My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 19: The Silly CEO

Chapter 19: The Silly CEO

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*Cough *Cough

After a long while, Qingfeng finally woke up from coughing. He slightly opened his eyes.

He was still feeling very weak even after anesthetics since he lost a lot of blood.

"Hey, are you awake?"

Xue Lin seemed relieved while rubbing her eyes.

Yeah. Qingfeng nodded his head. He didn’t know what to say in front of his wife again.

Everything happened so fast. They were supposed to get divorced, yet they encountered assassination on their way and now they returned home. What an unlucky day.

"I made some ginseng broth for you, give me a second."

Xue Lin didn’t know what to say to Qingfeng as she ran to get the ginseng broth from the kitchen

What the heck?

This is ginseng?

Qingfeng was so suspicious about the black ginseng in the bowl, feeling that his understanding of the world had collapsed.

Isn’t ginseng supposed to be yellow or white?

What the f*ck is this black carbon strip?

"Umm, so…sorry, I burnt it."

Xue Lin lowered her head ashamedly and wanted to hide into a hole at the moment.

It was her first time cooking ginseng. She didn’t put enough water and she fell asleep while the ginseng was boiling. That’s why it was burnt.


Qingfeng rolled his eyes and didn’t know how to react to her.

How could you burn such an expensive ingredient? Are you stupid?

"Am I…stupid?"

Xue Lin looked at Qingfeng, asking shyly.

"Yes, you are."

Qingfeng didn’t know what else to say and directly gave her a "stupid" tag.

The word "stupid" was not enough to describe her already, she deserved the word "uneducated."

Staring at the black ginseng as black as charcoal, Qingfeng didn’t think he could swallow it.


He suddenly remembered it was the day to get divorced today. He couldn’t stand staying at her house for free and doing nothing anymore.

"Well, I’m awake now. Let’s get divorced then."

Qingfeng frowned his brows and said.

"What did you say?"

Xue Lin didn’t hear what he said since she was still feeling guilty about her ginseng.

"I said, let’s get divorced now."

He repeated it again.


Xue Lin suddenly shivered and a complicated expression appeared on her cold face.

This man asked for divorce now, isn’t this what she wanted.

She promised to divorce this man in three months when they were doing paperwork in the Civil Service two days ago.

She knew she broke his heart when she kept him out of the house since she jumped to her assumptions when he went to the spa. Therefore, she agreed immediately when this man said he wanted to divorce.

But why did she suddenly feel so heartbroken when this man brought this out again?

"It hurts, it hurts so much."

Xue Lin felt like her heart was tearing apart.

She knew she didn’t want to leave this man now.

She was touched the moment when this man took a bullet for her. She realized she was the one that was being fussy and was always misunderstanding him many times after their marriage.

Besides her misunderstanding him, the reason why this man wanted to divorce her might also be because she was too dumb.

How could a wife not even know how to boiling ginseng, it’s not much harder than boiling water.

Why would he want such a stupid wife?

"Are you going to divorce me because I’m too stupid to boil water properly?"

Xue Lin asked sadly with her pale face.

"Didn’t you want to divorce me? Didn’t you say it’s good for both of us to get divorced earlier?"

Qingfeng asked confusingly when he saw Xue Lin was being sad.

"Aren’t you supposed to be happy that I finally brought out what you wanted? Why do you look so sad?"

"So you are not divorcing me because I’m stupid?"

"Of course not."


Xue Lin smiled like a blooming flower when she got her answer, which surprised Qingfeng.

He realized her wife looked so pretty when she smiled.

There were two requirements if they wanted to divorce. First, it had to be both parties agreeing to divorce for a broken relationship. Second, one party may file a divorce arbitration in the court if both parties have been separated for more than two years.

In addition, they had to bring their marriage certificate, residence booklet and their ID cards with them for the paperwork.

Xue Lin had decided. She wouldn’t divorce this man nor separate with this man.

She planned to hide her marriage certificate and said that she had lost it somewhere so that they wouldn’t be able to divorce.

"You’re so injured right now. Eat the ginseng first. We’ll talk about the divorce later when you recover."

Xue Lin pushed up her lips and handed the ginseng to Qingfeng again.

Xue Lin suddenly turned back to a cold woman when she had made her decision.

Although the ginseng was burnt, Qingfeng had to finish it since it was Xue Lin’s first time to cook for a guy.

"Ice Queen?"

Qingfeng shut his mouth when facing this indifferent woman that radiated a cold feeling.

He couldn’t believe this woman could actually switch from the guilty bear just now to a cold queen right away.

Invincible, indifferent and arrogant were the best descriptions for Xue Lin while she was in her natural state.

Qingfeng held his gut and ate the burnt ginseng for his wound while being shocked by this vicious queen's transformation.

"This ginseng was... freaking disgusting."

Qingfeng swore to god that this ginseng was the worst thing he’d ever had in his life so far. This cold wife was such a "brilliant" chef.

However, the ginseng seemed to work even though it tasted terrible.

Qingfeng felt his body start to warm up right after he finished the ginseng. His wound hurt less and his face started to recover some color. He didn’t even feel dizzy any more.

He could even stand up now. Undoubtedly, he could gain all his energy back in one day with this recovering speed.

*Bell Ringing

Somebody was calling Xue Lin. She picked up the phone after she found out it was Wanqiu calling.

"Director Xia, what’s wrong?"

"Boss, the Chen Corporation has come and they wanted to discuss a $30,000,000 deal with us."

"I remember you are the one in charge of this case, right? You can take this over."

"But boss, they told us they have to discuss it with you. Otherwise, they

will go for another company."

"Okay, I’m coming."

Xue Lin hung up the phone coldly.

"Rest at home, Director Xia has called me and I need to go to the company now."

Xue Lin said with a flash of guilt in her eyes and left the house right away.

Honestly, she was planning to take care of Qingfeng at home, but she had

no choice since she had to show up for this big case.

"Did my cold wife just tell me where she is going?"

Qingfeng was shocked while seeing Xue Lin was leaving.

In the past, Xue Lin always ignored him and would never let him know where she would be going even if she was going to the company.

It was the first time she told him where she was leaving for. What a miracle!

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