My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 236: He is My Husband!

Chapter 236: He is My Husband!

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Ruyan Liu frowned slightly when she heard Xue Lin’s warning. She was very upset. How am I a vixen? What do you mean that I seduced Qingfeng?

Why was Xue Lin even saying anything? She was only the CEO of the Ice Snow Corporation and Qingfeng’s superior. Who was she to warn him? Ruyan Liu was upset. It was her business that she kissed Qingfeng and liked him. Who was Xue Lin to warn her?

"President Xue Lin, you are a respectable person as well. Please watch your words. How am I a vixen? If you do not explain yourself, I can sue you for slander," Ruyan Liu said unhappily. She had also become angry.

"You are a vixen because you kissed Qingfeng," Xue Lin said with a cold smile. She directly labeled Ruyan Liu as a vixen.

Ruyan Liu was so angry that she broke into a smile. She has never met anyone who was so overbearing.

She coldly said, "Qingfeng is my boyfriend. Why can’t I kiss him?"

Boyfriend, how could you say he is your boyfriend? Xue Lin was angered by Ruyan Liu’s words.

"He is my husband," Xue Lin said as she pointed to Qingfeng.

She was truly angered by Ruyan Liu so she chose to reveal their relationship. Truthfully, she did not want to reveal their husband and wife relationship but it seemed like she had no choice. To make Ruyan Liu give up, Xue Lin decided to reveal that Qingfeng was her husband. This would stop Ruyan Liu from seducing her husband.

What? Qingfeng is your husband? Ruyan Liu was stunned. Her body trembled and her eyes were wide with disbelief.

"You said that Qingfeng is your...husband?" Ruyan Liu fluttered her eyelashes in disbelief.

Xue Lin could tell that Ruyan Liu did not believe her words. It was too unbelievable. The number one beauty of Eastern Sea City was married to a salesperson. No one would believe it.

Xue Lin smiled coldly and said, "If you don’t believe me. You can ask Qingfeng."

Ruyan Liu furrowed her brows and gazed questioningly at Qingfeng. Her gaze was complex with feelings.

"What Xue Lin said is true. We are already married," Qingfeng said in a low voice.

He did not want to lie to Ruyan Liu. Furthermore, Xue Lin was right next to him so he could not lie. Qingfeng’s voice was very small. Other than Xue Lin, Ruyan Liu and him, no one else heard his words.

The people in the hall were all far away. They only saw the three of them speaking but could not make out what they were saying.

Married. Qingfeng said that he was married with Xue Lin. He was Xue Lin’s husband. Ruyan Liu’s expression became ghastly pale. This news was a huge blow for her. She was unable to accept it.

"My heart hurts, hurts. It hurts so much," thought Ruyan Liu as she held onto her chest.

Sweat dripped from her body and she felt that her entire world had darkened.


Ruyan Liu's body swayed and she fell to the ground. She fainted. She was so shocked that she had fainted.

"Ruyan." A flash of panic appeared on Qingfeng’s face. He quickly helped Ruyan Liu up.

At the moment, Ruyan Liu had fainted. Her face was ghastly pale without a trace of blood. She looked very different from her usual seductive self. Qingfeng knew that the news was a huge blow for Ruyan Liu. She could not cope with the news.

Xue Lin was the CEO of the Liu Corporation in Eastern Sea City. She was the number one beauty of Eastern Sea City and the young mistress of the Liu Family. She was beautiful and respectable. How could she have a relationship with a married man?

She was sad and upset which caused her to faint.

"Oh no, the young mistress has fainted." Fu Liu’s expression changed when she saw that Ruyan Liu had fainted.

As the housekeeper of the Liu Corporation, Fu Liu knew that Ruyan Liu had a weak body since she was a kid. She had a weak heart. Whenever she was mad, she would faint.

The words of Qingfeng and Xue Lin had angered Ruyan Liu and caused her to faint.

"Step away. How dare you touch young mistress," Fu Liu said furiously as he walked to Qingfeng’s side.

Qingfeng naturally recognized the elder in front of him. He was the housekeeper of the Liu Corporation. He had watched Xue Lin grew up and cared deeply about her.

"Butler Liu, I can heal people. I can wake her up," Qingfeng said with a frown.

"Hmph, I do not believe your words. Young mistress fainted because of your words. I will not let you treat young mistress." Fu Liu had developed deep discontent towards Qingfeng and refused to let him treat Ruyan Liu.

Fu Liu treated Ruyan Liu like her own grand-daughter. From what he could see, young mistress had fainted because of Qingfeng. He wanted to beat this fellow up. There was no way he would let him treat her. Furthermore, he did not believe that Qingfeng had medical skills.

This fellow was in his twenties. How could he have any medical skills?

"Young mistress has fainted. Who is a doctor here? Come and have a look," Fu Liu asked the crowd anxiously.

Everyone’s gaze became heated when they heard Fu Liu’s words. If they could treat her, they would be able to come into close contact with her. If they could cure here, perhaps she would even have a favorable impression of them. This was the dream of all men.

"Bro, do you have any medical skills?"

"I don't know how to treat people. I know how to smoke, drink and play with girls. Do you know how to treat people?"

"No, I didn’t go to medical school. How can I know how to treat people?"

The surrounding people all wanted to treat Ruyan Liu but they were not trained in medicine. They were filled with regret. If they knew this would happen, they would have gone to medical school.

"I know how to treat people." Suddenly, a crisp voice was heard.

Fu Liu turned his head and discovered that it was a pretty girl in a green dress.

"Who are you? Do you really know how to treat people?" Fu Liu was skeptical when he saw how young the girl was.

"My name is Yanran Zhao. My father is Xu Zhao of the People’s Hospital. I have learned some medical skills from him. I can have a look at Ruyan Liu," The pretty girl said.

"Director Xu Zhao is a famous specialist in Eastern Sea City."

"Yes, he is reputed to have really skilled medical skills. He has even won the title of ‘outstanding doctor’."

"Yanran Zhao is the daughter of Director Xu Zhao. She should be able to cure Ruyan Liu."

Xu Zhao was famous in Eastern Sea City. Everyone looked at Yanran Zhao with admiration when they heard that she was Xu Zhao’s daughter.

"Alright. Have a look at young mistress and wake her up," Fu Liu said anxiously as he quickly pulled Yanran Zhao to Ruyan Liu’s side.

At the moment, Ruyan Liu was ghastly pale. She had a deep frown and looked to be in great pain.

Yanran dared not be careless. She quickly placed her right hand on Ruyan Liu’s wrist. After a moment, her expression changed. The matter was quite difficult.

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