My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 231: Someone is Not Clapping

Chapter 231: Someone is Not Clapping

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"You are looking for Qingfeng?" A flash of surprise appeared on Ruyan Liu’s seductive face she heard Bernard’s words.

What did she hear? He said he was looking for the Wolf King of the Wolf Continent, Qingfeng Li?

As the daughter of the Liu Family, Ruyan Liu had naturally heard of the legend of the King. The King was the strongest person in that continent and had stronger powers than everyone else.

"Mr. Bernard, I know someone who is called Qingfeng Li, but I don't know if he is the person you are looking for," Ruyan Liu said with a smile.

Even though she knew Qingfeng, but there were many people in Eastern Sea City who had the same name. She was not sure if the person Bernard was looking for was the Qingfeng she knew.

"Oh my god. It looks like my decision to come to Eastern Sea City is correct. I just arrived here but I have already obtained news about the Wolf King. This is great! Oh yeah, what is the identity of the Qingfeng Li you know?" A happy smile broke out on Bernard’s face.

For Bernard, hearing news about Qingfeng was the best news in the world. He travelled far from France to Eastern Sea City just to meet the Wolf King and seek his help.

"He is an employee of Ice Snow Corporation. He is a salesperson."

"A salesperson. Are you sure he is only a salesperson?"

"Mr. Bernard, of course, I am certain. He is a salesperson."

"Sigh, it seems like this Qingfeng is not the Wolf King I seek."

Bernard shook his fair face. The disappointment was obvious in his eyes. How could the man he respected the most in the world be a salesperson?

In his impression, the Wolf King was prideful and strong. Someone once offered 10 million dollars for him to be the security consultant of their company. Yes, a security consultant who did not even have to go to work. Truthfully, the person wanted to use Qingfeng’s influence and power to protect the company. But his offer was rejected by the Wolf King.

Wolf King did not even want an annual salary of 10 million dollars. Why would he become a salesperson with a monthly salary of a few thousand Yuan?

A flash of disappointment appeared on Baron Smith’s face as well when he heard that Qingfeng was a salesperson. Clearly, his thoughts were the same as Bernard. Why would a strong figure like Wolf King be a salesperson?

For multimillionaires and aristocrats like them, a salesperson was a lowly job.

"Mr. Bernard, Baron Smith, rest assured. I will try my best to help you find the Wolf King," Ruyan Liu smiled apologetically.

She felt that Qingfeng did not seem like the legendary Wolf King. After all, the Wolf King was the strongest existence of all. He must be arrogant and prideful.

When the King was angered, blood would flow. The ground would shake if he stomped his foot. He watched over the entire world. The King disregarded everyone. Even if the CEO of the Liu Corporation invited him to be the CEO of the company, he would not agree. How could it be possible for him to be a salesperson at Ice Snow Corporation? It was impossible.

Honestly, the Ice Snow Corporation was a big company worth a couple hundred million Yuan. But in the eyes of Ruyan Liu who was a CEO of company worth a couple billion Yuan, the Ice Snow Corporation was a small company.

A person’s perspective differed depending on where they stood in life. For an ordinary worker, a monthly salary of 5000 Yuan was great. But for a manager of a company, a monthly salary of 50,000 Yuan was too little.

"Let’s go. I will bring you guys to the Red Wine Banquet. The guests are waiting for us," Ruyan Liu smiled seductively and led the two to the interior of the Golden Bay Club.

Bernard and Smith did not react to the luxurious decorations. They seemed used to it. This impressed Ruyan Liu slightly. They were indeed worthy of the title of France’s multimillionaire and aristocrat of Denmark as they did not react to the decorations that costed her 10 million Yuan to purchase.

At the moment, everyone in the hall stared intently at the entrance. They all wanted to meet the legendary multimillionaire from France and the Baron of Denmark.

The Wine Banquet was only a method for the upper class to network and meet more important people.

If they could meet a multimillionaire, impress them and obtain a business project, they would hit jackpot and become rich. Even though everyone in the hall was part of the elite of Eastern Sea city, but they could not be compared to Bernard who was on the Forbes top 100 rich list.

When Ruyan Liu lead Smith and Bernard to the hall, everyone stood up and applauded loudly.

Applauding was a way to show their welcome. It showed that they strongly welcomed the two people. Even Xue Lin applauded. As for Haiyang Chen, Kai Wang and the others, they clapped so hard that their palms were red. They all yearned for Bernard’s attention.

The only person who did not clap was Qingfeng. He still held onto the cake plate and was eating the cake. He did not even raise his head and did not realize when Ruyan Liu lead the two into the hall.

The surrounding people looked at Qingfeng with disdain when they saw that he was not applauding. They felt that this person was so impolite. How could he not clap even when the France multimillionaire and Baron of Denmark has arrived. How rude.

"What a peasant. It is no wonder he can only be a salesperson," Kai Wang muttered as he looked at Qingfeng with disdain.

Not only Kai Wang, even Haiyang Chen, Jun Li looked at Qingfeng with disdain.

In their eyes, Qingfeng was a peasant who did not know the etiquette of upper society. When one was meeting international people, they had to be respectful and welcoming.

Qingfeng did not care about the looks of the onlookers. In his heart, a full stomach was more important.

"Oh my god, Mr Bernard is so young. He looks like he is only 30 years old."

"Of course, rich people are all concerned about their health. He sleeps well and eats well. Of course he looks young."

"Look, Baron Smith is so good looking. His light blue eyes are like sapphires. They are so charming."

"Sigh, Baron Smith is an aristocrat. I will be extremely happy if he spared me a single glance."

The surrounding people all exclaimed and praised as they applauded.

The men were envious of Bernard’s wealth and youth. The women loved Smith’s charms and good looks. The French and Danish men attracted the attention of everyone once they walked into the room.

"Ms Liu, Hua Xia people are so welcoming," Bernard said to Ruyan Liu with a smile.

He lifted his head slightly with pride. He had the right to be proud because no one in the room was richer than him.

Bernard was a smart man and knew that the people in the hall were trying to please him. This greatly pleased him. He liked to be the center of attention.

Smith also lifted his head arrogantly. He was an aristocrat and a member of the royal family. Naturally, he felt superior to others.

"Oh, there is someone who is not applauding," Bernard said as he pointed at Qingfeng. His expression had changed slightly.

Since Qingfeng was looking down and eating his cake, Bernard could not see his face. He only felt that the figure looked quite familiar.

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