My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 229: The Red Wine Banquet

Chapter 229: The Red Wine Banquet

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Qingfeng Li and Xue Lin had been shopping the whole afternoon, and after that, they drove their BMW to the Red Wine Banquet.

The Red Wine Banquet was held at the Golden Bay Club, which was the top private club in Eastern Sea City. The admission requirement was so strict that you might not be allowed in even if you had five billion Yuan in your deposit.

Only people who achieved preeminence in their areas had access to the Golden Bay Club, such as a brilliant medical specialist, an extraordinary pianist, or a superb singer.

In the example of Xue Lin, she was the most beautiful woman in Eastern Sea City, that was why she got invited to the Red Wine Banquet.

It was said that the background of the Golden Bay Club was mysterious. The person who invested in the club had an unbelievable network.

They arrived at the club after forty minutes. Xue Lin parked the car and said with a sweet smile on her face, "Here we are, you can get out of the car now."

Qingfeng Li smiled slightly, he opened the car door and got off. He was not really into this kind of Red Wine Banquet, but he had to go since Xue Lin was invited.

The most important thing was, of course, he could dance with her during the dinner. The purpose of him being part of the dinner was so that he could dance with Xue Lin.

"What a luxurious club!" as soon as Xue Lin arrived at the gate of the Golden Bay Gate, she started to admire the venue.

The Golden Bay Club was indeed the top club in Eastern Sea City, it was extremely luxurious. Golden marble was laid all over the surface of the building, like the look of Green Hotel, but way more high-class. On the marble, there were carved patterns of the sea and beach. That was how it got the name Golden Bay.

In front of the Golden Bay Club, there were parked countless luxury cars.

People who went to Golden Bay Club were all billionaires, CEOs, celebrities. Therefore, the cars they owned must be the best.

At the gate of Golden Bay Club, there were two pretty ceremonial usherettes dressed in white cheongsams, showing their snow-white long legs, which was really attractive.

"Hello, please show me your invitation." said a sweet voice as Xue Lin was about to enter the club.

Xue Lin looked up and found out that it was the pretty beauty in a cheongsam on the left.

Xue Lin gave her a smile, reached for the invitation in her pocket but was suddenly shocked because there was nothing in her pocket.

Where was the invitation? She did remember to put it in her pocket before she left home. Xue Lin searched all her pockets, but still couldn’t find it. She was getting out of countenance.

"What is the matter?" seeing Xue Lin in panic, Qingfeng Li went up to her.

Xue Lin frowned and said, "I might have lost the invitation, I can’t find it."

What? Qingfeng Li rolled his eyes. No one would be allowed in without the invitation.

"You can’t go inside without the invitation. Please move out of the way, there are other guests coming." said the lady on the left with no patience, the smile on her face also disappeared.

As far as she concerned, these people in front of her were probably swindlers, trying to go to the club without invitation, that was impossible.

"Hmm, here you are, there is no way to avoid your enemy." suddenly came a cold voice.

Qingfeng Li turned around and found out that the voice was from a young guy who looked so pale and sick, with his eyes having a hallowed look.

This sick guy was Kai Wang, Young Master of the Wang Family. Obviously, Qingfeng Li knew him.

At the meantime, there were two young guys following Kai Wang, who were none other than Haiyang Chen, the Young Master of the Chen Family and Jun Li, the Young Master of Li of the Li Family.

With no doubt, the Li family in Eastern Sea City was only a branch of the Li family in Hua Xia, it was more proper to be called an offshoot of the branch. Jun Li was just the master of the Li family in Eastern Sea City, which would be counted as nothing if it was in the capital.

"Did you get any better?" Qingfeng Li shot a glance at Kai Wang, and those few casual words already made Kai Wang livid with rage.

He had pointed out that he had some unspeakable disease in the charity party last time, which gave him enough humiliation. Therefore, he was really infuriated.

"Hmm, it is not your business whether I got better or not. But you, trying to get into the Red Wine Banquet without an invitation, what a joke." Kai Wang mocked while sneering at Qingfeng Li.

Haiyang Chen was standing beside him in silence. He had been taken advantage by Qingfeng Li and knew he was tough. Thus, Haiyang Chen just kept his mouth shut. Unlike Haiyang Chen, Kai Wang apparently knew nothing about it, so he continued mocking Qingfeng Li with no hesitation.

"Who said that my little brother couldn’t get in?" A lovely voice arrived, accompanied with giggles.

Based on the charming voice, Qingfeng Li could tell it had to be Ruyan Liu even without looking.

Like he thought, Ruyan Liu was walking towards them in a red dress. Ruyan Liu dressed up gorgeously for the Red Wine Banquet. Her face looked more stunning with a layer of makeup, her eyes were shining with a delicate eyeliner above her beautiful eyelashes.

She was strikingly beautiful in a red dress, matched with a pair of red high heels, as if she was a blooming red rose, tender and charming.

"Hello, Miss Liu." Kai Wang started to greet Ruyan Liu with respect as soon as he saw her.

There was no doubt that Kai Wang knew her. She was the eldest daughter from the Liu family in the capital. No one in Eastern Sea City had more influence than she did.

As for Haiyang Chen and Jun Li, they showed great respect to Ruyan Liu, since they couldn’t afford to offend her either.

Although the Big Four in Eastern Sea City were well-known, they counted for nothing in the eyes of Liu Corporation. As long as the Liu family wished, the four families could be obliterated and go up in smoke. This was how powerful the Liu family was.

Ruyan Liu walked right up to Xue Lin and Qingfeng Li without looking at Kai Wang and other people around. Kai Wang’s face was suddenly downcast, he held his fists tight, and felt extremely humiliated by her apathy towards them.

People used to pat Kai Wang on the back to show their respect. However, Ruyan Liu was not like them as she ignored him, and didn't even shoot him look when he tried to say hello.

Although Kai Wang was angry, or even raging because he got ignored, he had to bury his rage deep inside thinking of her background.

In fact, Ruyan Liu did that on purpose, as Kai Wang had the guts to mock Qingfeng Li. Therefore, she felt it was necessary to teach him a lesson.

"Let's get inside." Ruyan Liu walked up to Xue Lin and Qingfeng Li and said with a bright smile on her face.

Xue Lin frowned and didn't respond anything to Ruyan Liu’s invitation. She considered this charming woman as a threat to her.

"How can we get in without the invitation?" asked Qingfeng Li with confusion.

"No invitation is required, the Golden Bay Club is under my name." Ruyan Liu answered with a lovely smile.

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