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Chapter 235: Ruyan Liu's Jealousy

Chapter 235: Ruyan Liu's Jealousy

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"I just marked you to show them that you are my lady." Qingfeng Li smiled and said.

Although Xue Lin seemed like she was a little bit hurt, she felt really happy inside, especially when she heard Qingfeng say ‘you are my lady’. This cheered her up a bit.

Someone’s happiness will cause others to become unhappy. In this case, Ruyan Liu was really unhappy. She slightly frowned, with a trace of anger appearing on her face.

He…really had something with Xue Lin. Ruyan Liu had always suspected that Qingfeng Li and Xue Lin had an immoral relationship, and now that theory had been confirmed. The reason why she invited Xue Lin before was that she wanted to investigate the relationship between them. Unfortunately, they really had a special relationship. Qingfeng Li even danced with Xue Lin and kissed her! It was really annoying.

Ruyan Liu knew a lot about Xue Lin. She was the number one glamorous beauty in Eastern Sea City, was known as the Ice goddess and also that she was arrogant at heart and haughty in manner. She always treated others like nothing. It was impossible for her to kiss someone. She was never even seen holding hands with another person.

But now, she kissed with Qingfeng, and didn’t become angry! Which meant she was into Qingfeng. If she didn’t like him, she would never let him kiss her.

At this time, Ruyan knew that Qingfeng and Xue Lin had a different relationship, but she didn’t know the exact relationship between them. As she thought, they were supposed to be a couple, at least she never heard any information about Xue Lin being married.

After Qingfeng Li and Xue Lin finished their first dance, they stopped since they felt a little tired, and sat in the chairs nearby to take a rest.

They enjoyed some wine while they resting. They talked and laughed, looking like they were really close. This made the others around them envious.

"Well, if Xue Lin can dance with you, I will dance with you too."

Ruyan Liu walked to Qingfeng Li, wanting to dance with him. She didn’t want to be the one that lost the game.

"Want to come dance with me?" Ruyan Liu walked in front of Qingfeng Li, held his arm directly, and asked delightfully.

Hearing the question from Ruyan Liu, Qingfeng Li’s face slightly changed. Xue Lin was right by his side, yet Ruyan Liu asked him for a dance. This would push him straight into hell.

They all said the pretty girls were tigers, mainly because it is a real truth. Qingfeng Li finally understood that Ruyan Liu was a pretty tigress. Every time she met Xue Lin, his world would just become a mess.

Ruyan Liu noticed Qingfeng Li didn’t answer but looked at Xue Lin. She felt jealousy! You bastard! I am inviting you for a dance, why do you need to look at Xue Lin?

"President Xue Lin, you won’t mind me inviting Qingfeng Li for a dance, right?" Ruyan Liu stared at Xue Lin and asked.

Xue Lin frowned. She did not know how to answer Ruyan Liu. If she didn’t allow them to dance, how could she explain her decision? It wouldn’t be a good idea if she told Ruyan Qingfeng was her husband. She still didn’t want to let others know about the relationship between Qingfeng Li and her.

Xue Lin didn’t know how to answer Ruyan. She also couldn’t find a good excuse to refuse Ruyan’s invitation, so she chose to say nothing.

"President Xue Lin, keeping quiet means that you agree." Ruyan Liu showed a charming smile. She didn’t care about whether Xue Lin was happy or not. She took Qingfeng Li’s hand and walked towards the dance area.

"What? You don’t want to dance with me?" Finding the reluctant look on Qingfeng’s, Ruyan Liu felt a little bit uncomfortable.

Noticing Ruyan’s dissatisfaction, Qingfeng Liu said immediately, "How could I? It’s my honor to dance with you. I’m really cheerful."

How could he say he was unhappy? He had sex with this girl before, so he could not let her down.

"Which style do you want to dance?" Qingfeng asked.

Ruyan blinked and answered, "How about the Waltz?"

She saw Xue Lin and Qingfeng Li chose to dance the waltz, so she would like to have the same dance now, of course.

With the red high heels that Ruyan Liu was wearing, it created a sharp contrast to Xue Lin’s black high heels.

Qingfeng stepped forward step by step, his right hand holding Liu Ruyan slender waist and his left hand holding her little hand.

"Holy crap! This guy just finished the dance with Xue Lin and is already dancing with Ruyan Liu again, I hate him!!"

"Me too! Both of the prettiest girls in Eastern Sea City chose to dance with him. He just took all of the rest of our hope!"

"It would be perfect if I could be him. If I can dance with my goddess, I rather lose ten years of my life."

"Don’t even think about that! With your face, Ruyan Liu would never give any attention to you."

Everyone that was in the hall felt jealousy with this. All of them wished they could be Qingfeng and dance with Ruyan Liu.

"She really is a glamorous goddess, so charming." Qingfeng found that Ruyan was very pretty. It was a totally different kind of beauty than Xue Li.

Her face looked glamorous, her little pretty nose, her beautiful eyes were like two perfect black pearls that kept releasing a charming temptation, and her lips were like a fresh cherry. With her remarkably soft chest, her whole body was trying to draw in Qingfeng Li.

Ruyan Liu was very charming, such a reversal of all living creatures. While she was dancing, her body kept touching Qingfeng intentionally.

This little slut is seducing me again. Qingfeng Li’s face was turning reddish. His whole body was turned on. He just wished to put her down on the floor right away. However, this was the banquet hall. He could not do the thing he wanted.

Watching the look of trying to suppress urges that Qingfeng was showing, Ruyan Liu smiled. She finally felt complacent. She was seducing Qingfeng Li on purpose. She wanted to let him know what would happen if he danced with Xue Lin first but not her next time.

"Hey, Xue Lin is watching us." Ruyan Liu noticed that Xue Lin was staring at them.

Ruyan Liu’s eyes turned and she kissed Qingfeng’s face directly with her red lips.

"Why did you kiss me?" Qingfeng Li touched his face, confused, and suddenly, he felt a murderous aura.

Xue Lin walked to the place that Ruyan Liu and Qingfeng Li were dancing with her murderous gaze. She was really unhappy. She knew that this was provocation from Ruyan Liu.

"President Xue Lin, we are dancing right now. Why are you here?" Ruyan Liu smiled, and asked.

"You bitch, how can you kiss him!" Xue Lin became angry and said with anger.

"What the hell, who you are calling the bitch?!"

"You, of course."

"President Xue Lin, you are a beautiful lady, but how come your words are so ugly? How could I just become a bitch?"

By hearing Xue Lin call her a bitch, Ruyan Liu became unhappy. She only kissed Qingfeng. How could she become a bitch like this? She thought Xue Lin was being unreasonable. Qingfeng did not get married yet, how come she could not kiss him.

"Bitch, I am warning you. Do not seduce Qingfeng Li or kiss him again." Xue Lin frowned and warned Ruyan Liu.

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