My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 20: The Seven Emperors on Earth

Chapter 20: The Seven Emperors on Earth

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"Tiger King, Poisonous Spider, just you guys wait."

After Xue Lin had left, Qingfeng Li’s face went dark. His whole body was radiating a cold murderous air.

He had conflicts with Tiger King but it was a grudge between the two of them. Yet, the Tiger King dared to bring Xue Lin into it. He wanted to kill Xue Lin, this touched his bottom line which made him enraged.

There was an old saying, trouble cannot be extended to one’s wife and daughter. He didn’t divorce Xue Lin yet so legally, Xue Lin was still his wife. The fact that Tiger King dared to assassinate Xue Lin was the biggest defiance to him.

He turned on his computer, entered the password, and entered a mysterious chat room.

The chat room was all dark and then a huge wolf head appeared. Behind the wolf head was a blonde, beautiful woman, Alice.

"Your majesty Wolf King, did you miss me?" Alice’s skin was pure white. Her red lips were vibrant and she said with a charming look.

If this was a usual call, he would definitely tease Alice a bit, but he wasn’t in the mood today.

"Alice, the Tiger King came to Huaxia. Did you know?"

"No way, we detected that he was still in Thailand yesterday."

"You are sure he is in Thailand?"

"I am sure. If you don’t believe me look at the photos."

After Alice finished speaking, she sent over a photo of Tiger King in Thailand.

The Tiger King was European. He was 190cm in height, had white skin, with blonde curly hair, a high nose, and his lips curved up. After he saw the photo, he was sure that it was Tiger King.

Since Tiger King was in Thailand, then who was the one that came to Huaxia to assassinate him?

He had the intuition that other than Poisonous Spider who tried to assassinate him that time there was definitely someone else. If it wasn’t Tiger King, then there might be a problem.

Could it be some other emperor who also wanted his life?

There were seven kings on Earth, they were the Wolf Continent King, the Tiger Continent King, the Dragon Continent King, the Panther Continent King, the Rat Continent King…

Qingfeng was the Wolf Continent King, and was also ranked first of all the Kings. There were a lot of people who wanted to pull him down from the emperor’s throne. The other six kings all had a motive to assassinate him.

"Alice, I encountered an assassination today, I thought it was the Tiger King who did it, but from now it looks like there is someone else behind this."

"What, Your Majesty Wolf King, you encountered an assassination?"

"Exactly, Alice, go check it out for me. Out of the seven kings, how many of them came to Huaxia?"

"Yes, Your Majesty Wolf King." Alice’s face slightly changed. She put away her charming look and started investigating within the whole the country through a GPS system.

Ten minutes later.

Alice finished collecting data on the seven kings, a flash of paleness appeared on her charming face.

"Your Majesty Wolf King, according to our intelligence, the Panther King from the Panther Continent and the Rat King from the Rat Continent are both in Huaxia. Not only so, the Tiger King also disappeared from Thailand, it is likely that he went to Huaxia as well." Alice’s voice was shaking, it was like she was scared.

Now that three out of the seven kings went to Huaxia, even thinking about it made people scared.

"It looks like these people all want to kill me and get the number one throne." After hearing what Alice had said, Qingfeng smiled coldly. His eyes were full of anger.

He was the number one king. He thought that he could have a peaceful life since he returned to Huaxia. He clearly thought too much and the other kings all came to take his life.

The Wolf King was already angry. If they dared to come assassinate me, then they must prepare to go to Hell.

"Your Majesty Wolf King, the three Kings all went to Huaxia. You are in grave danger, please let the Wolf Fang Clan come and give you support in Huaxia." A flicker of worry appeared on Alice’s charming face, she asked.

"No it’s okay, you guys stay on the Wolf Continent, I have a mission for you guys."

"Your Majesty Wolf King, there is no mission that is more important than your safety."

"Alice, have you heard of the story of surrounding one to save another? The three kings came to Huaxia, so their old nests are definitely empty. I order you guys to go and destroy the nests of the Tiger King, Panther King, and Rat King."

"Yes, Your Majesty Wolf King, we will complete the mission for sure," Alice said with determination.

She knew what the Wolf King meant. It was to kill the backup base of the three kings.

And then Alice and Wolf King discussed some of the details of the mission, and then they closed the chat room and got ready to destroy the old nest of the three kings.

Of course, the first old nest to be destroyed had to be the Tiger King's. He was the Wolf King’s biggest enemy.

"Tiger King, Panther King, Rat King, I will wait for you guys in Huaxia." Qingfeng Li watched the sky outside, sparkling cold light from his eyes.

Only blood could calm the anger of the Wolf King.

A day passed quickly, and Qingfeng Li’s injuries were completely healed.

It must be mentioned that his healing abilities were ridiculous. Even the bullet wounds scarred up.

It shocked Xue Lin greatly.

The next day, the sun had risen. The sunlight shone on the ground and left behind a colorful light.

The weather was great today.

Qingfeng Li got out of bed very early. After he had washed up, he sat in the living room on the first floor, waiting for Xue Lin to come.

Xue Lin’s face was cold. Her nose was slightly tall and she wore a set of black professional wear today. It displayed her elegant body effectively. She was wearing black high heels, and above the heels was her long yet straight legs.

To judge a woman, there were three criteria, chest, face, body.

Xue Lin’s chest was big, it was at least 36D. They were like papayas, almost breaking out of her clothes. Qingfeng Li’s eyes were hot from watching her. He really wanted to squeeze it to test it out but unfortunately his wife wouldn’t let him touch it.

Her face was diamond shaped, sparkled like crystals, and was tender and smooth like a piece of jade. It radiated a seductive luster.

As for her body shape, it was great to the point where it could not be described with words. Her body was graceful, displaying an S-shape. Her legs were snow white in color. They were thin and long, white and tender. It made people want to take a bite and try out the sweet taste.

Qingfeng noticed that Xue Lin's legs were like the long legs of Wanqiu Xia. They were both the best of the best.

Xue Lin’s charming face turned red. She felt really uncomfortable being watched by Qingfeng Li, it was like her body was getting peeled.

She knew that she had a great body. If you recruited all the perverts that stared at her every day, you could form a battalion. However, there was never anyone who was like Qingfeng Li, who wouldn’t stop staring at her. This made her feel extremely odd.

"Your body healed?" Xue Lin’s red lips lifted up slightly and glared at Qingfeng Li lightly, telling him to watch it.

"Yes, my body is good."

"Since your body has healed, then why don’t you go to work, why are you sitting here?"

"That, didn’t we say yesterday that we were gonna get a divorce today?"

Qingfeng Li frowned and said.

Even though the wife was very pretty, but they couldn’t sleep together. They didn’t have a good relationship so they could only divorce.

But, since yesterday, he noticed that Xue Lin was kind of odd. It was almost like she was purposely avoiding the divorce.

Before, this cold wife was all for this divorce, but why wasn’t she enthusiastic about it anymore.

"Divorce, I said that yesterday?"

"Of course you said it."

"Sorry, I forgot." Xue Lin said righteously with a cold face.

What, forgot?

Qingfeng Li rolled his eyes, he was shocked to the point that his testicles were hurting.

You could even forget a huge event such as a divorce, so stupid.

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