My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 234: A Dance with Xue Lin

Chapter 234: A Dance with Xue Lin

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Inside the Golden Bay Club.

At the moment, the entire hall was bustling with activity. Many people gathered around Bernard and Smith and tried to please them.

Of course, there were even more people who were trying to please Qingfeng. Many brave rich girls even walked to Qingfeng’s side and asked for his phone number.

But Qingfeng turned down all the requests from these girls. Xue Lin was right by his side. He dared not accept the phone numbers of these girls or give them his phone number.

"You are quite popular," Xue Lin said as she smiled charmingly. Her smile attracted the attention of everyone.

As the number one beauty of Eastern Sea City, Xue Lin had a flock of admirers. Many people knew of her. Some men came up to flirt with her but Xue Lin ignored them completely. Thus, the men could walk away.

Some rich men refused to give up and still wanted to talk with Xue Lin. They invited her to dance with them but Qingfeng stepped up at this crucial moment and scared them away with a single glare. The multimillionaires dared not view Qingfeng as a salesperson any longer. Have you ever met a salesperson who could make Bernard bow in respect? Qingfeng was the first salesperson who accomplished that feat.

"Can I have the honor of having a dance with the beautiful Xue Lin?" Qingfeng bowed forward lightly and held out his palm.

His form was perfect and greatly impressed Xue Lin... It was a standard form of Western aristocrats.

"Okay, I will give you a chance, " Xue Lin said with a smile as she walked towards the dancing area amidst the jealous looks of the onlookers.

"It is difficult to dance. There is no way this fellow knows how to dance."

"You are right. It is impossible for one to dance without 8 or 10 years of practice. I don’t think they will dance well."

"I’m so mad. How can my goddess, Xue Lin, dance with a man?" The people of in the hall were all jealous and upset.

Even though Qingfeng came from a strong background and could make Bernard bow towards him in respect, Xue Lin was more charming. Xue Lin was the goddess of the men of Eastern Sea City.

But now, Xue Lin was about to dance with Qingfeng. Everyone was jealous of Qingfeng.

Testosterone could blind the eyes of men. They were unable to see the leaps and bounds between themselves and Qingfeng.

"Which dance do you know?" Xue Lin wore a pair of black heels and a dress with a slight cut. She was gorgeous with a trace of seductiveness.

Xue Lin knew that ordinary people did not know how to dance. A dancer needed to have undergone training under professional instructors since they were young.

If you had no talent, you should not learn dance. This was the standard for the dancing community. The exception was if you were a genius.

Of course, disco and pole dancing were not true forms of dance. Aristocrats typically danced the Waltz, Latin or Royal dance.

Without instruction and practice, it was impossible for one to know how to dance. Xue Lin did not think that Qingfeng knew how to dance.

"I know every kind of dance. Let us dance the waltz first."

Qingfeng smiled slightly as he took a step forward. His right hand was around Xue Lin’s waist and his left hand held her pale palm. He stepped forward with his right leg and started dancing with Xue Lin.

Xue Lin’s waist was small and soft. Her skin was silky smooth like high-quality silk.

"You really know how to dance?" A flash of surprise appeared in Xue Lin’s beautiful eyes.

From Qingfeng’s movements, it was apparent that he was highly skilled in dancing. His movements were very proficient. It was as if he had years of dancing experience. Even Xue Lin who had started dance lessons when she was three did not dance as well as him.

"What an interesting person. He danced even better than me." A look of delight appeared in Xue Lin’s eyes.

"F*ck. This fellow really knows how to dance?"

"Look, his steps are agile and fluent. It is as if he has danced for dozens of years."

"You’re right. Even my dance teacher does not dance as well as him."

The people in the hall were all stunned.

They had just mocked Qingfeng and said that he could not dance but in the blink of an eye, Qingfeng had slapped the faces of those that looked down on him. He not only knew how to dance but was highly skilled.

Where did this fellow come from? How could he be so skilled in dancing? Even the number one beauty of Eastern Sea City, Xue Lin, was attracted to him. The surrounding people were all jealous of Qingfeng. They wished that they were in Qingfeng's position and had their arms around Xue Lin.

"She is indeed the number one beauty of Eastern Sea City. What a beauty."

She was at least 1.75m and was as tall as Qingfeng because of her heels. She had great proportions; her body was gorgeous and seductive.

Her chest was really big as well. Her breasts were about to spill out from her clothes. The flash of white was very seductive and her cleavage attracted one’s glance.

Qingfeng looked heatedly towards Xue Lin’s chest. He wanted to rub them with his hands.

"Don’t look." Xue Lin became flustered as a flash of uneasiness appeared in her eyes.

This was the first time that Xue Lin danced with a man. She was not used to it. Qingfeng’s invasive gaze made her flush. Qingfeng smiled slightly when he heard Xue Lins words. He looked away and started to lean towards Xue Lin.

"Don’t come so close." Xue Lin was slightly nervous when she saw Qingfeng who was a few inches away.

Even though this fellow danced well, but he kept moving towards her. It was clear that he did not have good intentions. Xue Lin was shy and bashful. Of course, this time, Qingfeng did not listen to Xue Lin’s words. He lips quickly moved towards Xue Lin’s lips and he quickly kissed her. Xue Lin’s face became red and she stared blankly forward. She was dazed. She did not expect Qingfeng to be so brave as to kiss her in front of everyone.

Of course, the reason Qingfeng kissed Xue Lin to announce to everyone that Xue Lin was his woman. No one should have their sights on her.

"F*ck, someone kissed my goddess."

"Bastard, you shameless bastard."

"On behalf of all the men of Eastern Sea City, I despise you!"

At the banquet, some were cursing that Qingfeng is shameless, and some were jealous that Qingfeng got to dance with their goddess.

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