My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 238: Danger Arrived as Banquet Ended

Chapter 238: Danger Arrived as Banquet Ended

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Ruyan Liu walked towards the center of the hall and spoke into the microphone. "The gathering has come to an end, it is time to leave everybody."

After speaking, she left the hall with a face of loneliness, she did not even give Bernard and Baron Smith a wave.

She sat in her Maserati and laid her charming face onto the wheel and started bawling. Tear after tear, she cried uncontrollably. She was very depressed.

She knew that from that moment on, they could no longer be together. He got married and she did not want to be the third person in their relationship.

Once lovers, now strangers. She and Qingfeng Li could no longer be together.

She decided to forget about him. She was going to leave the city and go back to the Jing Capital. She did not want to stay in this place that made her so sad.

She originally wanted to date Qingfeng Li for a month before going back home and marrying that despicable Shaoyang Wang but from the looks of it, she would have to leave earlier. Eastern Sea City no longer held anything special for her.

At the moment, in the Banquet.

At this moment, in the hall, with Ruyan Liu's announcement, people started leaving. Since Ruyan Liu was the first to leave, the task of bidding goodbyes to everybody fell on Fu Liu.

Bernard and Smith walked towards Qingfeng Li, with the intent of talking business.

"Wolf King, I have already booked tomorrow's 7 am flight. We can leave for France." Bernard spoke carefully as Qingfeng Li looked displeased at the moment.

Qingfeng Li nodded and agreed. "Okay, tomorrow morning. I'll see you at the airport."

Even though it was a sorrowful day for him, he knew that the business with Bernard is very urgent. Bernard's father was still unconscious, waiting for his help.

With a wave, he left the hall with Xue Lin.

Both Qingfeng Li and Xue Lin had thoughts on their mind, both not feeling the happiest, thus they walked in silence. The entire ride home, they did not speak a single word.

Villa #13, inside the living room.

In their the living room of their mansion, they sat on the sofa and looked at each other, both pondering on what to say.

"You like... Ruyan Liu?" Xue Lin suddenly asked, startling Qingfeng Li. He wasn't sure how to answer that question.

"I can tell that you like her." Xue Lin continued when she noticed that Qingfeng Li remained silent.

Xue Lin was smart, it was easy for her to tell that he liked her. And the fact that Ruyan Liu also liked him back made Xue Lin very uncomfortable.

Qingfeng Li was her dear, her man, and for him to like another woman would make any woman unhappy.

And since Xue Lin was very much a conservative person, the type that believed in monogamy, she naturally despised any man that had feelings for multiple people at the same time.

"My wife, of course I love you." When he saw her face ice cold, he hurriedly explained.

In his heart, he not only liked Xue Lin, but also Ruyan Liu. But he knew better to not say he liked Ruyan Liu in front of Xue Lin.

He knew that she was a frigid person and was used to hate dealing with men. Ever since they got together, it had gotten better. She would now let him hug her and kiss her.

He was scared that once Xue Lin got angry, she would revert back to the ice queen that she was before. The entire time that they had spent together would all be gone to waste then once she reverts back to her original self.

As for Ruyan Liu, he had not think of how to deal with it yet. After all, it was his first time dealing with this kind of situation as well.

"You liar, always saying such sweet words to make me happy." Xue Lin shyly replied, clearly happy with his response.

"My wife, in my heart, you will always be the most beautiful." Qingfeng Li commenced his sweet-talking ways, and in no time made Xue Lin quite happy.

"Dear, you should rest soon, you have to get up tomorrow morning to go the France." Xue Lin smiled at him and turned towards the bedroom on the second floor.

The whole Ruyan Liu ordeal made her a little displeased inside despite forgiving Qingfeng Li already so instead of letting him carry her upstairs, she walked up herself.

Qingfeng Li smiled bitterly, also with a feeling of uneasiness. He walked towards his own bedroom. He knew that what he did what he did tonight to Ruyan Liu completely hurt her heart. But can he really be blamed? It wasn't completely his fault. He was, after all, Xue Lin's husband. If he ditched Xue Lin to chase after Ruyan Liu, it would hurt Xue Lin's hurt. One of the two women was bound to be hurt.

He laid in bed and soon entered dreamland. In his dream, he saw the two women in front of her, their facial expressions were constantly changing in front of him.

When he grabbed Xue Lin, Ruyan Liu would become unhappy and vice versa. In his dream, he was constantly conflicted between the two women.

At that moment, in Chen family's hot spring resort, sat 3 people. The one on the left had average height, slightly pale face and eyes flashing with strength. Wearing a coat of leopard skin, he was the Leopard King from the Leopard Continent.

The one on the right was short, had squinty eyes and was darker in skin-color. Playing with a glistening dagger in his hand, he was Rat King from Rat Continent.

The one sitting in the middle was the tallest. He had a tall nose and golden hair that slightly curled at the end. His body was very well-toned, lines well defined and screaming of power. He was the Tiger King from the Tiger Continent.

"Tiger King, are you sure you want to kidnap Xue Lin?" The Leopard King frowned as he asked.

"Yes, I did my research. Xue Lin is the Wolf King's wife. The Wolf King here really is in love with this moment." Tiger King toyed with two steel balls in his hand as he coldly replied.

The Rat King on the right and pondered out "We are the kings of our continents. To kidnap a woman, isn't that a little beneath us?".

In all honesty, Rat King was not happy with the idea of kidnapping Xue Lin. Even though he hated Wolf King, he did not want to take revenge via kidnapping a woman.

"Rat King, your courage is as small as before I see. No wonder in the 7 kings, you rank last." Leopard King looked down on the Rat King with a touch of distain.

His words angered Rat King as he retorted, "Leopard King, you think you're so much better? Why don't you go kill Wolf King then? Having stayed in Eastern Sea City for so long, other than hiding in the dark, what else have you achieved?"

The two bickering angered Tiger King too and he spoke "Leopard King, Rat King, why don't you both shut up? Let me ask you, if I ask you to take down wolf king, are you guys his opponents?"

His words stopped the two. They knew that Wolf King was ranked number one amongst them all. On one-on-one fights, based on pure skill, none of them were his opponent. They would be looking for death if they were to seek for it.

"Humph, none of us can beat him. So the only way is for us to kidnap Xue Lin and set up a trap. We could tie a bomb onto her, lure him into the mountains that way, and then kill him there." Tiger Wolf smiled coldly as he laid out his plans.

"But Tiger King, the Wolf King is still in Eastern Sea City. For sure he will protect Xue Lin. How are we even to kidnap her and have time to set up for a trap?" Rat King thought through it and voiced out his concerns.

Tiger King smiled in return and answered "Don't worry, he will be leaving tomorrow morning at 7 in order to go to France to save Bernard's father. That's when we go and kidnap Xue Lin and set up everything."

Tiger King had been underground in Eastern Sea City for quite awhile. In the time that he was there, he was able to both gather information on Qingfeng Li and also get his underlings to cause havoc for Qingfeng Li's friends abroad in Frnace.

He knew that the Wolf King was very close to Bernard so he had people poison Bernard's father. Once Bernard's father got poisoned, Bernard would have to seek help from Wolf King. The moment Wolf King left for France was the moment of opportunity for the Tiger King.

He knew that with his abilities, he was no match for Wolf King. The only way for him to win was to get Qingfeng Li to leave the place, kidnap Xue Lin, and lure Wolf King into his trap.

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