My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 21: How About No Divorce...For Now

Chapter 21: How About No Divorce...For Now

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"Wife, do you remember now? Let’s go get our divorce." Qingfeng Li raised his eyebrows and said.

This glamourous wife, shouldn’t she be very smart? How could she be so forgetful? A normal person probably wouldn’t forget such an important life event.

Regardless of whether Xue Lin really forgot or she pretended to forget, he still had to remind her.

"Mhm, wait for a bit, I will go get the marriage certificate, residence book, and ID."

Xue Lin’s red lips rose up. She carried her slim body on her black high heels towards the second floor. These were all things that were needed for a divorce.

A minute later.

Xue Lin walked down with a cold face and said lightly, "I can’t find our marriage certificate. Maybe I lost it at Tian He Road when we got caught in the assassination yesterday."

"Then what do we do? Without the marriage certificate, how do we get a divorce?" Qingfeng Li shook his head, really worried.

You must bring your marriage certificate for a divorce. It counted as proof. Without it, you naturally could not get divorced.

"Then… let’s not divorce… for now… until we find the marriage certificate, I am going to work, you should go to work in a bit too. Remember, don’t publicize our relationship in the office."

A look of slyness flashed across Xue Lin’s beautiful eyes as she walked out with a neutral expression.

In reality, the marriage certificate was in the room on the second floor, but it was hidden by Xue Lin. She didn’t want to get a divorce now.

Poor Wolf King. He had been a hero all of his life and now he was tricked by a woman.

"Sigh, can’t even divorce. This is so sad."

Qingfeng sighed, he was very sad, he had to face this glamourous CEO wife again.

"Whatever, I guess I will go to work."

Qingfeng Li glanced at the sunlight outside and decided to go to work first.

To be honest, even if they did get a divorce, he wouldn’t dare leave Eastern Sea city easily. Now that the three kings in the world have arrived in Huaxia, and Xue Lin was his wife, once he left, Xue Lin would probably be killed by them.

Before killing off the three kings, he decided to live with Xue Lin temporarily so he could conveniently protect her.

When Qingfeng Li wore his camouflage and waddled out of the neighbourhood, he noticed that all the guards at the gate were looking at him oddly and discussing nonstop.

Noble Palace was the most high-end neighbourhood in Eastern Sea city. These were all European-style houses. The people who lived here were all famous or rich. You could grab anybody and he would be worth tens of millions or billions of yuan.

These famous people all wore branded clothes like Playboy, Versace, and Chanel. They costed tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of yuan.

People who wore camouflage that cost less than 100 yuan like Qingfeng Li, he would be the first one and the only one. With just one look, everyone could tell that he was poor, so naturally they didn’t need to treat them well.

He was too lazy to care about what the guards thought anyway.

To him, money was just a number. If he wanted money, then he could take on any kind of mercenary mission and it’d be tens of millions of dollars, it was just that he was too lazy.

Half an hour later.

Qingfeng Li arrived at the Ice Snow Corporation under the boiling sun.

Even from very far away, he could see the luxury building that was over 20 floors very clearly.

Xue Lin was able to occupy the best floor in the luxury building, the third floor. As it could be seen that she was pretty powerful and had a top notch business mindset.

Even though he wasn’t that interested in this glamorous wife, he had to admit that this glamorous wife was very good at doing business. The fact that she could develop the company into what it is today proves that she was very skilled.

The Business Queen. That would be the biggest compliment the business world had given her.

"Big brother Li, you are late to work today."

Right when Qingfeng Li came to the door at the sales department, a crisp voice called out to him.

He turned around and noted that the person speaking was a pretty girl.

The pretty girl was wearing a blue office lady uniform. She had a charming face, sparkling teeth, and her chest was like two papayas trying to escape her clothes and jump out.

This cute little girl was not anybody else, it was Xiaoyue Zhang.

"Eh, Xiaoyue, just pretend you didn’t see me."

"Qingfeng, you have only been working for three days and you have already started to arrive late. This is wrong!"

Xiaoyue Zhang’s face stayed charming and she said with anger.

Yesterday, Qingfeng Li was playing games and she had already covered up for him. Today he was late, this made her very mad.

She was a keen employee that performed well. Last month, she was recognized as an excellent employee by the sales department.

She hated those people that were late to work.

If this was anyone else who was late, she would’ve reported them already, but because this was Qingfeng Li, even though she was still kind of angry, she decided to give him another chance.

Seeing Xiaoyue Zhang’s pink face from anger, Qingfeng smiled slightly. He thought that she was very cute and really cared about her job. To see that there were such good employees like her at his wife’s company, he felt lucky for her wife.

"You are still laughing! You are late but you are still laughing!"

"Okay, Xiaoyue, don’t be angry anymore, I won’t laugh anymore."

"I won’t report you this time, but don’t be late next time."

"Got it, thanks Xiaoyue."

Qingfeng Li said his thanks. He thought this cute little girl was really adorable.

"Hurry and go to work, or it would be horrible if you were caught by someone else." Xiaoyue Zhang smiled charmingly and said.

"Mhm, got it." Qingfeng Li said, turned around and jogged into the sales department.

Seeing how Qingfeng Li went into the sales department like a thief, Xiaoyue Zhang smiled, because it was humorous.

From this laugh, it was suddenly like hundreds of flowers bloomed. Bright and beautiful, the whole hallway lit up from that smile.

"Xiaoyue Zhang, come to my office." Suddenly, an annoying voice came over.

Xiaoyue Zhang turned around and her face immediately changed, the person who called her to the office was Bo Wang.

Bo Wang was the manager of the sales department and she was just a regular employee of the sales department, so she could only follow him to his office.

Inside the office.

Bo Wang closed the door and window and looked at Xiaoyue Zhang’s pretty face and papaya sized chest. His eyes were full of fire. He really wanted to peel her clothes off and swallow her in his mouth.

Seeing the fire in Bo Wang’s eyes, Xiaoyue Zhang’s charming face was cautious. She looked down and didn’t dare to look at him. The eyes he was looking at her with were like a wolf that was watching a little white rabbit. It scared her.

"Xiaoyue, I have a job for you, you must complete it." Bo Wang touched his hair and said with a smile.

"Manager, what job? Tell me."

Xiaoyue Zhang clenched her small hands and asked disturbingly. She could already feel that this was not going to be a good job.

Ever since she rejected Bo Wang the last time, he began to target her and kept on finding problems for her during work. Sometimes he would say her reports were unclear. Other times he would say she was not energetic enough at work.

"Xiaoyue, you go collect the 1 million yuan of debt from the Three-Yuan Gang."

Bo Wang’s eyes were hot and stated the job out loud.


The one million yuan uncollected debt from the Three-Yuan Gang?

Xiaoyue Zhang’s red lips were opened slightly, her beautiful eyes were full of disbelief. She felt like she heard it wrong.

This Bo Wang actually wanted her to collect the one million yuan debt from the Three-Yuan Gang?

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