My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 240: Kidnapping Xue Lin

Chapter 240: Kidnapping Xue Lin

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"Oh, crap, it's half past six now! I was busy kissing you, and now there's only half an hour before the plane takes off." Qingfeng Li caught a glimpse of the clock on the wall, and immediately uttered a cry.

"Dear, let's go! I'll drive you." Xue Lin also knew the time was urgent and urged Qingfeng to leave.

Xue went back to the bedroom, put on a white business outfit, and then drove Qingfeng to the Eastern Sea City International Airport with a BMW. When Qingfeng arrived at the Eastern Sea City International Airport, Bernard and Smith had been there waiting for him.

"Your Highness the Wolf King, you have finally arrived! It's time to board. The plane will take off soon." Bernard said, looking worried.

After all, his father was still in the coma and was waiting for Qingfeng to save his life.

Qingfeng nodded and walked towards the plane with Bernard and Baron Smith.

"Dear, I love you, please come back early." Xue stuck her white and tender hands out and said, waving Qingfeng goodbye. Her eyes were moist with tears.

It was her first time separating with Qingfeng, which made her feel extremely sad and wistful. Seeing Qingfeng's back while boarding made her heart feel miserable.

"Don't worry! I'll come back early!" Looking at the tears on Xue's face, Qingfeng was moved so he turned back and shouted out. Afterward, Qingfeng went on the plane together with Bernard and Baron Smith. Ten minutes later, the plane took off and headed towards Paris, France.

"My dear, I'll definitely learn to cook well these two days. So when you come back, I can make you a nice meal." Xue looked at the aircraft that was gradually disappearing into the sky and whispered to herself.

She decided to take advantage of these two days and master how to cook so that she can prepare delicious food for Qingfeng. Xue didn't turn and walked towards her BMW until she saw the plane had completely disappeared in the sky and she could not see any trace of it anymore.

Xue Lin drove to the company. When she was passing by a bookstore, she stopped her car and entered the bookstore.

The owner of the bookstore was around 40 years old, a middle-aged woman.

Seeing Xue walked in, the lady smiled and asked, "Hi beauty, what kind of books do you want to buy?"

"Hello, I want to buy some books for cooking. Could you give me some recommendations?" It was Xue's first time here and she didn't know what kind of books is good for cooking, so she could only rely on recommendations from the owner.

"We have the most comprehensive cooking books here. We have the 'Food Encyclopedia', '100 ways of noodles', '100 rice recipes', '100 hot dishes and cold dishes recipes' and the like." The owner was recommending books enthusiastically to Xue.

"Hi, it was my first time here. Can you just recommend me a general book for cooking?"

"Beauty, are you cooking for your husband?"

"Hmm, yes."

"Awe, you are such a virtuous wife. I've rarely seen a woman buying cooking books just to cook for her husband. Here, I recommend the 'Food Encyclopedia'. This book is the most comprehensive one, including not only the recipes for main dishes but also hot dishes and cold dishes."

The owner praised Xue Lin with smiles on her face. She thought the girl in front of her was so beautiful. She has never seen anyone prettier than this girl, not even the celebrities on TV. Her husband must be so lucky having her.

"Alright, I will buy this 'Food Encyclopedia' then." Xue smiled, paid a hundred Yuan and bought the 'Food Encyclopedia'.

She would like to learn how to cook so that she could prepare delicious meals for Qingfeng. She was now caring for Qingfeng full-heartedly and wanted to be his virtuous wife.

Xue came to the company and directly went to the CEO's office. For a whole day, besides eating, she had been concentrating on studying this 'Food Encyclopedia'. She hadn't even dealt with the work-related documents.

'Food Encyclopedia' introduced about the main dishes, noodles, rice, as well as fried dishes and cold dishes recipes in great details.

Xue learned about many dishes today, such as Scrambled Eggs with Tomatoes, Spicy and Sour Shredded Potatoes, Black Fungus in Vinegar Sauce and Marinated Cucumbers. She decided to go to the supermarket to buy those vegetables after work, and apply what she had learned into practice. In this way, when Qingfeng came back, he would be able to taste the dishes that she learned today.

