At the current moment, inside the Chen family ’s mansion. Haiyang Chen, Ting Chen, and their father were sitting on the sofa drinking tea. Haiyang Chen’s father was a middle-aged man. Even though he was 50 plus years old, but because of his health maintenance, he appears to be someone in their 40s, looking relatively young.

The man’s name was Tianhao Chen, the current head of the Chen family.

"Haiyang, according to you, his Highness the Tiger King set up traps within our family’s Hot Spring Villa. Are they planning to kill that Wolf King?" Tianhao Chen smiled and said.

"Yes, Father. This ambush against that Wolf King Qingfeng Li does not only include the Tiger King, but also the Panther King and Mouse King. With the three together, they can definitely kill that Wolf King Qingfeng Li." Haiyang Chen smiled, with a pair of cold eyes.

Regarding Qingfeng Li, Haiyang Chen absolutely hated him. This man disgraced him like no other so naturally, he wanted revenge.

"Brother, I really want to see Qingfeng Li’s dead body. I am going to spit on his corpse when the time comes." Ting Chen said viciously.

The brother and sister duo both hated Qingfeng Li. Not only did they want him to die, but they also didn't want to let the corpse go free.

As they talked in the living room, a big bang suddenly came from outside the room. What followed was the commotion from the guards.

"What happened outside, let us go check." Tianhao Chen’s brows tensed up. He stood up and walked outside.

He knew what his guards were capable of. They were extremely skillful and well mannered, and would not swear normally. Unless they were faced with someone that was a brutal bastard.

When Tianhao Chen, Haiyang Chen, and Ting Chen came outside, what they saw first was the corpse of the leader of their bodyguards. All of their expressions changed. Of course, they knew that the body on the ground belonged to the leader of their guards. But now, it was lying on the ground, without any signs of life. They were shocked.

"Haiyang Chen, come here and die." Seeing Haiyang Chen walking out, Qingfeng Li said sarcastically.

"Qingfeng Li, how come you didn’t die?" Seeing Qingfeng Li appearing front of him alive, Haiyang Chen was flabbergasted.

As people knew, the Tiger King was the Tiger Continent’s King, and was extremely skillful. And the ambush this time was with the cooperation with two other masters, so how come they still weren’t able to kill Qingfeng Li?

"Haiyang Chen, the same day next year is going to be the anniversary of your death." Qingfeng Li smirked, and walked towards Haiyang Chen.

"Who are you? Why do you want to kill my son?" Tianhao Chen brows tensed and asked.

He never met Qingfeng Li and it was understandable that he didn't know him.

"Who am I? Ask your son and you will know." Qingfeng Li looked at Tianhao Chen, with a flash of coldness across his eyes.

Haiyang Chen whispered, "Father, he is the Wolf King Qingfeng Li!"

"What, the Wolf King?"

Tianhao Chen was astounded, with a flash of surprise across his face. Just moments ago his son told him the Tiger King had set traps to kill the Wolf King so how come the Wolf King was still alive and well?

"Qingfeng Li, I don’t care if you are the Wolf King or the Dog King. Let me tell you, this is the Chen Family! You better leave, or don’t blame me for not being polite." Tianhao Chen frowned and threatened him.

The guy in front of him wanted to kill his own son, so obviously Tianhao Chen wouldn’t allow it top happen. Haiyang Chen was his only son, so he was spoiling him all the time. It was the Chen family’s seed to pass down the generations so how can he let Qingfeng Li kill him.

"Today I am going to kill Haiyang Chen, no one is going to save him." Qingfeng Li grinned and walked towards them.

Hearing Qingfeng Li, Tianhao Chen face changed. He knew that issues could not be solved. It was life or death.

Tianhao Chen could be the head of the family. Then he was obviously special. He was extremely ruthless, with multiple lives on his hands. If the youth in front him wanted to die, he will give it to him.

"You, all of you, go kill him." Tianhao Chen had killing intent in his eyes as he said to his guards.

But, even hearing what their leader said, the guards didn’t move an inch. They saw what the youth could do: killing their leader without any trouble.

Even though they were the Chen family’s guards and their responsibility was to protect the Chen family and listen to the family’s orders, their lives were more important.

Seeing how the guards wouldn’t go up, he realized that they were scared because of the death of their leader.

"Whoever kills the youth, I will give you ten million." Tianhao Chen yelled.

Ten million, that was a lot of money.

As the saying went, money could encourage anything, and this was ten million they were talking about. The guards could not make this amount during their entire lives.

"Everyone, he’s only one person, we greatly outnumber him. Let us kill him together." For the ten million, the guards all charged at Qingfeng Li at once.

In their eyes, they had dozens of people to kill just one. It should be a piece of cake.

"Whoever stops me dies!" Qingfeng Li sneered, killing intent burning from his eyes.

He brought out his Life-Taking Dagger and stabbed towards all the guards.


Qingfeng Li’s dagger was like the Death God. Every time it went out, a guard died. With just a few moments, the originally aggressive guards were all dead corpses on the ground, drowned in their own blood.

"Haiyang Chen, now is your turn to die." Qingfeng Li smiled.

With blood dripping down his dagger and his gaze locked onto Haiyang Chen’s fearful eyes, he walked towards him.

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