My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 237: The Heartbroken Ruyan Liu

Chapter 237: The Heartbroken Ruyan Liu

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"Congenital heart disease. It is congenital heart disease?" Yanran Zhao’s expression changed slightly. It was quite a difficult situation.

She was born in a family renowned for their medical skills. She naturally knew how difficult it was to treat congenital heart disease.

"Do you have a solution?" Fu Liu asked nervously when he saw that Yanran Zhao’s brows had furrowed.

He had placed all of his hopes on Yanran Zhao. If she could not treat the young mistress, Ruyan Liu would be in danger. Treatment for congenital heart disease must not be delayed. The longer the delay, the bigger the damage to the body.

The Young mistress was the favored daughter of the Liu Family of the Jing Captital. If anything happened to her, Fu Liu could only take his life and to ask for forgiveness.

"I am sorry. If it was an ordinary fainting, I would be able to treat her. But I cannot treat fainting secondary to congenital heart disease," Yanran Zhao said while shaking her head.

She studied Western medicine. In western medicine, congenital heart disease required an operation to cure. But they were in a Banquet hall, not an operating room. There was nothing she could do.

Qingfeng’s heart ached when he saw Ruyan Liu’s pale face and painful expression. This woman had given him her virginity but he made her so angry that she fainted.

It was all his fault. He had wronged this woman. At this moment, Qingfeng strongly despised himself.

"Move away. I will treat her," Qingfeng said to Fu Liu and Yanran Zhao. His voice was filled with anxiousness. He has decided to utilize his medical skills to wake Ruyan Liu up.

"She has congenital heart disease. Do you know how to treat her?" Yanran Zhao furrowed her brows in displeasure.

Fu Liu also blocked Qingfeng’s way and refused to let him treat Ruyan Liu. Clearly, he did not believe that he could cure Ruyan Liu. He also had an unfavorable impression of Qingfeng.

Qingfeng knew that the two of them did not believe him. To obtain their trust, he had to show his skills.

At that thought, Qingfeng said, "Congenital heart disease is due to a blockage of the heart and aorta during fetal development or an abnormal structure in the heart. Those with congenital heart disease must not be angered or stimulated or they will pass out."

"Huh? You know the pathophysiology and symptoms of congenital heart disease?" Yanran Zhao blinked in surprise.

She knew that this was specialized medical knowledge that only those who studied medicine would know. Ordinary people would not have this knowledge. This meant that Qingfeng had knowledge of medicine so he was not sprouting nonsense.

"Housekeeper Liu, you saw that I really know medicine. Do you really want to see Ms. Liu die?" Qingfeng said coldly with a frown.

Fu Liu’s expression changed. Naturally, he did not want Ruyan Liu to die. He has also heard Qingfeng’s words. This fellow seemed to have medical knowledge.

For the benefit of young mistress, Fu Liu said, "Ok, I will let you treat her. But if anything happens to young mistress. I can guarantee that you will be kicked out of Eastern Sea City."

Qingfeng disregarded Fu Liu’s threats. At the moment, he only cared about waking up Ruyan Liu. He did not take Fu Liu’s threats seriously. Furthermore, Fu threatened him only because he wanted to rescue Ruyan Liu too.

Qingfeng took a deep breath and brought out his nine silver needles. He speedily inserted the nine silver needles into pressure points on Ruyan Liu’s heart.

Yanran Zhao’s expression changed when she saw Qingfeng inserting the needles through Ruyan Liu’s clothes. Her eyes were filled with shock. Even though she was studying western medicine, she had some understanding of Chinese medicine as well. In Chinese Acupuncture, most acupuncture would require one to remove their clothes. Only highly skilled doctors could perform acupuncture on a patient who had clothes on. She had once met a doctor in his eighties who could perform acupuncture through the clothes. An ordinary doctor would not be able to do it.

"This Qingfeng Li is quite skilled," Yanran Zhao praised in her heart.

The nine silver needles were inserted into the pressure points of Ruyan Liu’s heart and trembled slightly. This was the result of Qingfeng’s controlled actions. He had inserted the needles into special pressure points.

A thread of warmth entered into Ruyan Liu’s body via the silver needles and opened her blood vessels. The narrow vessels were dilated.

Ruyan Liu was in a lot of pain initially. But she suddenly felt warmth in her heart. Her blood flow quickened and her eyes slowly opened.

"Where am I?" Ruyan Liu asked confusedly. She has awakened after only two minutes.

Qingfeng quickly removed the nine silver needles on her heart when he saw that she was awake.

"Ruyan, you are awake," Qingfeng said emotionally when he saw that Ruyan Liu had awaken.

Qingfeng only realized how much Ruyan Liu mattered to him when he saw her faint. This woman has taken an important position in his heart.

"I wish that I never woke up," Ruyan Liu smiled bitterly. Her eyes were filled with pain.

She was very, very sad…

She was very sad that the man he liked was married. His wife was Xue Lin. How could she not be upset?

"I am sorry," Qingfeng apologized as he bowed his head.

He did not know what to say and could only apologize.

"You do not need to apologize. From now on, we are strangers. Let us forget everything that has happened," Ruyan Liu smiled bitterly as she walked away.

Her face was ghastly pale and she looked lonely. She seemed heartbroken and helpless. Ruyan Liu’s words were light. She wanted to be strangers with Qingfeng and forget everything that has happened. But could she forget everything?

How could a woman who was in love with a man forget about him easily? Especially when she was willing to give her body to him. It would be very difficult to forget him.

Qingfeng wanted to chase after Ruyan Liu when he saw her helpless figure. He even wanted to pull her into a hug to comfort her but Xue Lin pulled onto his arm.

"Husband, are you going to abandon me?" Xue Lin pleaded. Her face was pale.

She was very scared that her husband would chase Ruyan Liu. If Qingfeng went after Ruyan Liu, it meant that in his heart, Ruyan Liu was more important than her. Therefore, she stopped Qingfeng.

Qingfeng was stopped in his tracks when he saw Xue Lin’s pale face and pleading expression. He has already hurt one woman. Was he going to hurt the heart of another woman now? Of course not.

"Ok, I will not go." Qingfeng stood at his original spot and did not chase after Ruyan Liu. But his heart was filled with pain.

He could only be by the side of one woman. He was destined to break the other woman’s heart.

"Haha, in his heart, Xue Lin is more important. He did not even chase after me. It seems like I should really forget about him." Ruyan Liu’s face became paler and the bitterness on her face deepened.

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