Thinking about her husband tasting the food she prepared, her heart was filled with happiness.

Meanwhile, in the parking lot of the Ice Snow Corporation, there was a black Mercedes with four people in the car: The Tiger King, the Panther King, the Rat King and the "Young Master Chen", Haiyang Chen.

"Tiger King, the Wolf King has left Eastern Sea city, right?" The Rat King frowned as he asked.

Hearing what the Rat King just said, the Tiger King smiled slightly, "You are such a coward! I've got the news that the Wolf King had flown out of Eastern Sea city at seven o’clock in the morning today. He should be arriving France soon."

"That's good! As long as he’s not in the Eastern Sea city, we can kidnap Xue Lin, set up the trap, and then wait for him to take the bait. " The Rat King said viciously with a murderous glint in his eyes.

The Tiger King did not pay any attention to what the Rat King just said. Instead, he talked to Haiyang Chen who was driving, "You know Xue Lin right?"

"Of course, Tiger King Highness, I know Xue Lin." Haiyang said with a respectful look on his flattering face.

Haiyang Chen’s family businesses were all supported by the Tiger King. Their company was also invested by the Tiger King. It could be said that the Tiger King had control of all the businesses under Chen’s name. Therefore, the man in front of him was his own master.

"Oh, that would be nice. You let us know when Xue Lin comes to the parking lot. "The Tiger King took a glance at Haiyang Chen and said.

"Yes, Tiger King Highness." Haiyang ingratiated himself to the Tiger King with a highly respectful face.

Time flew and it was the evening rush hour in just a blink of an eye.

Xue Lin put the 'Food Encyclopedia' in the bag, and walked out. She was going to do some grocery shopping, practice cooking, and then wait for her husband to come back and eat.

Xue Lin felt something wrong was soon as she walked out into the parking lot. A black Mercedes-Benz drove straight towards her.

"Tiger King Highness, that pretty woman in a white business outfit is Xue Lin." Haiyang Chen pointed at Xue Lin and said to the Tiger King behind him.

What a beautiful woman! Looking at Xue Lin’s glamorous face, fair skin, and stunning figure, Tiger King’s eyes flashed with surprise. He never thought that Wolf King’s wife would be so gorgeous.

Joy beamed from Tiger King’s eyes and he said, "Stop the car beside her."

Hearing the command of Tiger King, Haiyang quickly drove the Mercedes, stopped by Xue Lin, and said, "Xue, long time no see."

Xue Lin lost countenance when she saw Haiyang Chen in the car. She said drily, "Don't call me Xue. I was not familiar with you. Why are you here?"

Hearing Xue Lin said they were not familiar, Haiyang’s eyes flashed with a touch of anger. This little bitch dared to look down on him, not letting him call her Xue. Huh! You shall see what I'll do to you once I caught you!


Tiger King directly opened the door and walked quickly toward Xue Lin.

"Who are you? What do you want to do?" Seeing the vicious Tiger King, Xue Lin felt something was wrong and asked drily.

The man in front of her was strapping, about 1.9-meter tall, with white skin, blonde curly hair, and blue eyes. It took her just a glance to know that he is a foreigner whom Xue Lin didn’t know.

"To kidnap you, of course." The Tiger King said coldly.

Hearing him say he was going to kidnap her, Xue Lin’s contained face turned pale. She quickly turned back and was ready to run away.

However, as Xue Lin turned around, her head was suddenly smacked by the Tiger King. She lost consciousness immediately.

Xue Lin felt despair the moment before she was knocked out. "Oh, crap! I was kidnapped."

"Huh, do you think you can still get away? "Tiger King smiled grimly, throwing the unconscious Xue Lin into the car.


Haiyang Chen turned the car key. The car’s engine roared as he drove out of the underground parking lot and sped off with Xue Lin.

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