My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 239: Wife Cooking Breakfast

Chapter 239: Wife Cooking Breakfast

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The next day, Qingfeng woke up at six in the morning. The winter morning before dawn seemed especially cold with some hazy mist floating in the air.

He had promised Bernard that today he would go to France to treat Bernard’s father at seven o'clock in the morning. That’s why he got up at six o'clock, an hour prior, so that he could have some breakfast.

Qingfeng walked to the kitchen and was ready to look for some food, but found someone cooking in the kitchen.

Xue Lin woke up very early today, around five o’clock in the morning. It was her first time waking up that early. Xue’s face was white as snow, crystal as jade, and was wearing a white pajama, which showed off her stunning figure to perfection.

Xue boiled the water and was ready to make a poached egg. It was her first time making poached eggs, as well as the first time she was cooking for a man.

Oh, no, this was her second time cooking for a man. The last time when Qingfeng got injured, Xue made stewed ginseng soup for him, but that ginseng was overcooked.

This time around, Xue learned the lessons from that stewed ginseng and poured a lot of water in the pot before adding the eggs. However, now that she put too much water, the eggs scattered directly into the egg flowers.

Looking at a pot of egg flowers, Xue almost shed tears and her contained glamorous face turned into a crestfallen one. She knew that Qingfeng had to go to France at seven. Therefore, she got up early, prepared to make a special meal for her husband. She never thought that she would fail again.

Last time, too little water turned the stewed ginseng into a charred one. This time, too much water turned the poached eggs into egg flowers. Xue felt like a failure and was a little frustrated.

"Honey, what are you making?" Qingfeng Li walked up to Xue, asked with a smile on his face.

Hearing the words from Qingfeng, Xue blushed and was a bit embarrassed, "I was going to make poached eggs for you."

Poached egg! Emm, good stuff! He loved eating poached eggs! Qingfeng thought with a smile appeared on his face. He looked towards the pot with the expectation of seeing one of his favorite food, but only saw half a pot of boiled water and the egg flowers in the stainless steel pot. He was a bit speechless.

This was poached eggs? No, these were egg flowers…. Qingfeng didn’t know how to describe Xue.

To be honest, Xue Lin was beautiful, smart and was the CEO of Ice Snow Corporation. She was charming and talented, had both appearance and intelligence. However, her cooking skills were, at best, mediocre.

It was safe for Qingfeng to say that, in terms of cooking, any woman could do better than Xue.

No wonder there’s an ancient saying, "Every bean has its black".

Nobody was perfect. God gave Xue the beauty and brains but took her cooking skills away.

"Dear, am I stupid?" Seeing Qingfeng being silent, Xue asked carefully and felt very embarrassed.

She felt so clumsy, being Qingfeng Li’s wife and didn’t even know how to cook. Even something as simple as poached eggs could be turned to egg flowers in her hands.

"I am loser…" she sighed.

"Xue, you are so dumb. You can’t even conquer poached egg…" she criticized herself.

"Actually you’re not that dumb. At least you know that you need to boil the water first before adding the eggs, and not using cold water directly." Qingfeng smiled and placated her.

Xue Lin was alright before he tried to comfort her. And after he tried comforting her, she blushed even more. "What? How can someone add eggs to cold water? Even kindergarten kids know that…"

But then Xue admitted that she truly has no talent for cooking and hardly had any cooking skills.

Xue was born into a rich family and was treated as a little princess. Her nanny took care of all the meals and her mom never let her prepare any food, that’s why she never learned how to cook.

Cooking a meal was even harder than managing a company for her, but she still got up early and tried to make breakfast just for Qingfeng.

"Sorry, I wanted to make breakfast for you, but ruined it instead. Please don’t get mad." Xue lowered her tiny head, like an elementary school student who made mistake.

"No, not at all, honey. You got up at five and cooked for me. I feel so touched. How could I be mad at you?" Qingfeng went up to her, laughed and hugged her.

Qingfeng was telling the truth. He was indeed very touched by Xue getting up this early at five o’clock in the cold winter morning just to cook for him.

A woman that could bear with the cold and cook for a man in the early morning showed that she liked the man so much that it wasn’t important anymore to care about whether she could make a decent meal.

Xue felt warm and cozy in Qingfeng’s arms. She raised her head and asked, "Dear, how long would you be gone to France? I really don’t want to let you go."

Seeing the attachment and tenderness in Xue’s eyes, Qingfeng felt the warmth of her love. It felt good to be cared for such a woman.

"Two days, I’ll be back after two days," Qingfeng said softly.

It takes twelve hours from Eastern Sea City International Airport to Paris, France, and twenty-four hours for the round trip. That would be exactly one day. He also needed to treat Bernard’s father in France for another day and that amounted to two days in total.

"Two days? That will be a long time… I will miss you!" Xue didn’t want Qingfeng to leave. Xue couldn’t bear to part with Qingfeng now and she couldn’t endure a day without seeing Qingfeng.

Xue didn’t know that she had already fallen in love with Qingfeng and this feeling was called love. Only when a woman fell in love with a man would she be thinking about him day and night and want to spend every single day together.

"Dear, let me start doing this poached egg all over again."

"It’s okay, we are already running out of time. I’m fine with these egg flowers."

"But these egg flowers were all scattered. It wouldn’t taste good with so much water in it…"

"It’s okay. I’ll enjoy it as long as you made it." Qingfeng smiled, filled a bowl of egg flowers and finished it.

The egg flower soup actually didn’t taste so well. But Xue made it with all her heart and attention, therefore, Qingfeng still finished it. He didn’t want to waste her affection and effort.

"Honey, I will leave soon. Let’s have a French kiss." Qingfeng smiled slightly, grabbed Xue’s tiny waist and put her in his arms. That slim waist was supple and smooth, like soft cotton.

"Bad boy, this is the kitchen…" Xue’s gorgeous face blushed like a ripe red apple. Her watery eyes were just like the stars shining in the sky.

"I love the kitchen." Qingfeng stretched his mouth over to taste her cherry-red lips -- soft, sweet and savory, just like Dove chocolate, very delicious.

Boohoo…such a bad boy, taking advantage of me in the kitchen. Xue made whining sounds with her little mouth and could do nothing but let Qingfeng kiss her.

Qingfeng kissed her for a long time, and only let her go when he realized that she was almost out of breath.


Xue had to immediately breathe after she was let out from his arms. She felt suffocated for a moment.

Xue felt her lips became swollen after being kissed by Qingfeng. She looked in a mirror and saw that her delicate cherry lips were indeed swollen up. She became chapfallen and glared at Qingfeng.

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