My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 230: Both Women Have a Little Plan

Chapter 230: Both Women Have a Little Plan

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"You own the Golden Bay Club?" Xue Lin frowned and couldn't hide the surprise in her eyes.

"Yes, there will be some French and Danes coming tonight, and it was me that wanted to invite you to the Red Wine Banquet." Ruyan Liu smiled lovely at Xue Lin.

In fact, what Xue Lin didn't know about was that her invitation was given by Ruyan Liu, as Ruyan Liu sensed that her relationship with Qingfeng Li was not normal.

Ruyan Liu’s purpose of inviting Xue Lin was to try to figure out the relation between her and Qingfeng Li.

Xue Lin struggled about going inside for a moment after knowing that it was Ruyan Liu’s club. It was common for a beautiful woman to resist another beautiful woman by instinct.

Unfortunately, Xue Lin had to go since Qingfeng Li already stepped inside. Leaving her husband alone with that vixen would cause her to worry endlessly.

That was right! Ruyan Liu was a vixen! This thought had been in Xue Lin’s mind for a while. She had always maintained keen vigilance about this woman.

Xue Lin was trying to find out Ruyan Liu’s relationship with Qingfeng Li, while the same thing concerned Ruyan Liu. Both of them had a plan in their mind.

"Qingfeng Li knows Ruyan Liu?" Kai Wang couldn’t believe what he just found out.

Who was Ruyan Liu? Everyone knew that she was the CEO of the Liu Corporation, as well as the eldest daughter of the Liu family in the capital. How could she have anything to do with some normal guy like Qingfeng Li? In addition to Kai Wang, everyone around was shocked.

Although as shocked as everyone else, Kai Wang didn't dare to bother Ruyan Liu. However, he could still pick on Qingfeng Li with ease. He sneered with coldness and walked to the Red Wine Banquet with Haiyang Chen, Jun Li and a couple of other people.

It was said that there would be a French billionaire coming to the dinner. If anyone was able to get to know this rich French guy, then that family’s business would develop into prosperity with no doubt.

The interior decoration of Golden Bay Club was as luxurious as the outside. The floor, walls, ceiling, everything was made of gold.

It was apparent that Ruyan Liu had eyes only for gold, even the chairs and tables were golden.

Qingfeng Li also met some acquaintances in the club, such as Tianci Zhang, the Young Master Zhang, and Yunchang Xu, the chairman of the antique association.

The lobby of the club was so large that it took up a thousand square meter. There stood four golden dining tables in the middle that were decade meters long each. All the tables were covered in a variety of food, such as cakes, cheese, sandwiches, tarts, apples, kiwi fruits, and grapes.

In addition to the gourmet, all kinds of wines were also offered. For example, Changyu Cavernet, Great Wall red wine and Dynasty wine.

Qingfeng Li was starving because he hadn’t eaten anything since lunch. Therefore, he picked up some cakes and started eating right away.

"Who is that guy? It is so rude of him eating before the host announces the dinner is ready. "

"That is right. I heard that a rich French will come tonight, he will disgrace all the Chinese."

"What I heard about is that not only French will come, but also Danes."

All the people around started talking widely about Qingfeng Li, they stared at him with contempt.

In fact, the people who despised Qingfeng Li were starving since they wanted to have dinner too. However, they had to wait since Ruyan Liu hadn’t made the announcement and the special French guest hadn't arrived yet.

"Ladies and gentlemen, you are very welcome to the Red Wine Banquet tonight. I just got the news that Mr. Bernard from France and Baron Smith from Denmark are at the doorway now. Please hold on for a minute as I go greet them."

Ruyan Liu smiled lovely at everyone in the lobby, then headed outside to meet Mr. Bernard and Baron Smith.

A hubbub of voices filled up the lobby, after the guests heard what Ruyan Liu just said. Surprise flashed on everyone’s face.

"Mr. Bernard, the rich Frenchman in the Top 100 Forbes Global. He is not only an ultra-rich businessman, but also the owner of the largest wine vineyard in France."

"Yeah, not to mention Baron Smith is here too. He is from the Danish royal family."

"I have neither seen Mr. Bernard ever in my life, nor Baron Smith, it will be such an eye-opening day for me. "

"As the CEO of Liu Corporation, Ruyan Liu was indeed resourceful to be able to invite these celebrities. "

People in the lobby whispered to each other, couldn’t be more shocked by Ruyan Liu’s strong background.

Meanwhile, at the gate of Golden Bay Club.

Two Rolls-Royce parked at the front, two people then got out of the cars, one of them was a middle-age man of imposing stature with blonde hair and blue eyes, and a straight nose.

His name was Bernard, the French billionaire and also the owner of the largest wine vineyard in France.

The other person was a young man in his twenties, dressed in aristocratic clothes. He looked very handsome and charming with his fair skin, blonde hair and blue eyes.

This young man was someone that could not be neglected, as he was from the Danish royal family, and also a baron, who had an honorable status.

"Welcome to my Red Wine Banquet, Mr. Bernard and Baron Smith. It is my great honor to have both of you here. Please allow me to express our welcome and gratitude in the warmest way, and to appreciate your visit to China from the other side of the world." said Ruyan Liu, with a sweet smile.

"You are welcome Miss Liu, your father and I are close friends. I would like to ask you for a favour this time." Bernard replied in mandarin and smiled at Ruyan Liu.

His mandarin was very fluent and standard. Apparently, he learned it especially for the visit.

Ask me to do a favour?

Ruyan Liu’s charming face turned confused. She knew Bernard quite well, he was a billionaire in France, and his family was ultra rich. They were close with her father, and she could only be considered as a junior to him in terms of generation.

What made Ruyan Liu even more confused was that Bernard asked her for help. It didn’t make sense to her, since Bernard was a good friend of her father and her father would be willing to help him with no doubt. Then why did he bother coming to Eastern Sea City to look for her?

It seemed like that Bernard sensed her confusion. He smiled and continued, "Miss Liu, actually Baron Smith and I came here to look for someone. We know that you are well connected to many people and very resourceful, therefore, we would like to ask you for help."

Look for someone?

Ruyan Liu figured out immediately, the main reason why both of them came here from France and Denmark was to look for someone.

"Mr. Bernard, may I ask for the name of the person you are looking for?" Ruyan Liu slightly lifted her red lips and asked.

"I am looking for Wolf King of the Wolf Continent."

"Wolf King of the Wolf Continent, who is that?"

"Oh, he has another name, Qingfeng Li. Do you know him?" Bernard stared at Ruyan Liu, with hope filling his eyes.

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