My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 22: The Crying Little Beauty

Chapter 22: The Crying Little Beauty

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"Xiaoyue, you are the employee of the month in the sales department, after all, I trust that the one million yuan debt from the Three-Yuan Gang can be collected by you for sure." Bo Wang repeated after seeing that it seemed like Xiaoyue Zhang didn’t hear him properly.

After hearing what Bo Wang repeat it, Xiaoyue Zhang’s charming face was paper white. Her body was shaking because she was kind of scared.

The Three-Yuan Gang was very famous in Eastern Sea city. It was made up of a bunch of thugs and they often fought in the city and collected protection fees.

The leader of the clan bought a million yuan worth of jewelry from the sales department half a year ago, but he didn’t pay. The sales department went to ask more than a dozen times and still weren’t able to collect it.

There was a salesperson who had his arm broken during the process of collecting debt, and he had to stay in the hospital for a month.

From then on, people in the sales department never dared to ask to collect that debt. The one million yuan became bad debt.

Bo Wang wanted Xiaoyue Zhang to go collect the debt. This was clearly making life difficult for her on purpose.

She was a powerless girl, how could she be taken seriously by these good-for-nothings. With her beauty, she was afraid that she would get eaten alive by these good-for-nothings without anything left.

"Manager Wang, the Three-Yuan Gang is made up of a group of thugs. I am a girl, how could I get back that one million yuan in debt." Xiaoyue Zhang’s face turned white when she tried to argue.

"Xiaoyue Zhang, I am giving you two choices. One, go collect the million RMB debt from the Three-Yuan Gang. Two, be my woman. I can take care of you in the sales department."

Bo Wang giggled as he finally showed his wolf tail.

The only reason why he wanted Xiaoyue Zhang to collect the bad debt was to threaten her to be his woman.

"Xiaoyue, what do you think?" Seeing Xiaoyue Zhang’s pale face and sadness, Bo Wang felt very excited.

You little girl, aren’t you proud. When I gifted you roses, you didn’t want them and said Qingfeng Li was your boyfriend. Watch me play you to death, nobody can save you this time.

"You, you are shameless. I will never be your woman." Xiaoyue Zhang was extremely angry at how shameless this guy was and yelled at him.

"Hmph, I will give you an hour to think about it. Be my woman or go collect the debt, if you can not collect the debt successfully, then you can get out."

Bo Wang had an evil look on his face, his eyes were full of threats.

"In your dreams." Xiaoyue Zhang yelled loudly and walked out of the office towards the sales department with a pale face.

"Little sister Xiaoyue, what happened to you?" Qingfeng asked with concern after seeing Xiaoyue Zhang’s pale face that was like she had lost her soul.

He clearly remembered that Xiaoyue Zhang was just chatting and laughing with him. How was it that after a couple of minutes, she was acting like she had lost her soul.

In his memories, this was a keen and extremely optimistic girl. Whoever dared to make her sad deserved to die.

"Big brother Li, I, waaaa…."

After hearing Qingfeng Li’s comforting words, Xiaoyue Zhang could no longer hold her tears in and started to cry loudly. Her beautiful face was covered in tears.

Ice Snow Corporation was a big company in Eastern Sea city. The size of the company was good, they had great benefits. Even normal employees can get a couple of thousands in salary every month.

An excellent employee like Xiaoyue Zhang, in addition to her commissions in selling jewelry, she could get 10 thousand dollars a month.

She seemed to care about this job a lot because her father was sick in the hospital, and every month he incurred a large amount of medical costs.

And these medical costs were all taken on by her.

She couldn’t lose this job, or else her father wouldn’t have money to get medication.

Xiaoyue Zhang’s cries were extremely sad and helpless. Her pretty head lied in Qingfeng Li’s arms, her charming face was covered in tears.

"Little sister Xiaoyue, what happened, you can tell me, I can help you."

Qingfeng Li extended his finger to wipe off the tears from her eye and comforted her quietly.

After hearing Qingfeng Li’s words, Xiaoyue Zhang stopped crying and was about to talk about Bo Wang’s threat but then she remembered that he had only been here for three days. Even if she told him it wouldn’t solve anything.

Thinking about this, she started crying again.

"Xiaoyue, if you still think I am your friend then tell me, or I would think you don’t think I am your friend."

Qingfeng Li pinched her face and said with determination.

Seeing how sad Xiaoyue Zhang was, and how helpless and delicate she was, he had the thought of wanting to protect her.

"Big Brother Li. That manager Bo Wang gave me two choices. One was to be his woman. Two was to go collect the million yuan of debt from the Three-Yuan Gang."

"Bo Wang this dumb*ss. He dared to threaten you, I am going to go beat him up."

"Big Brother Li, don’t. If you beat Bo Wang up you will get fired."

Xiaoyue Zhang immediately stood up and pulled Qingfeng Li back, stopping him from engaging in any violent activities.

"Xiaoyue. Bo Wang has a human face but the heart of an animal. You absolutely cannot be his woman." Qingfeng Li was scared that she might give in so he comforted her immediately.

How could he let a pig like Bo Wang ruin such a pretty woman?

"Li, don’t worry, even if I die, I still wouldn’t be Bo Wang’s woman." Xiaoyue Zhang nodded and said with determination.

She had already decided, if Bo Wang kicked her out of Ice Snow Corporation, then she will go sell her blood and her kidney. She must earn money to help pay for her father’s medical bills.

"Xiaoyue, you said that if you could collect on the million RMB debt from the Three-Yuan Gang, then Bo Wang would stop trying to embarrass you right?"

"Yes, big brother Li, but the people who owe us money are all gangsters. It is impossible to collect their debt."

"Xiaoyue, you come with me, the million yuan debt of the Three-Yuan Gang, I will help you collect it." Qingfeng Li waved his hand and said bravely.

"Haha, this is so funny, what did I hear. Qingfeng Li said he will collect the million yuan debt from the Three-Yuan Gang?"

"Hmph, I can bet that he definitely cannot collect on that million yuan of debt."

"Exactly, the person that went last time got his arm broken. He is still in the hospital now."

The dozen of salespeople inside the office were all discussing. They were all ridiculing Qingfeng Li. They thought that there was no way he could collect that million yuan in debt.

Not only those salespeople, even Xiaoyue Zhang didn’t think they could collect on that debt.

"Big brother Li, there are only two of us. How can we go against those gangsters?"

Xiaoyue Zhang said with some hesitation, her charming face was full of worries.

The Three-Yuan Gang had tens of gangsters. They were all brutal and a lot of the people who were beaten up by them didn’t even dare to speak up.

"Xiaoyue, then you want to be Bo Wang’s woman?"

"No, I don’t want that."

"That’s right, since you don’t want to be Bo Wang’s woman, then come with me to collect that million yuan debt. Trust me, they will definitely give us the money."

Qingfeng Li smiled full of pride and confidence.

He was Wolf King, collecting debts should be easy. If they didn’t give it to him then he will beat them up. He will beat them until they give back the money.

Fists speak louder than words.

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