My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Chapter 18: The CEO in Remorse

Chapter 18: The CEO in Remorse

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"If you don’t make a move, then I will."

Qingfeng smiled coldly, a murderous look flashed across his eyes and he was ready to start the attack.

The anesthetic in his body was acting up and it wouldn’t be long until he passed out.

He must kill off Poisonous Spider before he fainted, or once he faints, both he and Xue Lin will die without a doubt.

In order to live, they must do this quickly.


His foot stomped on the ground and his body immediate sped up. Within a second, he was in front of Poisonous Spider.

"Such speed."

Poisonous Spider was shocked. He knew that the Wolf King was fast, but he didn’t think that even under anesthetics, he was still this fast.

Knowing that he couldn’t avoid it, Poisonous Spider clenched his right fist and swung at the Qingfeng's head.

He wanted to shatter the head of the Wolf King with one fist.

"Courting death!"

Qingfeng tolerated the drowsiness in his head. His right hand opened up and he sliced it towards Poison Spider’s arm.

Ahhh, my arm..

Poisonous Spider wailed. He saw that his right hand was cut off with Qingfeng’s palm chop, exposing the white bones inside.


This was a devil.

Poisonous Spider was scared, horrified.

He felt like his anesthetic bullets didn’t seem to do anything to Wolf King, or why else would he have such terrifying fighting power. This wasn’t scientific at all.

"Taking advantage of you being down, I'll take away your life."

Qingfeng Li’s right hand turned into a claw and was ready to shatter Poisonous Spider’s throat. Poisonous spider screamed and backed away quickly. He turned around and started to run away.

He was scared of the Wolf King's attacks. He was horrified and all he wanted to do was run away.

Qingfeng Li’s body moved. Right when he was about to chase after Poisonous Spider, he suddenly felt dizzy. The anesthetic went into his brain and he felt drowsy like he was about to faint the next second.

He used force just now, causing the anesthetic to act early.

"Good thing you ran fast, next time I will take your life."

As he watched Poisonous Spider run out of his sight, Qingfeng’s face darkened.

Even though he didn’t kill Poisonous Spider this time, but he broke his hand. This was like a punishment.

"You... are you okay?"

Xue Lin walked over. After seeing the blood on his shoulder, her cold face was full of concern.

Because he moved too quickly, his wounds opened, and blood started pouring out again.

"Don’t send me to the hospital, let’s leave fast….."

Qingfeng didn’t finish talking and his body fell to the side and he fainted.

They definitely could not go to the hospital. Once they went to the hospital, he would be exposed and then Huaxia’s special department would come.

He hated interacting with those special departments the most.

Seeing that Qingfeng Li fainted, Xue Lin’s pretty face slightly changed, her beautiful eyes were filled with worries.

She used all of her strength to pull Qingfeng into the car. She was originally going to send him to the hospital but then she remembered that he had said before he fainted that they couldn’t go to the hospital.

She thought about it momentarily and decided to trust Qingfeng. She turned her key, started the car, and rushed towards her house.

Not long after Xue Lin had left, a series of sirens sounded. Four police cars drove over quickly. A very pretty female police dressed in her uniform walked out from the first police cruiser.

The pretty female police officer was the captain of the Police Force, Mengyao. When she received the call she immediately rushed over, but she was still too slow. Whether it was Poisonous Spider or Qingfeng, they had both left.

The scene was locked down quickly, cars that came by all needed to drive around them.

Xue Lin fortunately left in time, or they would be forced to stay here.

"Captain, this victim isn’t from Huaxia."

A flat headed police officer came to Mengyao Xu’s side and said in a low voice.

What, not from Huaxia?

Mengyao’s eyebrows locked. A sense of shock appeared on her pretty face.

She didn’t think that the victim would be a foreigner.

She originally thought this was a simple criminal case, but now that she looked at it, she was afraid that it wasn’t that simple.

"Immediately bring the corpse back to the police station. Guard it carefully, and invite the forensics experts to check who the victim is and why he died."

Mengyao Xu raised her red lips and immediately gave orders.

"Yes, captain."

"As well, transfer all the surveillance tape from around here and ask the people who were around here, and try to gather what had happened."

"Got it, captain, anything else?"

"Just this, for now, go do it quickly. I have to report to the head of the department."

Mengyao Xu waved her hand and let the flat-headed police officer go to investigate. She herself went to the police station to report back what had happened.

Her intuition was telling her that this victim was not simple.

This issue, if they didn’t take care of it well, would bring a lot of trouble.

Noble Palace, house #13.

In a room on the first floor.

Qingfeng Li’s face was paper white and he lied on the bed quietly. He was still unconscious.

"What to do, what should I do?"

Xue Lin’s eyelashes were shivering, her face was full of worry, her two snow white hands kept on twisting together.

Since she was little, this was the first time she had encountered an assassination. Her first time meeting someone who fainted from a bullet. Even though she was the Ice Snow CEO, and ruled over the business circle, she didn’t know anything about saving someone.

She could only follow her own experience. She boiled a kettle of hot water, poured it into a pot, and then wetted a white towel with hot water and put it on Qingfeng Li’s forehead.

What should you do if you lose too much blood, replenish it of course. Xue Lin was ready to make some food for Qingfeng Li to help him recover some of his lost blood when he wakes up, but she looked through the whole kitchen and couldn’t find any food.

Ms. Zhang wasn’t there. All the food at home was eaten by her already. Even if she wanted to make something to eat, she still couldn’t.

On Xue Lin’s face, there appeared to be some self-blame. What was the wife used for, to be brutally honest, other than being with the husband and teaching the kids, it was to cook a delicious meal after the husband was tired after a whole day of working.

But as Qingfeng’s wife, after getting married, she had never cooked a meal for the other person. She was blaming herself and had regrets.

"Xue Lin, oh Xue Lin, you dumb*ss. What are you doing as a wife?"

From this moment, Xue Lin began to reflect on her mistakes, and at the same time felt bad for Qingfeng.

Oh yeah, the day before yesterday, didn’t mom gift me a ginseng?

Xue Lin suddenly remembered. On the day of the wedding, her mom gave her a ginseng that was over 100 years old. She said it was to help nurture her future son-in-law. It was nice that they could now use it.

Remembering that ginseng, her body was full of energy.

She rushed into her bedroom on the second floor, and found the gift box with the ginseng in the huge pile of gifts.

She opened the box and saw a snow white ginseng that was over 10cm long. It was quietly lying inside the box, and she could even smell a faint scent.

This ginseng was crystal clear and radiated an odd smell. Anyone would know that this wasn’t just a regular ginseng just by looking at it.

Xue Lin put the ginseng inside the pot, added water, and started boiling it.

She needed to take care of Qingfeng, so after she started stewing the ginseng, she left it there and sat beside Qingfeng Li’s bed.

Maybe it was because she was too scared and tired in face of the assassination, Xue Lin lied on the bedside table, and then she fell asleep.

Her vibrant red lips curved up slightly and her long eyelashes shook slightly. She was like a sleeping beauty.

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